Earthrise How To Map Your Mouse Keys and Scroll Wheel Guide

Earthrise How To Map Your Mouse Keys and Scroll Wheel Guide by mo0rbid

In this guide I will be showing you how you can enable your sidebuttons, middle mouse button and scroll wheel to be bindable to abilties and such in the game.

1) A standard mouse, like this http://www.gamegear….ec1_white_2.jpg
2) Software for macro/script making (link down below)

Get autohotkey and create a simple remapping script

First you need a free piece of software called AutoHotKey. It can be downloaded here: You’ll only need the “Installer for AutoHotkey Basic”. The program uses very little system resources so there will be no performance loss.

Now that you have AHK installed you right click on AHKs icon in the taskbar.

Choose “Edit this script”

Notepad will open, remove the text there, you don’t need it

Now you copy paste this into it;

#IfWinActive, Earthrise (Build

Basically, what this does is, for example, XButton2 is your Forward key on the mouse when surfing the web. You’re remapping it so when you press it, you press F11.


This means that the remapping only is in effect when you’re playing Earthrise.

#IfWinActive, Earthrise (Build

This is what each syntax represents:

WheelDown – Mouse scroll down
WheelUp – Mouse scroll up
XButton1 – Mouse side button 1
XButton2 – Mouse side button 2
MButton – Mouse wheel click

You can change “F7”, “F9”, “F10”, “F11”, “F12” in the script to whatever you want. “Numpad5” for example, or “Insert”. Here’s a complete list of keys http://www.autohotke…ocs/KeyList.htm

Change it so that zooming requires ctrl to be held

If you don’t do this, if you for example have belt slot 1 bound to mouse scroll up – you will zoom in your character when your changing weapon. Which can be obtrusive when gaming.

This change makes it so CTRL needs to be held down for the “normal” mouse scroll wheel function in earthrise to work. Like zooming the map or scrolling in a talent list. It must be Ctrl, doesn’t work with any other modifier key.

Navigate to C:GamesEarthrisescripts or where you have it installed. Now open er_config.lua with notepad. Find the line

move_event_bind("exploration_scrl_move"              ,BindWith.Axis  ,BindDevId.Mouse   ,BindModifier.None     ,BindPart.AxisLine  ,BindMouse.VScroller,SpaceDim.Z ),

change “BindModifier.None” to “BindModifier.Ctrl”.

Now do the same for the line

move_event_bind("battle_scrl_move"                   ,BindWith.Axis  ,BindDevId.Mouse   ,BindModifier.None     ,BindPart.AxisLine  ,BindMouse.VScroller,SpaceDim.Z ),

change “BindModifier.None” to “BindModifier.Ctrl”.

Now find the line

move_event_bind("battle_switch_ability_bars"         ,BindWith.Axis  ,BindDevId.Mouse   ,BindModifier.Ctrl     ,BindPart.AxisLine  ,BindMouse.VScroller,SpaceDim.Z ),

and put “–” infront of it, without the “”(this will make it inactive). It won’t work properly if you don’t.

Simply like this

--move_event_bind("battle_switch_ability_bars"         ,BindWith.Axis  ,BindDevId.Mouse   ,BindModifier.Ctrl     ,BindPart.AxisLine  ,BindMouse.VScroller,SpaceDim.Z ),

Bind controls inside of the game

And of course you have to bind F7, F9, F10 etc inside the game for it to work. In the game you go into Options, then Controls. NOTE: In the controls list you actually have to type the binds with letters, “numlock”, for example.

I personally use this setup;

Use Belt Bar Item 1 – F9 (wheel down)
Use Belt Bar Item 2 – F10 (wheel up)
Use Belt Bar Item 3 – F11 (side button “forward”)
Use Belt Bar Item 4 – F12 (wheel click)
Toggle Battle Mode – F7 (side button “back”)

And now you’re done. Ask if there’s something you need help with.

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