Empire Rising General Tips

Empire Rising General Tips by botebote

A. How to get gold and resources
1:Gifts From the quest
2 upgrade farm,quarry,mine,logging camp
3: make 3 general and explore the europe by general
4 :raid to attack another player or tribe village
5: trade from market
6:joined the event in the game
7: follow these additional events in game facebook forum

B. How to lv up in this game
a: lv up age
1: do quest
b: lv up generals
1: Attack tribe village
2:explore europe with the generals will endapatkan exp and resources

C. Attacking tribal villages
1:There are 4 types of tribal villages who I know
the village is very weak have verry weak troop
village weak have weak troop
strong village have strong troop
the village is very strong have very strong troop
2: use Scout Cavalry before attacking to know the number of troops and resources
3: assault must be accompanied by army generals

4: there are 6 types of attacks on the empire rising:

1: scout: to know the number of troops the opponent, theopponent’s resources
2: assists: attack the enemy to explain to help friends
3: raid: rob resources to attack the enemy (attack of this type willnot kill all the enemies or your troops)
4: dispacht: give a friend the help of troops to fight the enemy
5: invade: invade the enemy to take the gold, the more exp for the generals, and other items of other (in this type of attack willkill all the enemies or your troops)
6: colonize: attack the enemy in order to become colonized (youget a tribute from all of its resources)NB:this information also applies if attacked another palayers

D: Upgrade dark age to feudal age
1:dark age to feudal age
10 Min to Advance
All available buildings at Lvl 5
Resource10000 points each

2: upgrade feudal age to Castle Age
24 Hrs to AdvanceAll available buildings at Lvl 12
Each resource80000 points
and completing the epic quest – Vampire Castle

1 Expand Your Empire I
-Objectives: Launch a Colonization battle against another player!
just click on your friends (map) and click (attack) and click on(colonize) and send an army but spartan (because spartan can not attack another player)

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