Dungeon Defenders Royal Garden Insane Solo Guide

Dungeon Defenders Royal Garden Insane Solo Guide by iynfynity

I prefer using Huntress and Apprentice so do your best to level up those heroes to 70 and make them a tower based heroes.

A few tips before you do this run.

1. Be sure to know where the mana chests are placed so you know where to run on the first wave.
2. ALWAYS check your map. When i play DD, my map is opened most of the time and it really has helped me a lot when doing solo runs.
3.Repair/Upgrade asap!
4. Take advantage of the last enemies because sometimes they got stuck on gas traps and that’s a very good time to repair/upgrade your traps/towers.

Okay! let’s get started!

wave 1

wave 2

wave 3

You need to make the traps perfect so no one can go through, especially on the east part. You want to make sure that the traps are placed perfectly where the monster are walking.

About those towers they are all fireball towers, and as you can see your west crystal is very exposed to the wyverns, that is the job of your hero. STAY on the west crystal when wyverns on the west are starting to appear. (They spawn at wave 7) Anyway, you CAN shoot the ones on the east while you are waiting for the wyverns on the west.

Make sure you upgrade/repair you traps/towers. A good advice i can give is to prioritize the traps where you rarely stay which is the west,north and south. Etherial spikes are best when they are
at 1 star level!

About the ogres(they appear at wave 7 at like 150 enemies) it’s best to take the one on the east.

So that’s it! If you got any questions, feel free to ask. I know i suck at posting guides. :P lol

Last tip btw, USE A FAIRY! Those dark elf warriors will rape you alive!

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