Earthrise PvP Karma and Faction System Guide

Earthrise PvP Karma and Faction System Guide by Pirate

[Karma System]


  • If you are not a Criminal and you attack friendly player it will flag you as a Temp Criminal only to them. [Unsure of how long the Temp Criminal timer is. If other players attack you first they will flag Temp Criminal to you]
  • Killing a friendly player will award you with with 10 Criminal Karma points
  • Killing criminals or PK’s is not a criminal act and will not award Criminal Karma points. Bug-> Killing a Criminal Player may award you with 10 Criminal Karma


  • Criminal players have Gray names and a criminal icon on their portrait. [It can be very difficult at first to tell the difference between White and Gray names]
  • Criminals are players with more then 0 Criminal Karma points. Karma points decay over time [Current decay rate is 1 point per 10 minutes]

Player Killer

  • PK’s have Red names and a red skull pk icon on their portrait
  • PK’s are players with over 50 Criminal Karma points, and points decay at same rate as for Criminals [When you decay under 50 Karma points you will still remain a PK and will need to reach 0 to clear your hostile status]
  • PK’s will be killed by city guards.

[Faction System]

Continoma Noir

  • Players aligned to a faction can only access their own factions teleporter network
  • Some faction outposts have Shops and Services that are only available to members of that faction
  • Players in your faction will have Blue names
  • Players in the opposing faction will have Orange names
  • Players who are neutral will have White names
  • Killing players in the opposing faction is not a criminal act and will award you 10 faction points
  • Killing players in your faction is a criminal act, and will award 10 opposing faction points
  • Killing players who are Neutral is a criminal act and does not award faction points.
  • Players who are criminals/PKs will not have Blue or Orange names. They will use the karma system name colors.
  • Killing a Criminal/PK regardless of what faction they are in does not award faction points [You can freely kill your own factions criminals]


  • Can use both factions teleporter networks
  • Can freely use shops and services in outposts controlled by both factions
  • Players in one of the two factions will have Orange names
  • Players who are also neutral will have White names
  • Killing other Neutral players is a criminal act and does not award faction points.
  • Killing faction aligned players is a criminal act and will also reward faction points for the opposing faction of the victim [They are adding faction icons to player name plates so you can tell what points you will be getting for the kill]
  • Killing a Criminal/PK regardless of what faction they are in does not award faction points [Neutral you won’t accidentally join a faction]

[Faction Alignment]

To check your current faction standing do the following

  • Open your Characters Paper Doll screen in-game (Default P Key)
  • Expand the arrow on the right border to view detailed character statistics.

This will show you information about what faction you are in, and how many points you have.
If you gain more then 20 points in one faction you will become a member of that faction. If you have 20 points or less you are Neutral.

………………………| Neutral |
Continoma Noir

[Faction Change Example]

Lets say a Player has 30 Continoma points and wants to go Neutral or Noir.
They need to kill friendly Continoma aligned faction players because killing a Continoma player will award 10 Noir points.
Gaining that 10 Noir points will effectively subtract 10 points from your Continoma alignment setting you to 20 Continoma points which is within the Neutral threshold.

Alternatively to killing a same faction player and taking the Criminal Karma hit, you can kill same faction aligned NPCs.
Need More Info-> I have tried to change factions by killing some mobs that are friendly to me as a certain faction. But I did not gain any points. The only PVE faction points I have personally gained has been on Exodus the starter island.

[How To Attack]

In order to attack other friendly players or friendly faction NPCs you must hold down the (Default CTRL Key) to toggle friendly fire mode.
Your reticule will change to Blue to indicate Friendly Fire mode is on. While in this mode you will damage all players and faction NPCs, this includes Party/Guild members.

You only need to hold CTRL down if they are friendly. If your reticule shows Red then you can attack them without holding it down.
Players of the opposite faction, or Criminals and PK’s are attack-able without the need to toggle friendly fire mode.

It is also possible to do friendly actions like heal on hostile players by holding the CTRL key.
AoE heals only work when people are grouped up with you currently, Focused Healing (1m Mini-AoE directed heals) might allow you to cast on hostiles using CTRL.

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