Forgotten Elements Online FAQ for New Players

Forgotten Elements Online Frequently Asked Questions for New Players by Cetra

I don’t want to take up too much of your playing time, so here is a quick guide to give you a general idea outlining the world of FE. Currently, this game does not support a feature for friend list or co-op play, although interaction with other players is still possible in town. You may trade, send mail, pvp, or even sell/buy items via the auction house with other players. When clicking on the avatar of another player, you receive the option to look at their equipped items, request a trade, or skirmish them in the pvp arena.

If your character dies in game, you will be returned to the last town you visited and will lose a small portion of gold. There is no loss of exp

Strength (STR) = Increases Damage (50% of normal for bows)
Dexterity (DEX) = Increases Accuracy and Defense
Endurance (END) = Increases maximum health points
Power (PWR) = Increases maximum mana & magic damage.

Each class has an assortment of skills. The level cap for any naturally learned skill is level 20. There are 3 slots on your skill page that allow you to learn skills from other classes too if you wish. Any skill learned this way has a level cap of 14 and cannot be unlearned at this time. You only get a total of 7 skills to learn for any single character (so choose wisely!) ;) Buff and Offensive skills gain exp by using them or by having them activated and killing monsters. Passive skills generally levelup slower because they gain exp as the character does, regardless of use.

For more detailed quest info click here. If you complete a quest and cannot find an NPC to turn the quest in to, chances are that you need to see if you need to deposit a quest item into something. If you run out of quests, talk to the scout and usually it will require you to travel to the next area.

When first entering the arena, first notice that you have a new skillbar for pvp. When you set foot into the arena, the skills page will be displayed for you. Drag the skills you wish to use onto your pvp skillbar. Keep in mind these battle are AI-based and you will not be able to control the character once the battle starts. The skills on your bar will be used in order from 1-9 and if the battle is not over, skill 0 will be used for the duration of the fight until it is resolved. Clicking another player to “skirmish” with them will not result in a gain or loss of fame, however a challenge in the pvp arena will. Fame is lost or gained depending on what level your opponent is. Your opponents will be matched up according to level and fame. Also, there is a 3 minute delay between arena challenges but player skirmishes can be made over and over. Just be sure to watch your skills because if the cooldown has not fulfilled yet, then your character will not be able to use it yet in the next fight.

To see and get a better idea of how pvp is setup, click here

Crafting is done with the “Miracan”. For all you Diablo 2 players, it’s similar to the Horadric Cube. Items are placed inside to create newer, enhanced items. For a list of collected information on these recipes, please visit:
Older Recipes – here
Newer Recipes – here

There are npcs who will enchant items for you (for a fee of course). The first you will encounter is simsam who stands in telumin, the first town. You may pay a fee to have a chance at enhancing your item with an additional random stat. There is a chance, however, that he may fail and instead remove a stat from your item. If this happens, no gold is subtracted from you. If successful, you will be presented with your newly enhanced item which will bear the new text color of an upgraded item. You may enchant an item up to but not greater than 4 secondary stats. primary stats would include things like damage, defense, and attack speed/accuracy (these will be visibly different on the item for clarification). Legendary items cannot be enchanted no matter how many stats.

no additional stats (white)
1 stats
2 stats
3 or 4 stats
5 or 6 stats

If you have trouble deciding on a character type to make, there are a couple decent choices to begin with for both newcomers to RPGs as well as veterans. An Ice-Type Elementalist is a popular build on FE because of their abilities to farm items and levelup a little faster in the beginning. For more veteran players, a good build is a rampager (warrior) that is able to deal good amounts of damage to all types of monsters without fear of resistances. For a better detailed description of this build, click here

Some of the quests can be confusing at times so if there are any other questions, feel free to ask me in-game if i am logged in. My character names are listed in my signature. Have fun and happy leveling!

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