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Fallen Earth Frequently Asked Questions by Mansk

Hello wastelanders! Wether you’re a new player or veteran this list of frequently asked questions should hopefully help you out.

01I upgraded my account, how do I obtain my Fallen Earth ATV?
To obtain your promotional item you need to activate the key in-game using the in-game “/key” command to open a window, enter it there. If you don’t already have this key to hand you can find it in your e-mail that you used to purchase FE.

If it isn’t there BUT you used the in-game upgrade button process you will be able to obtain the item key from the website by going to “My Account”, then “Subscriptions”. It should be listed there, otherwise you should contact “support@fallenearth.com”.

02Where are my learned mutations/abilities and how do I equip them to the hotbar?
Press the key “N” (by default). This will open up a window where you can browse all your abilities and mutations which are organised in to categories. You can equip them to your hotbar by simply dragging their icons in to an available slot.

03How do I obtain pen/paper? Can I craft them?
You can purchase Pens and Paper from a Science merchant. You can also craft them with the recipes “Refine Paper” (for paper) and “Pen Instructions” (for pens). It is however generally unadvised to craft paper due to it being inefficient.

04Can I respec my character? If so, how?
Yes, you can respec your characters AP. You can do this by purchasing what is known as a “Recombinant injector” from a Mutagenics merchant. The recombinant injector will allow you to reassign up to 5 AP each, so be sure to purchase as many as you need. Do note to purchase the appropriate injector for your skill bracket.

ALTERNATIVELY – You can purchase Pristine Recombinant Injectors from Reward Point Merchants OR the Fallen Earth webstore. This would be recommended if you have in excess of 1,000 AP and wish to full respec.

05Is there a limit to how much AP I can have?
What you can spend – Yes, there is a limit of 35 AP spent per level (at level 1 the cap is 70 instead of 35) which equates to 1960 AP at level 55. You can however earn as much AP as you like and stockpile it and spend it at the next level.

06How can I get a vehicle mount? (ATV/Vehicle Crafting questline info)
Vehicle mounts are generally speaking the ‘best’ in the game. There are currently four ways to obtain them. Via the auction house for chips, via crafting them yourself (must complete ATV questline first), via reward points merchants (for reward points) or via the Fallen Earth webstore for cash.

Certain mounts can only be obtained through the store or reward points merchants. The current list is (reward point mounts are denoted with R, FE webstore with S): Badland Rider (S), Flame Rider (S), Scavangers Dune Buggy ®, Striped Interceptor Speedster ®

To craft a mount you MUST complete the ATV questline, full information on which can be found by going to the Fallen Earth knowledgebase and searching for article “442”. The knowledgebase can also be accessed in-game via typing /support in chat.

07What are reward points? How do I spend them?
Reward points are a form of in-game currency. They can be obtained through either recruiting your friends or by simply playing the game. You will recieve a set amount of reward points per month depending on your account type, F2P accounts get 50 reward points per month whereas premium accounts get significantly more. You can find a comparison sheet of account tiers here.

08What is deathtoll?
Deathtoll is a form of currency earned via PvP actions ranging from kills to capturing a faction control point for your faction. They can be used at deathtoll merchants and used to purchase special weapons, gear and ammunition.

09What are yellow and green names in chat?
People with YELLOW names are Game Masters.
People with GREEN names are Hazmat player volunteers.

[/B] – I am stuck! What can I do?
Don’t panic! Follow these steps and you’ll be back to hunting those pesky mutants in no time.

Firstly, try relogging, usually this will resolve any issue.
Secondly (if the above fails), contact the online Game Master and ask for help.
Thirdly (if no GM is online), you can use the /unstuck command WHICH WILL KILL YOU and respawn you at the nearest Lifenet facility.

11How do I contact or see the online Game Masters
If your issue isn’t major I’d advise contacting a Hazmat player volunteer who’ll be more than willing to answer any questions you have. Else you can contact the online Game Master by opening the social window (O) and clicking the GMs tab.

12Is there fast travel?
Yes there is.
To use Fast Travel you must go to a relevant Lifenet Centre and ‘activate’ it before you can travel to/from it. At a lifenet centre (with FT capability) you only need to select your destination and confirm it, and withing a matter of seconds you will respawn there. Do note however that fast travel costs chips depending on the distance. Plus if you’re towing your mount it’ll cost even more.

A full list of Fast Travel lifenet centres can be found here: Fallen Earth Fast Travel LifeNet Centers List

13Where is a garage/stable?
Garages/Stables are generally found near towns or points of interest. You can find a map of garages/stables for most sectors on the knowledgebase. Article ID’s 416 (S1), 524 (S2), 526 (S3), 712 (Deadfall)

14Can I put my mount back in to my inventory?
The simple answer is no, you cannot. Once a mount is activated in the world it stays active unless you place it in a garage/stable to store it, or delete it.

15How much is a Yellow/Red/Blue chip worth?
One yellow is worth 1,000,000 white. One red is worth 10,000 white. One blue is worth 100 white.

16My x item vanished!
Don’t worry. Usually you will recieve the lost item within 60 minutes to your mailbox, in a mail from “Lost & Found”. Should you not recieve said mail contact the online GM or send a mail to “support@fallenearth.com”

17What is Trivia night?
Trivia night is an official event hosted (usually) by Tiggs at Embry’s bunker bar. You will see announcements when the next one is on the launcher, under the announcements on the forums or on the website.

Trivia night is an excellent little social event where you can meet other players, chat and win awesome prizes! And do note those of you with trial accounts can attend.

18What’s the maximum amount of quests I can have in my journal? Where can I see my quests?
The maximum amount of quests you can have activate at once is 20. You can view all your current assigned quests by opening your journal which is by default J.

What’s the maximum amount of crafting processes I can have, where can I see them?
The maximum amount of crafting processes you can have is 20. You can view them by clicking the small stack of cards in the bottom left of the crafting window. The crafting window can be opened with L, by default

20Are there any restrictions to trial accounts? What are they?
Yes, there are several restrictions. The most notable are a level 10 cap, no mail and no auctionhouse access. You can find a full list here.

21What’s the difference between vaults?
The only difference between the vaults is how common they are. You can place items in one Sector vault in S1 and retrieve them say in a Sector vault in S3.

Sector – Every bank.
Barter – Major Towns.
VIP – Sector Capitals & Blaine in S2.
Utility – Los Almos ONLY.

22How do I PM someone?
Type “/tell , ”
NOTE: The comma is a NECCESSITY if they have a first and last name.

23What penalties are there to dying?
The only penalties to dying in PvE/PvP are a Cloning Sickness XP penalty and damage to your gear.

24Where can I find mount stats?
You can find vehicle mounts on the knowledgebase @ 452
You can find flesh mounts on the knowledgebase @ 454

25How can I move the camera and see my character from the front?
Out of combat mode (toggle with middle mouse button or TAB by default), hold ALT and the right-mouse button, then move the mouse.

26What are the different vaults for?
There is no difference between the vaults other than how common they are.

Sector vault – Everywhere.
Barter vault – Major towns only.
VIP vault – Sector Capitals only. (Can also be found in Blaine, S2)
Utility vault – Los Almos only.

27Can I get more inventory/vault space?

Unfortunately you cannot increase your inventory slots, you can only increase the weight capacity (this is done by raising your stength stat, 1 stength = 0.5kg). As for vaults, yes, you can increase your slot capacity through various means.. You can craft them, buy them off the auction house, buy them from a reward points merchant or buy them from the Fallen Earth webstore and best of all, no matter where you buy them from they stack.

28I’ve found a bug, what should I do?
Currently the /bug command in-game is broken. Send an e-mail to “bugs@fallenearth.com”, make sure that you’ve tested the issue beforehand (relogged/done a file check on the launcher to make sure it’s not a random glitch with your client), and confirmed with other players that it’s a bug (and not simply your misunderstanding of a quest objective, for example).

29How do I get my Veteran reward items? Which one is which item? How do I use them?
Your veteran reward items for having an active in July, August or September will be sent out to the e-mail bound to the account (and also noted under ‘Redeem Codes’ on the account page) in August, September and October respectively. Generally the ‘first’ code is the clothing item (example: Snazzy White Hat) and the second is the pet (example: Skindog Pup). Each code can only be applied to a single character, to do so type /key in-game on the character you want the item/pet on and enter the key there, the item will be in your inventory.

Alternatively you can go to the website www.gamersfirst.com/fallenearth and login, then click Account on the FE page. Click “Redeem Keys” and you will see a list of codes there. Should you be eligable for any of the Veteran reward items and have not recieved them pop an e-mail to support@fallenearth.com and they will investigate the issue for you. wink.gif

30Where can I see the premium account types and what they give?
You can find a comparison sheet of the account types (F2P & premium tiers here.

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Gear – Why did my Resists go down?
Derivative resist values – the percentage value after the listed amount of resistance – are directly related to the player’s level and Armor Use value. If a player advances in level beyond the intended usefulness of his or her armor, they will notice diminishing returns on the percentage of resists afforded by the piece of armor. Consider keeping equipment as updated as possible to prevent suffering from these diminishing returns.

How do I add friends?
Fallen Earth has an ingame friend list. You can add friends using the following methods:

– If the other player is standing close to you, click his avatar with the right mouse button and select “Add to Friends” in the pop-up menu.
– If the other player wrote something in a private chat session or in one of the public channels, click on his name with the right mouse button and select “Add to Friends” in the pop-up menu.
– If you want to manually add somebody to your friend list you can also type: /friend add Firstname Lastname (or only Firstname if the player doesn´t have a second name, of course)

Players will not get a notification that you added them, if you want them to know you need to tell it to them yourself. To check if one of your friends is currently online, press O to open the social window and click on the “Friends” tab. There you can click on their name with the right mouse button and select “Send private message” to start a chat.

You can remove players from your friend list anytime: open the social window with O, click on the “Friends” tab, click on the name with the right mouse button and select “Delete from Friends”. Friends will not get a notification that you removed them from your list.

How do I ignore players?
Fallen Earth has an ingame ignore list. You can add players to this list using the following methods:

– If the other player is standing close to you, click his avatar with the right mouse button and select “Add to Ignore List” in the pop-up menu.
– If the other player wrote something in a private chat session or in one of the public channels, click on his name with the right mouse button and select “Add to Ignore List” in the pop-up menu.
– If you want to manually add somebody to your ignore list you can also type: /ignore add Firstname Lastname (or only Firstname if the player doesn´t have a second name, of course)

While you will still see ignored players inside the world, they will not be able to start chat sessions with you anymore and you will not have to read their messages in public chat channels anymore. Players will not get a notification that you ignore them, if you want them to know you need to tell it to them yourself.

You can remove players from your ignore list anytime: open the social window with O, click on the “Ignore” tab, click on the name with the right mouse button and select “Remove from Ignore List”. Players will not get a notification that you stopped ignoring them.

How do I get off my horse?
To dismount your horse or vehicle simply right click on your mount’s hindquarters or rear section. You can also dismount by pressing the mount action button located in the Actions window.

How do I use a vehicle or mount?
Simply right-click the vehicle or mount and you will be able to ride it. Vehicles allow you to move faster and store items, but they limit your options for weapons and consume fuel. Vehicles may be destroyed by other players only in PvP zones, but they can be attacked by NPCs in any location. Vehicles that run out of fuel will not move, but they can be towed to garages through interacting with Garage and Stable Manager NPCs.

How can i see the front of my char?
While not in aiming mode hold the Alt key in addition to the right mouse button to turn the
camera without turning your character.

How do i split stacks of items?
To split a stack of items right click on it, select ‘split’, specify the size of the new stack and click
on an empty slot inside the same container as the original stack is in. So when you want to split a stack
inside your sector vault, click inside the sector vault, when you want to split a stack inside your horses
saddlebag, click inside the saddlebag, etc.

How can I get crafting books other then from NPC vendors?
If you look in your recipe book, you will see that you have the ability to make a recipe book for every category of crafting that you have knowledge of. Other players can do this too. This means that you can ask friends or clan mates to make these books for you instead of buying them from vendors. The materials needed increase for higher level recipes, but at low levels most recipes require only a pen and a sheet of paper.

How can I make some extra chips at low level?
Aside from completing missions and killing enemies out in the world to sell their loot, you can make chips in Fallen Earth through other means. One good way to do this at very low levels is to make Grilled Chicken to sell to NPC vendors. You will need to skill up your cooking to 30 and buy the Grilling recipe book from a cooking trainer, or get a copy from a friendly player. Once you have done this, find a spot with lots of low level Prairy Chickens and kills lot of them for tainted meat. This is the only ingredient in Grilled Chicken. Keep the recipe queued up while you are killing the chickens and when your inventory if full go unload at the vendor. The grilled chicken sells for 50 white chips a stack – good money for a lowbie!

What is a progress town?
A progress town is a settlement that players build themselves but have to defend too.
The first place where you can do so is Progress in the Northfields, northeast of New Flagstaff. It is designed as a group activity, so bring some friends or random strangers maybe. When you first arrive there most probably you’ll have to clear the area of enemies and the place is vacant safe for an informant NPC and a merchant. The latter offers recipe books for the available buildings and defenses.
The buildings offer several amenities for harvesting and crafting as well as a very rewarding repeatable mission for defending the town, since it will get invaded at regular intervals (every 75 minutes). The informant can tell you when the next attack will be.

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