Earthrise Some Farming Hints, What To Get and Where To Spend Battlepoints Guide

Earthrise Some Farming Hints, What To Get and Where To Spend Battlepoints Guide by Luke

first spend the BP on any t2 weapon. Presision rifle prefered (to get free t2 weapons: easiest run from northern road camp is to arboretum, alltho the nest is closer. You should keep in mind that you can get the free weapons eaven tho you havent bought the skills to equip em yet, so the first thing to do when you enter main island = go get the guns and armor if not preorder armor)second gun to spec in would be an aeo weapon, id succest a aussault rifle for the longer range than flamer or shotgun.

then buy skills: intersept and harbinger for the presision rifle.
Now you can do some farming on human ranged mob, like maggot thugs.. they drop alot of unrecycled materials and t1 to t3 weapons from launchers to nano and armor parts too, so when grinding them you can move quite easily to tire 3.. dont be spending any insurance on these items tough.

so farming these should give around 6k Bp and inventtory full of mats in 1 hour (I usualy do only 20-30 min runs and then bank, recycle etc, but thats just me).. you can get more money by selling the unrecycled parts straight to vendor at this point, because you got only tire1 recycle skills, so I would do that.. but you allso need craft points to buy higher tire recycle skills and CC ofcourse.. so the choise is yours(to sell straight for more money or recycle for the cp gain).

The first thing that you should spend your money on is recycle skills.. eaven tho it says only 10% its actualy 100% more mats per every tire. To demonstrate:
If you recycle broken visir, with tire1 you get 2 electro polymers , with tire2 you get 4 and with t10 you get 20 electro polymers..
So up the recycle skills ASAP(syntethic and metallic mats drop from humanoid mobs, metallic from robots and bio-mats from monsters)

So now you got inventtory full of mats from the thugs and a ring tone in your ear “YEepekay yay moth***” so if your not starting the craft grind right away LPP gas sells very good on AH as does zirconium and titanium, so when killing maggot thugs id put those on auction hall for 300cc to 200cc per stack of 100 and just vendor the rest to get some fast cash flow in..with t10 recycle i can make 10 000cc per hour on thugs that are only br29.

next the assault rifle use for fast BP gain. Pick up any slow moving melee mob spot like wurms or turtles or what ever.. i my self like the spot near up eastside of the village they spawn these worm like creatures around 20 or so in one spot, agro everything put some distance between you and them (run around in circles to get em glump up)-> start shooting -> when they get too close (these hit hard.. 350 per hit) unholster your weapon and sprint a little further to get some more distance (you run faster when not in battle mode)and repeat, you should be able to kill everything without a taking single hit.. this is still works eaven after the melee nerf. These give alot of good mats too.. i find that only CTSK sells good on player shop, so atlest throw that in there, and vendor or do what ever with the rest.. (Presision device is good if you are using assault rifle, it has a passive skill that negates the jam effect on assault rifles so thats a must get!)

When you can buy the tire 4 equipmet.. spendig the BP on presision rifle is a good way to go. With t4 PR you can move on to something else that gives way faster BP like the tested warmachines near sal vitas.. 150pb kill and with t4 pr you can kill em by hiting the stun first and finishing off with harbinger..EASY! now with armor and weapons on tire 4 you should start thinking of using the insurance system.. you can insure the whole paper doll with one insurance slot, witch is all armor pieces, weapon that your wearing and 2 devices. All this just for just 800cc.

The next step is to find a good spot that gives both fast cash and pretty good BP.. Something like some br120 melee mobs that drop high end mats like A-RNA, it sells for 8cc per piece and that other high end orcanic mat that you get from processing orcanic brain tissue sells for 22cc per piece so you can clean up pretty fast.. say 20 000cc per hour and another 20 000BP….

The Place to go when the double EXP weekend starts is on the bommed region, the flying noir robots.. they normaly give 289bp per kill so its close to 600bp then, and that place is pretty much the fastest place to get PB atm. Eaven now I can get more than 40 000 bp in hour there.

about spending BP on tactics.. I wouldnt do that in the begining.. Tactics only affects skills, not your overall attack damage.. get some passive skills on pr and ar and nano etc.. then maby look in to tactics, the +20% more dmg ammo skill twice on harbinger is pretty nice..But not something to be spending first BP tho.

I would go for Nano over launcher if I where you, the self heal skill is awesome.. its a close range weapon too.. so when you running around with PR you can easily swicth to nano and you got pretty good close range weapon.. Dswarm is really nice in PVP situations and the self heals are too.. cant go wrong there.

And for the guild activitys, its really adviced to join a guild in this game.. If your not sure whats the best guild to join, join us! (The Green Machine) if your going continoma. You can give me (Luke) a whisper. If so I am happy to give a hand ingame and coordinates to better spots and detailed tactics.

I havent done much crafting my self, but keeping the zirconium from the maggot thugs and just put the 1500 mats on the taple and hit autocraft for the cooler system I or similar recepie, and then come back in hour or so and dissasemble and repeat will get you some cp you need… i know its defeneatly not the fastest way, but its pretty cheap atleast. there are better crafters in our guild than me so they can help alot more on that issue.

fell free to give a whisper in game for more detailed info on anything!

some farm spot coordinates

(t2)maggot thugs camp = good for mats and CC not so much on BP. Coordinates x 10558 y 13882

(t2)worm like thingys near village = average for both on mats, cc and BP. Coordinates x 11073 y 11919 (there are these worms earlyer too, but they drop quest items too so not so mats are worst there, the quest items can be returned at the guy in field of honor just next to the spot)

(t2)alligators = same as above. Coordinates x 7840 y 11462 (there is pretty good worm spot just next to these too, havet done these in a while cos the server was allways laggy there, not sure if its chanced yet)

(t1)worms to kill in starter weapons = bad for everything.. way better than killing bats or rats anywho. Coordinates x 11593 y 16022

(t4+)flying robots in bommed region for continoma players = Exelent for BP, the loot cubes are hard to pick up , so id say average at best on CC an mats. Coordinates x 13580 y 5045

(t4)42th purgers for continoma players = pretty good for both mats and BP. Coordinates x 8817 y 9808

(t3-t4, maby t2)some shot gun guys = little better on mats and BP than the maggot thugs, nice for just ripping trough with nanogun since they dont agro that easily. I like this spot personaly. Coordinates x 8505 y 10373 ( thers same br guys with rocket lauchers just near by, that give better BP, but are way harder to kill and they spawn on your ass too)

(t4)revived guradian robots I think was the name = really good for PB 150 per kill only 2000hp. Coordinates x 8175 y 15081 ( I think thers some more at the exit on Tech collective.. havent been there tho, and i fiil like this spot is better, since collective is more populated hence more chance to get killed)

(t4)Tested war machines = good BP nice quest items, not so much on mats. Coordinates x 9817 y 12128

(t2)worms br50 = average mats, BP. Coordinates x 9677 y 11590 (these drop quest item that can be returned in x 10233 y 11558)

(t2)worms br 80 = average mats, BP. Coordinates around x 6366 y 9736 (these drop quest item that can be returned in x 7248 y 11020. Tom something was his name, anyway in heaven polis)

(t2)worms br over 100 = average mats, BP. Coordinates around x 10396 y 12657 (im not sure about these coord, mut just follow the river up there and you should run across them)

(t2) turles = same x 14914 y 10694 (i have been there once, so thers a spot around eagle eye command poste anyway.. the other one is just nearby too, maby someone else can post these coordinates)

(t3-4) flying robots that drop guest items = pretty nice on cash and BP. Coordinates x 8695 y 12571. Coordinates where to return the quest items x 8876 y 12060

(t4) the melee continoma NPC that i earlyer mentioned. Coordinates x 8175 y 8908 (if your a noir player i think its quite hard to reach that spot, so it for continoma that want to kill their ownkind for what ever reason, good drops and pretty deasent BP)

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