Empire Rising Newbie Guide

Empire Rising Newbie Guide by Gibril

The Game start at Dark Age, Available Buildings are Consist with:

Town Center – it is the Hall of youre town, where Upgrade of Advancement can be found.

Cottage – is like houses where the number of worker can be use, the higher the better.

Tavern – is where the General can be Recruit, The Higher the Tavern is the Higher General can be Recruit.

Granny, Lumbermill, Iron Smelder, Stone Pit – is the Storage of the Resources.

Quarry, Mine, Farm, Logging Camp – This where the Resources can be Gather, the level depend on how many Worker can be put on it, it can be found outside the town near the walls.

Abbey– is like a church where wounded can be healed by Prayers. the higher the Level the more Soldiers can be Heal.

Embassy – is the Alliance Center, where the Ranking of Alliance can be Seen, and Also you can join the desire Alliance you want.

Barracks, Practice Range, Stables – are where you can upgrades the Solier you Desire, but you need to attain the Feudal Age before you can recruit soldiers, Practice range and Stables can obtain only when you attain Fuedal Age.

Market -use to Sell Resources and soldiers, and transport Resources to other player or you’re other town, it can only be build at Fuedal Age.

Academy – is the Forge where the Upgrades like Armor and Weapon, it can only be build at Fuedal Age.

Workshop – is where you can have Siege Weapon like Ballistice, Can be build when you are at Castle Age.

Castle – for Castle Age.

Monument – for Empire Age.

Just Click The Desire building to Build and Click UPGRADE Button to Level the Building.

Being Advance Means Being Strong.

Advancing Age, Can be Attain by Having the level Required as:

Feudal Age – All building must be Level.5

Castle Age – All buidling must be Level.12

Empire Age – All Building must be Level.20 (not so sure) cause havent attain Castle Age at CBT. :p


Playing Tips.
There Are Quest to Be Followed, Finishing Quest can gain Rewards such a Resources and Gold and other Items.

Build all the Required buildings for Advancement, Essence is the Cottage.

So Better Follow the Quest, Its another Way if Tutorial.

Generals can be recruit at the Tavern. Stars of the general are base to thier Class as:

Tavern Lvl.1
Basic – 1 – 2 Star.
Random Recruit Consume 5Gold. it means there is only 50% Probability to have 2 Star.
Direct Recruit Consume 50Gems.

Tavern Lvl.5
Average – 1 – 3 Star.
Random Recruit Consume 15Gold. it means there is only 35% Probability to have 3 Star.
Direct Recruit Consume 100Gems.
Tavern Lvl.10
Expert – 1 – 4 Star.
Random Recruit Consume 30Gold. it means there is only 25% Probability to have 4 Star.
Direct Recruit Consume 500Gems.

Tavern Lvl.15
Master – 1 -5 Star.
Random Recruit Consume 50Gold. it means there is only 20% Probability to have 5 Star.
Direct Recruit Consume 1500Gems.

Tavern Lvl.16
Epic Recruitment
Consume 100 gem,
Its Says there Are Only 150 6Star Epic General.

Recruited General Appear below the Epic Recruitment Waiting to be Claim, it means you only have Drawn the General.

Generals Equipment:
They can be Build with the Materials Required such as Black Iron, Hide, Oak and Refined Iron. Weapon, Shield and Armor have level Requirement.

Materials Can be Attain at Daily Quest 10 pcs a day for selected material you desire, or can be looted at Beast Lair. and Exploring Cities.


To prevent Casualties, before attacking gaining information about the enemy strenght is a must.


Weak – Strong

  • Trival Village
  • Bandits Camp
  • Bandits Hideout
  • Bandits Nest
  • Thieves Den
  • Beast Lair
  • Rebel Camp
  • Haunted Mine
  • Vampire Camp

Do Upgrades at Academy, Unit claims victory not through Quantity, but Quality.

Same Goes Attacking with a Player, Scout First.

Attacking a Village or Player:

Click Map, Click Desire Player or NPC to Attack, There Are Option Scout and Attack, as I said, Scouting is very important, so Scout First. you better have a Scout Cavalry can be Recruit at Stables. Input the Amount to Scout and Confirm.

If you already Scouted and You Think you Can Claim Victory, Click the Settlement to Attack, Then Click Attack and Click the General to Lead the Army and Soldiers to be send ( Put the Amount).

then Select:

Raid – For Resources
Invading – For Generals Exp. and Gold.

Overall Ranking – is Based to How you Advance you’re Cities.

Special Tips that the Other Player dont want to tell.
Invaiding Bandits Can Obtain Bandits Medals and Golds, Use for Medal Combination(20 Gold at SHOP, where can be Exchange for Recruitment Medal to gain Castle Age Soldiers.


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