Empire Rising Colonization Guide

Empire Rising Colonization Guide by mark

Hi everyone, recently many people have been asking how colonization works in Empire Rising. Yesterday night I found and colonized another player and now I can give you more info on how the system works.

So first off: IF COLONIZED YOU WILL NOT LOOSE YOUR TOWN. From what I have seen so far all that happens is you will “pay” a percentage of your resource income to the town that colonized you.


Now, on to the good stuff. There are a few things you need to colonize another player. First off you need a strong army, this is essential as when attacking another player they have the advantage in defence bonuses. You should also note that specific units DO NOT WORK IN PVP!!.
An example of this is the Spartian Champion

So once you have an army that can take on the enemy player (I would first recommend scouting to see what defences they have), the last thing you need is the colonization declaration item. This item is what allows you to launch a colonization attack. It will look like this in your inventory.

This is 100% required to colonize another player.

The Attack:

So, you got your army, you got your item and now your ready to kill someone. First off be aware that all new players start out with a period of new player protection, This protection lasts about 5 days but can be cancelled early. The first thing you must do then, is find a target that does not have new player protection. Unfortunately there is no fast way to do this. You have to click each town and then try to scout them, if it allows you to do so then this means they are out of protection and you can attack them.

Now that you found a player to attack, simply click on them and select attack then send your army on a colonize mission, the colonization declaration will be used automatically. In general an attack will take over an hour so its a good thing to go take a break, grab a snack or something.

The Results:

So you come back from that awsome snack you just had and you see you have a report. After opening the report you should notice that it shows the enemy colony at the bottom of the report (assuming you won) and a button. Click that button and press confirm. BOOM you now have your first colony giving you resources, to view or manage your new colony simply press the Colonies button located on the left side of the game window below the rankings. This screen will show you your colonies and what town colonized them. It also offers the ability to end the colonization of a town.

You now have everything you need to colonize a town. thanks for reading guys, I’ll be releasing more guides as learn more about the game.


Q: How much does a Colonization Declaration Cost?
A: It costs 20 Gems, please note that this could change for release.

Q: If I attack and fail, do I still use a Declaration?
A: Yes, although if you cancel the attack no declaration is used.

Q: What is the Colony Established countdown?
A: When this countdown reaches zero you will have to re-colonize the town with another colonization declaration.

Q:Are Colonization Declarations a one use item?
A: Yes

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