Earthrise Beginner’s FAQ

Earthrise Beginner’s Frequently Asked Questions by fluian

Ok so I’ve been helping answer alot of questions for newer players in-game and alot of the same questions keep coming up so I decided to make this little guide, any additional questions or comments to make to the guide please post below feel free to add-on sections to the guide as you may see many new questions arise with each patch etc. If you think you are smart or only need 1 section and don’t need to read the whole thing I have bolded certain sections to lead you on the right path
I will be updating this every now and then with more “Q”s and “A”s


Table of Contents:

*The Librarium:
Q1: Where do I find my first weapons and how do I fight?
Q2: Why do some people move faster than me?
Q3: I see alot of talk in red, when I talk its white and only a few people hear me, whats up how do I change chats?
Q4: How do I pick up items?
Q5: Is there a friends list?

*Exodus Island:
Q1: How do I choose my faction and how do I check my progress towards a faction?
Q2: How do I exit Exodus Island?
Q3: What happens when I die, what is the death penalty?
Q4: Can I return to Exodus Island?

*Northern Camp/Enterra:
Q1: Where can I find my first crafting station/bank/mailbox? (using mini-map)
Q2: What do character name colors represent and why can’t I attack a certain person/npc?
Q3: Where are the main cities for Continoma and Noir?
Q4: Where do I get tier 1 armor and weapons?
Q5: Where do I get tier 2 armor and weapons?
Q6: Why can’t I equip my tier 2 armor/weapons?
Q7: How do I get the teleporter to work?

*General Bugs and Quick Fixes
Q1: Why can’t I enter combat mode, it says I’m in a demilitarized zone but I’m nowhere near a city
Q2: Why have my mobs/npcs dissappeared?
Q3: Can I change controls?
Q4: I am/have been stuck under the teleporter after use is there a way to fix this or avoid it?
Q5: I’m stuck in an area and my character can’t move at all, is there an unstuck command?

****The Librarium:****

Q1: When you first enter the game one of the first questions encountered is where do I get my first weapon(s) and how do I fight?

A: If you continue your starting experience eventually you will find yourself outside, if you move down the system of ramps to the right side before you enter the actual grass and dirt area there are two stations. The first one on the right has a suit of armor floating, this is to get another set of the starting armor if you somehow happen to loose yours. The second station to the right is a weapon station with your first weapons. These weapons are given out in quest format and you simply accept the quest and then turn it in getting the weapon for the quest as a reward. Ok so now you have your weapons right? Now the next step is learning how to attack, each weapon is skilled at a different range. At first the game asks you to use a melee weapon which is simple. Close ranged and personal. To equip your weapons you just obtained press “p” and you will see something similar to character pages in other games where mostly the key used is “c”. Here there are slots if you notice when you drag an item the slot that it can fit into lights up. Drag your melee weapon, the blades, onto the correct slot and you will equip them. You may also notice other slots towards the bottom of the page that are open. This is your belt, you can equip several weapons here and they show up on your screen in the bottom right corner F9-F12. Simply tap the button to switch to that weapon. The only way to re-arrange your belt is when you once again press “p” only then can you remove and add other weapons. To actually enter comabt mode now you simply hit the “alt” key and you will draw your weapon and a crosshair will appear. This is pretty self-exclamatory, click and kill. Congratulations you made your first kill, welcome to Earthrise.

Q2: Some people are moving faster than me, why?

A: This can be for two reasons, reason number 1 they may be in exploration mode while you are in combat mode. You move slightly faster in exploration mode than in combat mode. The other reason is in case you havn’t discovered it yet, there is a sprint button. Hold down the “shift” key while moving forward to run. Doing this will also make your stamina run out (the bottom bar). Don’t worry thought your stamina regenerates in both epxloration mode and combat mode, you can also run in both stances.

Q3:I see alot of talk in red, when I talk its white and only a few people hear me, whats up how do I change chats?

A: When you begin the game whenever you chat (pressing enter, typing something then hitting enter again) your chat will show up white and it is only heard in a relatively short range. The red chat you see in the chat box is the “yell” channel, it is the global chat. Anyone can talk in this chat there is no restrictions. All you have to do is type /y then hit enter then talk. You can now speak on global chat and ask any remaining questions you have in-game. Other channels for talking are whispering which you can do by typing /w players name if the player has a space in his/her name then you will need to put their name in quotes (“players name”). When you type in their name press enter then when you talk you will be on a whisper channel to that person until you change it. Also to reply to a whisper simply type /r hit enter then talk. If you would like to go back to the normal talk I believe its /s and party chat and guild chat have been known for messing up but they should be /p and /g.

Q4: How do I pick up items?

A: This is actually quite simple. Many people ask this question when starting out because the monsters in the starting areas rarely drop anything. When a monster or a player for that matter, dies and there is a yellow cube left behind. The yellow cube is the item(s) they have dropped. To pick the items up be in exploration mode and simply click on the cubes.

Q5: Is there a friends list?

A: There currently isn’t one in the game but it is a feature that MHS is going to have in game soon (or so they tell us). In the meantime the best way to keep up with your friends and who is logged on etc. is probably through the guild system. If you are in a guild you can see all the people in your guild and their status (online/offline). Parties are useful too!

****Exodus Island:****

Q1: The next most often question I probably hear is, how do I choose my faction or how do I check my faction status?

A: When you first come to Exodus island after exiting the librarium you may notice if you follow the path you run into two NPC’s “trapped” by one of the librarium robots. One urges you to join Noir, while the other Continoma. Who are the “good guys” and who are the “bad guys”? Thats for you to decide for yourself! Neither Continoma or Noir are clearly defined as good or bad, each has their issues and beliefs. You can talk to the NPC’s without danger of accidentally joining a side. You have several options here,

Continoma: government that wants to keep order but goes about it in a way that Noir deems unecessary
Noir: the rebels that fight against Continomas rule but do so at any cost, including innocent lives sacrificed
Neutral: neither side will attack you but neither side will risk themselves to save you, you will always be shifting a balance between Continom and Noir
Criminal: DIE! everyone and anyone is your enemy haha

So the Continoma and Noir paths can be easily followed by following the NPC’s instructions if you get lost all that really needs to be done is killing NPC’s/Players from the opposing faction. As for my opinion in staying neutral my suggestion is getting off the island without fighting or doing any quest, don’t worry about being behind in BP/BR when you leave the island because the monsters in the next area are just as easy if not easier. Note that you can always change factions at any point in the game and you are never on a set path, you can kill the opposing faction npc’s to gain LoC points towards the faction you are helping. This leads me to the next question frequently asked

Q2: How the heck do I get off Exodus Island!?

A: This question is often asked and instructions are quite simple. If you look at your map (m key) you can see the general outline of the island. On Exodus Island there is a teleporter that leads to Enterra (the main land). The teleporter is located on the east coast. On the map if you look at the island towards the south of the east side there is a part of the island that juts out into the ocean. On this area there is a beach and the teleporter is located on it. After teleporting you will find yourself on Enterra in your first encampment “Northern Camp”

Q3: What happens when I die, what is the death penalty?

A: Currently your arrival on Exodsu Island might be the first time you think of this. If you are on Exodus Island you probably dont have much to worry about from dieing. The death penalty is simple, you lose all items that arn’t insured. You can buy insurance from your inventory page but the insurance is lost when you die. I say you don’t have to worry much because you probably have nothing valuable on you, don’t worry the free sets of gear are already insured. Are all the items lost forever? No, you can simply walk back to where you died and retrieve your items if no one else has come along, but be careful your loot only stays around for so long.

Q4: Can I return to Exodus Island

A: Not by teleporter but it is possible to return as I have done it once. You have to die though. To return you must travel out into the wilderness really far away from any respawn points you have previously found, if you are not in the prescence of any known respawn points and die you will be brought back to the librarium. You will then have to walk through the librarium again to reach Exodus Island but that is the only way I know of to return.

****Northern Camp/Enterra:****

Q1: From here several questions have been asked the first I will cover is where can I find my first crafting station, bank, or mailbox?

A: In the Northern Camp is the first place that you can really utalize the minimap located in the top right of the screen. Here you can see many icons displayed across the camp. One of the First you might notice next to the teleporter is sign that looks like a square with lines and a few dots in the middle. This is the symbol representing a crafting station. There are several tier 1 stations you can experiment with here once you find materials
you can find a crafting guide here…rafting-system/
The next icon you might notice is a $ sign, this is the sign for the bank. The bank is a very handy feature that allows you to store all types of good items. It is very useful if you are taking a long journey and are fearful of being pked between cities you can simply store your stuff in the bank and get it out in the next city if there is one there. Finally the mailbox, this is also a pretty easy one to find out. The mailbox appears as a letter on your mini-map. Here you can send and recieve letters from other players.

Q2: Another question that commonly arises both on Enterra dn Exodus Island is
this, what do character name colors mean and why can’t I attack this person/npc?

A: Character name colors are quite simple. Orange: this color means that the player is of an opposing faction, for example if you are a neutral player both Continoma AND Noir will show up as orange to you. White: This character is neutral and will not effect your LoC (level of contribution points, meaning Noir or Continoma affiliation) Blue: this means a character or NPC is friendly Red: This means a character is a criminal and has a habit of pking people, take him down or keep your distance but alwasy watch your back.
Now the remaining question is why can’t I attack certain players or mobs? Well the answer is simply because the player/mob either is a friend or not your enemy. Don’t worry though you can still attack these people (as long as they don’t have a pvp invunerability buff)! This is also a good way to change your faction. To attack a friendly player/mob all you need to do is simply hold down the Ctrl key while fighting them, it gets annoying but you get used to it after a while. Killing someone of an opposing faction gets you LoC points to your faction and doesn’t give you any penalties, however killing someone friendly to you will give you criminal karma. Collect enough of this and you will be a criminal. People who are criminals give you no criminal karma for killing them.

Q3: Where can I find the main cities for Continoma or Noir?

A: When you are ready to head out from the Northern Camp there is one major city for the two main factions. The main locations for Continoma and Noir are Sal Vitas and The Core. If you are a Continoma player and wish to visit Sal Vitas you want to head west and then south. Eventually once you get past the desert and the industrial area you will come upon an area that is a grass land with trees and such, it really is a beautiful sight. Sal Vitas is the largest semi-circle like sturcture on your map. You may notice it as the homepage once you finally get there. If you are a Noir player and wish to visit The Core I have finally gotten there myself and the path is much more difficult than Sal Vitas (but so much cooler). What you want to do is head east, you may soon come across an area called the Arberatoreum. Here you can get a new teleporter location, check the AH etc. From the Arb. head south and always head for higher ground when you can. Eventually you will find The Core. If you can head south from the Arb quite a ways you may notice two rivers on your map in this area and they originate from what looks like it may be a big lake with a circle in the center, this is The Core. You want to get south below the second river and then head back west going up every path you can find and eventually you will be in an area with several bridges leading over water etc. The entrance is in this area behind a waterfall, you will know it when you see it.

Q4: Where do I get tier 1 armor?

A: Right now the way the system is setup new players dont get a free tier 1 set of armor, but you do get a free set of better armor and it is tier 2. If you are really concerned with getting T1 armor/weapons then try looking on the auction house, many players have put up tier 1 gear that they have made or found.

Q5: Where do I get tier 2 armor?

A: Tier 2 armor can be recieved from MANY locations across Enterra. The first places that you will be able to recieve it (especially if you are on your way to one of the two main cities) are places on the roads to the west and east. If you follow the road west eventually you will come upon the Crio-Bio area. The first camp you find called “Living Quarters” only provides the cadet gear but then next one up will give you T2 recruit armor. If you travel east eventually if you look on your map when the road starts to curve south you will be at a city called the Arbetoreum. This is a great place to do stuff and has T2 recruit armor as well.

Q6: Why can’t I equip my tier 2 armor/weapons?

A: The answer is quite simple, you don’t have the equipment trained. Press “k” to call up your skills and under combat look for a tab called “armor equipment”. When you open this you will see all the tiers of armor that you will have to train before equipping armor of that tier. For weapons look for the respective weapon name equipment tabs.

Q7: How do I get the teleporter to work?

A: The best comparison to the ER teleporters that I have if WoW fly points. If you havn’t found a teleporter that connects to the specific teleporter you have found then it won’t work. So find more teleporters!

****General Bugs and Quick fixes:****

Q1: My character can’t enter combat mode and it says I am still in a demilitarized zone?

A: This one is simple and occures quite often, currently the best fix is to go for a swim in the water and when you come back out it is most of the time fixed. If this does not work however you will need to die to fix it, harsh I know but those are the most common ways. Last way to get it fixed is now the only way for me recently, teleport to a location that is not a DMZ and it will be fixed, note you then have to walk back but still if i can fire a gun life is much better, even while trudging through the mud

Q2: Did my mobs/npcs dissappear?

A: This is a known bug and tends to happen the only fix currently is re-logging

Q3: Can I change my controls?

A: Yes, in-game there is currently no option too but don’t fear, in-game there are a few quick changes you can make, like /wqse and /wasd and the handy “tab” key. Other than these there is one way to change your key bindings if you take the time and follow this guide…emap-your-keys/

Q4: I am/have been stuck under the teleporter after use is there a way to fix this or avoid it?

A: There are a few things you can do, first off there is a way to avoid getting stuck entirely. Whenever you teleport jump (I normally keep pressing jump until the screen is fully loaded). If you do it right, your character will jump out before he ever falls under. If you are already stuck you can simply try jumping out at the edge although personally I’ve never gotten that to work. The other method is /unstuck which will put you at the nearest rez-pad which normally isn’t to far away.

Q5: I’m stuck in an area and my character can’t move at all, is there an unstuck command?

A: Yes its, /unstuck although don’t use it to benefit yourself in combat or you may find yourself making the list

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