Dungeon Defenders Deeper Well Insane Leveling Guide

Dungeon Defenders Deeper Well Insane Easy Apprentice and Squire Leveling Guide by WeirdlyChosen

For you who are bored to play wizardry for levelling, this is another easy way to gain level in solo. I got 40895 exp each run for 7:15 mins (with 3x knight award, master strategist, 3x master builder, 4x invincible, immortal, and flawless victory award). if you decide to move around for extra mana dropped from monsters and chests, it’ll take approximately 8.5 mins. You can always change your character after the towers are set.

Wave 1:
Get 2 chest on bottom side, then immediately build 2 barricades and 1 magic missile tower that can reach stair and the alley. After that, race to create the same model for the top side (or vice versa). The combat phase is starting when you build the last tower, so you’d better stay off the stair.
On combat phase, move around to get ALL mana dropped by monsters (and don’t get shot by archers).

Wave 2:
Go to 2 nearest chest and build fireball tower on top level that can reach both mid alley and the stair (the stair is top priority), then build magic missile tower on top level to cover the from top level gate (for wave 3).
Do the same for another side.
On combat phase, don’t forget to move around to collect ALL mana dropped again.

Wave 3:
Get the nearest chest and build a lightning tower to cover the mid alley and the stair, then do the same for another, but build 2 instead of 1 to complete your defense unit. You can store the excess mana (if you get all mana, you’ll get exactly 10 excess mana) and change your character before the wave started. You may go AFK afterwards (literally, no need to repair anything).

This method is discovered when I’m new with DD and babysitted (credit to S_Doger) and I’m applying this since my lv 14 tower build.

Q & A:
Q: Why didn’t put lightning towers first than useless magic missile tower?
A: It’s for easy management. I’m very forgetful so I thought it’ll be better if I didn’t forget the last lightning tower.

Q: The top level are very open? Do you plan to take the orcs just by the magic missile and fireballs? Aren’t you afraid if the orcs will able to destroy your towers?
A: Don’t worry, the orcs just have blind love with the barricades. They’ll never attracted to towers.

Q: You said maybe it’ll work with squires too. How?
A: I don’t really know since I don’t have any squire yet. As far as I know, squires have barricades and towers. I believe is really blind that they will unable to know that it is not the one he love, the Magic barricade.

Q: So, it will not work for other classes?
A: As far as I know, yes it is. Huntress and monk don’t have blocking towers. But they still able to enjoy this trick. Just switch before wave 3 to get optimal result.

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  1. Jayseesee says:

    This works VERY well for the Squires. First turn, block off both stairs with Spikes and then behind it, put a Harpoon or Bowling ball (your taste).
    Second turn, finish up another turret on the other side, and put up spikes at the top levels of both side where the Orcs come out.

    Third turn, put harpoons behind those top level Spikes.

    Fourth turn, upgrade each spike barrier and turret. Might want to add another turret to the center stairs, not required.

    Fifth turn, clean-up.

    Repair as needed.

    Also, if you put a Spike and a Harpoon on each of the four lanes, that leaves just enough DU to summon a monk and put a Strength Drain on each lane for 60/60 units and Master Strategist. Also, your towers barely lose health with the Strength Drains up.


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