Earthrise Choosing a Faction Guide

Earthrise Choosing a Faction Guide by kelRAWRsaur

Dear New Players,

Welcome to Earthrise! The following information is a guide to help you decide what faction you would like to play in this dynamic and exciting game. There are two factions you can chose to play: Continoma and Noir; or you can try to remain neutral and play both sides. The Continoma is the established and official government of Sal Vitas and the reason why humanity survived the apocalypse. The Noir is the main rebel group that opposes Continoma’s rule, which they find dictatorial and oppressive. Neutral forces do what is best for their own survival.


At the end of the 21st century, the world broke out in a violent and deadly war that threatened to end human civilization. One of the super nations that began the war decided to win by outliving their rivals and created The Continoma Project. The project created a self-sufficient database of minds, full of varied personalities that would allow them to build a thriving community after they were resurrected in the post-apocalyptic world.

Humanity perished, but the Librarium containing The Continoma Project remained, tended by artificial intelligence and robots. Once Earth had cleansed itself, the keeper of the Librarium began re-vesseling the first survivors, calledPioneers. They founded Sal Vitas, the City of Salvation, on Enterra Island and the Continoma leaders formed a new government.

The new Continoma government’s vision was to create an engineered social and political utopian regime that erased the painful memories of the past. The land required a huge workforce to make it livable, though, and factions and interest groups quickly formed, each promoting their own agenda. A few of these groups began exploring the darker side of human nature, exploring the possibilities of immortality and breaking the moral codex written by the Continoma. To prevent chaos, Continoma created a strict police force and administration that left no crime unpunished and no protest unsanctioned.

As soon as it became clear that the land would be livable and the days of harsh working conditions would be over, the hope for the distribution of power spread. Intellectuals and informal leaders formed a loose organization to keep Continoma in check through civil action. But it was not long before the new faction openly challenged Continoma and called for open elections.

Continoma feared that the leaders of the factions could destroy society and throw humanity back into its darkest days. But rebellious souls drunk of dreams of freedom didn’t listen. For them, the way Continoma ensured its rule seemed tyrannical and despotic. Massive public protests paralyzed Enterra’s society.

Strongly believing in their credo, Continoma ordered the forceful return of the informal organization’s most renowned leaders into the memory databanks. This threat was hoped to cull the passion of the protesters, but it only escalated the conflict. Organized by one of their leaders that escaped prosecution – Deacon Prost – the dissidents formed an armed resistance that directly opposed the forces of Sal Vitas Security (SVS). Invented as a mockery to official propaganda and a prominent reminder to its origins, the name Noir was adopted by the movement.

Division Night
The Continoma desperately wanted to suppress the resistance, but the fighting continued. Deacon knew he was overwhelmed by the technologically stronger and more numerous SVS forces, so he planned a desperate strike at the heart of the Continoma—the memory databank’s control center in Sal Vitas. His plan relied heavily on the assistant of Synthia Harvington, a high-ranking Continoma Commissar that provided the rebels with the plans and security codes for the city. But Synthia was a traitorous double agent, placed to disrupt the plans of the resistance and seize Deacon.

When the Noir stormed Sal Vitas, they were caught inside a trap set by Synthia. Luckily for the Noir, they managed to break into the databank and free the personalities of many citizens. Division Night led to the creation of Noir as an independent faction mastering its own technology of re-vesseling humans.

The crisis caused by Division Night allowed the various other opposition groups to become more organized and break off from Continoma, forming territories all over Enterra. Some of these groups pair with Continoma or Noir, while others make their own way, forming unstable alliances and always awaiting betrayal.


All new players begin as neutral agents when they are reborn into society. Players become Continoma or Noir, or straddle the line as criminals, by gaining faction points awarded by completing quests and killing faction Non-Player Characters (NPCs). Affiliation can be changed at any time, but the more faction points you have gained with one, the longer it will take for you to switch to the other.

Organizations aligned with Continoma are the Alpha Sisterhood, Seeyen and SVS.

Organizations aligned with Noir are the Grenadiers, The Kodiak and The Phoenix.

Organizations that shift allegiance include The Syndicate, the Red Dragons, Natura and The Tech Collective.

Guilds are the best way to stay alive, craft items and have a great time in game! Due to Earthrise’s PvP-centric world, a guild is what will protect you and allow you to flourish within Enterra’s war-torn society.

For a short list of Guilds, click here. And to find your own guild, visit the Guild Recruitment portion of the forums here.

If you have any additional questions about how to choose a faction, post them here and the community will do its best to help you!

Happy playing!


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