Empire Rising Gameplay Guide

Empire Rising Gameplay Guide by Thalien

This guide is based in my game experience and some other ideologies i gather playing online games since my 12 years old.

In the game there are 4 ages for now… Dark Age, Feudal Age, Castle Age and Empire Age, i will try to explain all the best i can…


So let’s start… in the game the most important thing are the resources, without resources you can’t do a thing in game, so i’m gone explain to you how to get the resources you need.


The resources you can have in game are, wood, stone, iron and food.
To get the resources you need to have a logging camp, a quarry, a mine and a farm, these are the four fields you can get your resources. In the logging camp you get wood, in the quarry you get stone, in the mine you get iron and in the farm you get food.
Now to get the resources out from those places you need workers, without them you can’t get the resources out to play. The workers are recruited in the town center building, but for that you need to have house room for your workers and for that you need the cottage building.

Now here you got everything you need to know to get workers and get your resources to play.
You can have 50 workers for each level of the cottage, so with the cottage at level 5 you will get 300 workers.
Each field level allows you to have 20 workers inside it getting the resources for you, each field can reach level 5 in this phase of the game, so you can have 100 workers in each field, yet you only have 300 workers maximum. You will need to balance your workers between your fields and the upgrades of your buildings according to what u need to do next.

Next i am gone explain to you how you balance your workers according to your needs.
So buildings can be upgraded using from 1 to 10 workers, i always use 10 of them because that will make the constructions faster and you need the workers in the fields to get resources. So the faster you build the faster you get your workers back in the fields.

In the town center if you click on it you can see how many workers are assigned to each field, how many are working and how many are idle, this function is very useful because is in here you will gone a see where your workers are so you can manage them according to your needs.
Now when you click on any resource field you have the option to employ or call your workers back, that’s how you will manage your workers, when you have idle workers you employ them, when you need them for any construction or to put them in any other resource field you have to call them back then upgrade your building or employ them in the desired resource field.

I will gone a give one example how you manage your workers, you have all your workers in he fields and all the fields have maximum workers on them (100 including the farm), u need to build something that costs for example 5000 each resource and 4000 food only, and u have 4000 each resource and 8000 food. Logically if you need more 1000 each resource and you have already 8000 food and only need 4000 for your upgrade/construction, you will recall 10 workers from your farm field and put them making that construction. When the construction finish you employ your workers back in the farm or in other field if you need them farming other resource and have room for them there, in the example all the fields where full so you employ them back in the farm field.

So, basically is pretty much this, make level 1 resource fields, upgrade your cottage to have workers to full fill those fields, when you have spare workers upgrade your resource fields so you can employ them, then upgrade cottage again so u have more workers, keep doing these until you cant upgrade no more your cottage or any of your resource fields. Important do only this actions until u can’t upgrade no more your cottage or resource fields, even if you have a lots of resources and no more buildings in queue, don’t do noting, let the resources accumulate if needed even if u have to build for them a lumber mill, stone pit, iron smelter or granary to store them. You will need all your resources to recruit workers, upgrade cottage and upgrade your resource fields, remember resources is the most important thing you must have.

After you done with your cottage level 5, resource fields level 5 and maximum workers in those resources fields (you should have around 90 workers in logging camp, 90 in the quarry, 90 in the mine and 30 workers in the farm), its now time to upgrade all the other buildings to level 5 in order you could advance to “Feudal Age”.

Storage Buildings

A quick view about storage buildings, because i mentioned them in the resource explanation, but there isn’t much to say about them tough. There are 4 types of storage buildings, one for each resource you have, lumber mill for wood, stone pit for stone, iron smelter for iron and granary for food. Each level of these storage building allows you to hold 30,000 of the specific resource, at storage fields level 5 you can hold 150,000 of each resource.


In the barracks is the place you can research for infantry troops and recruit them, how ever with our strategy game line you will not use it so soon in the game, so upgrade it to level 5 when it’s the time and you move on. The higher is level it shortens the time needed to recruit units.


In the abbey, you have the chance to heal some of your wounded troops in battle and get them to active, you will not use this much for 2 reasons. First you will not battle yet, because in this strategy you will have plenty of resources to use, so no need of making troops wasting your resources to make attacks to get bounty resources, and have your troops killed (you don’t attack for now so no need to heal wounded troops). The second reason is because to heal troops in abbey besides of using prey u will use gold, now gold is precious and you will not waste it in healing a random down number of troops. Let them die you just recruit some more with your resources output and you save your gold.


In the tavern is the place where you can recruit, trade and sell your generals. The higher is level the greater the generals you can recruit. As i spoke in Generals i will talk about them now and I finish the subject. You can have up to 3 generals on each city you own. Generals are good in 2 things, first they will power up your forces with some skills when you use a general with your attacking or defending troops. The second and this is the one you will use most, you can use your generals to explore cities and get some bounty with them (gold, items and/or resources), you just need to click on the compass icon on the right of your screen and chose a city and a general and click find. It will take about 20 minutes to your general explore a city and deliver you a report about his explore. Note that your general can encounter other player’s generals in the same city you sent your general and a fight will happen, your general could be wounded but with idle time he will heal himself.
Generals Equipment: you can equip your generals with some equipment you can craft with items you get from explorations you made, from item give away by GM’s or from buying them on shop. You can see the various equipments you can craft by hitting on your general, then equipment and than on builds. Than you have forge where you craft your items, enhance where you can get the chance to level up those equipments using some stones, you have your stock equipments and the materials you have that can be used to craft those items, like an inventory.


In the embassy you will have the chance to see other player’s alliances and apply to them, at embassy level 5 you will be able to start your own alliance.


Like the name says it’s a wall around your city that helps you against enemy attacks, higher is level higher is defence and strength.
Each level of your palisade will increase 1% of your town defence, at level 1 your town will have 1% extra defence, at level 2 will have 2% extra power and so on. Palisades will give you the option to have some “spines” on it; spines will give you a buffer on attack defence against attacking enemies. Your palisade can hold to a maximum of 1000 spines, this number can be increased with a research but i am gone a talk about researches later.


Outpost is a building that serves for 2 tings very useful. First, the guard tower, it can decrease some attack power from enemy units attacking your town; this will give you 1% buffer for each level you research on the “guard tower”. Second is observation, u can scout any city in your region instantaneously without have to send scouts to that city.

And that’s about all in Dark Ages – Town Center, Cottage, Logging Camp, Quarry, Mine, Farm, Lumber mill, Stone Pit, Iron Smelter, Granary, Barrack, Abbey, Tavern, Embassy, Palisade and Outpost.


After u have all this buildings at level 5 you can now advance to Feudal Age, go to your town center and click on “advance”, it will take about 10 minutes and u will be in Feudal Age.

Ok so now you are in Feudal Age, you remember about the strategy of resources? You will gone a apply it again, upgrade your cottage and resource fields until you cant do it anymore, and keep recruiting workers for them. When they are at maximum level then you upgrade the other buildings, let me just remind you that now all buildings take much more time to upgrade so it will be best you take an eye at your Storage buildings. If even so its not enough to keep the resources out away from your maximum limit, you should now take the opportunity to make some researches to power up your attack, defence and get some troops available for recruit. Recruit some troops if you need to make use of spare resources that will burst your maximum storage capacity.

In Feudal Age u have a new set of buildings, i will explain them…


In the market you can buy/sell resources/troops, good if you have resources burst your storage capacity you can make some gold selling them. You can send resources to other friend’s towns, your own other towns or you can set some trade roots with other friends or alliance members. In market you can make 3 different researches, Trade Wagon research allows you to increase your merchant’s storage trading capacity, Navigation research will increase the merchant’s transportation speed, and Cabriolet that will increase your trade route value and income.


In the stable you can research and recruit some cavalry units. Higher is level faster your unit recruit speed. In the stable u can recruit scout cavalry that will allow you to scout enemy cities.


In here you can research and recruit archers class units. Higher is level faster you can recruit your units.


This is the most important building in Feudal Age, here you can research several items that will power up your troop units and your siege weapons, yet siege weapons will only be available later on Castle and Empire Age’s.

I suppose that you already have some troops and some defence by now, good keep increasing them you will need them to attack your enemies, let me remind you that in your all you can have spines that will help you to kill enemy units that try to attack your city.

Ok now lets get back to town center, your main building, when you reach it to level 10 you will be able to expand your city, and what is this you ask you can get your self a second town, you can have one new town for each age you advance. Now you can take the second town or keep concentrate in the first one, its up to you, I my self I went to the second town cause i can send my merchant’s there full with the spare resources to help the 2nd town development be faster.

After that a new age approaches, or not cause the buildings now take a huge amount of time to be concluded (that’s why I went for the second town to keep the fun going J ) now in order to evolutes for Castle Age u need to have all available buildings at level 12.
The available buildings will be those i talked in Dark Age plus the ones i talked about in Feudal Age.

Now that you have all buildings at level 12 lets advance in Age, lets go to Castle Age, go to your town center building and advance age. The advance for Castle Age will have a wait period of 24h to be concluded.


Well you know what, you should continue with the strategy of the resources, now more than ever, building upgrades, researches, mass troop unit recruit, mass defence measures take a lot of your resources, glad you previous state a solid base for that.

In Castle Age u have only 2 new buildings your awesome Castle and Workshop.


In your castle you can recruit a unique military unit. The higher the castle is the quicker you get your units ready.
Castle building will also give a bonus for all military units idle/defending in town.


In the workshop you can research and recruit some siege weapons. Same thing in workshop, higher is level faster the recruit.

Now i see you have your town center at level 15 already, i am glad to inform you that you can again expand your kingdom and get yourself another city, like i said before on each age you will be able to get a new town.

Your efforts are almost leading you to Empire Rising final frontier, you need now to upgrade all your available buildings to level 20 in order you can advance for the last age, The Empire Age. When u have all buildings at level 20 go to your town center and advance to Empire Age.


After 48h you reach the last stage of your city, the good news are that all your buildings are not at max level and you only have one big task to do, build your Monument and last building in this town J


This exclusive building give your units buffers in attack, defence and speed. This bonus are divided in general and radical bonus, the radical are the ones that give more efficiency. The only thing is these bonus consumes gold continuously even if u are not attacking u are defending so the buffer is active and your gold is consumed. But that must don’t be a problem for you because u must be full of it cause the resources sell you being doing since I start guiding you through this adventure.

After this, you must now crush your enemies, claim your self Emperor and keep your Empire Rising so truce never have the chance to come near you.

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