Empire Rising Acquiring Resources Tips

Empire Rising Acquiring Resources Tips by Beilschmidt

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Note: Keep in mind that this requires patience as the grinding part requires more resources and time. I hope that this will help you guys since I am a newbie in browser games.
At the start of the game, you will be given quests that serve as the foundation of establishing and maintaining your own empire. I started off building the Cottage, Quarry, Mine, Logging camp and Farm, followed by the resource warehouses (Stone pit, Iron smelter, Lumber mill and Granary). Make sure to maximize the number of workers and allocate them equally in different resource production units and in construction and upgrade of buildings. Once the resources and warehouses are stable, then you may start building up other facilities and raising an army.

I started prioritizing the upgrade of the Cottage to recruit more workers. Then I proceeded upgrading the resource suppliers and employed the workers to boost the production. After that, I focused on upgrading the warehouses in order to increase the maximum hold of resources. Make sure to make use of the Craftsman Covenant and Accelerate Construction so that you can construct and upgrade facilities to save time.

If you are a new player (like me), you may rely on the random rewards given by the Gift Box for a limited time, although it is not guaranteed that you will always get resources. Another option to get more resources (such as black iron, hide, oak and refined iron) and gold is first, do the Alliance quests (if you are a member) and second, send out your generals in exploration. There will be times that your general may not bring any loot from exploration. But if your general’s rank is higher, the higher the chances that you will be bringing rare loots and resources and sometimes even gain experience and level up. If you are still at the building process of your empire, I discourage you not to go raiding or invading NPCs or other players since it is quite costly to send your troops to battle plus you will need them more in the later ages.

Joining in-game, Facebook and forum events can also contribute to the increase of not only the resources but also gold and gems as well.

Same applies if you are planning to raid or invade tribal villages and bandit camps, except you are required to bring a certain number of troops with you. For the bandit camps, you will acquire extra loots called Bandit Medals which can be used during Castle Age.

For the Feudal Age, market trade would be very helpful if you wish to gain more resources. You are free to trade any resource and troops in the market, but make sure to get them as soon as possible before the stock lasts. Also, resources depend upon availability from other players.

Same principle applies as for the other eras, but requires more resources. Remember to put man power and resources as the top priority at the start of every age, and then proceed raising your own army, do facility upgrades and do explorations and conquests. Make sure to allocate both man power and resources evenly. And of course, do not forget to save up your resources for the next Age!

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