Dungeon Defenders Ramparts Hard Guide

Dungeon Defenders Ramparts Hard Guide by Doron

This is focused on the Huntress.

If you do not know about trap stacking, check out ykwak guide here: Dungeon Defenders Trap Stacking and Item/Mana Farming Guide

Wave 3: Setup a partial trap stack (Gas, Inferno, Mine Traps) in the inner lanes. You only need to setup 3 sets. Use the remaining of your mana on one spike trap by the single crystal and one by the two crystals.
Wave 4: Complete the inner trap stacks with Spike traps and start building the trap stacks on the outer layer of lanes. The outer layer is only really needed for the Orges on wave 7,8,9. But if you set it up early, waves 4,5,6 are practically hands off.
Wave 5,6: Stand on top of the bank, you can pick off all the wyverns without moving. Other then that its pretty much hands off.
Wave 7,8,9: Stand on top of the bank and take care of the wyverns. Around 40-50 kills, the Orges spawn. Take out the top one first then the bottom one. The two layers of trap stacks slow them down enough for you to get both of them before they reach your crystals. After the Orges are gone, resume your post on top of the bank. At the end of wave 7,8,9 a mass spawn of wyverns attack from the bottom. So just move accordingly and kill them before they reach the crystal.

Thats it, Ramparts farm status. You get an insane amount of mana doing this as well as a great bow that is considered the best in the game right now. I was able to get this on farm status with just a 7k dps bow from TTR Hard and not even a full set of GEP armor, I lost my original characters during the 4.2 patch. I havent even beat MF on easy yet.

I hope this helps people get a high dps bow for MF.

A single run nets me around 500K and so far my fastest run is 38 minutes. So Ramparts is good for farming mana.

I plan to find a good pet that shoots projectiles, so I can really do no hands setup except for the Orges.


Modified Doron setup for an almost afk strategy.

I like my gas trap a little behind the infernal because otherwise enemies may get held up in the gas but stay outside the infernal.

There’s a spike and mine trap on the top of the roof with a fire and striker turret. This will draw all the wyverns coming from the left and kill them. The spike trap and fire turret by the crystal will take out the wyverns from the bottom. Note the position of the spike trap, it’ll capture 99% of the wyverns coming that way.

With this setup, all I had to do was to take out the ogres by myself. The rest of the lvl I just ran around picking up things without having to attack. You may have to help out at the end of wave 8 and 9 when the big wave of wyverns come, but that’s about it.

With all that time to pick up items, I probably had enough to fill 60 pages worth of inventory. I ended dropping anything under 2k in between waves. I was able to sell 800k worth of items.

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