Dragon Nest SEA Lv15 Acrobat Quest Guide

Dragon Nest SEA Lv15 Acrobat Quest Guide by SoulSin

Hello Folk’s for SoulSin’s quick guide  for lvl 15 Acrobat quest.
Reason is obvious, people are having tons of difficulties with this quest because both difficulty and lag.Good for us, it isn’t that hard at all. So I will be sharing a few tips.

1 – The Quest
When you finally reach lvl 15, talk to Master Archer Adelynn at Calderock Village.
The quest name is Telepathy Part 1.

The first part of the mission is a shooting contest of sorts. Second part is a dungeon run.

2 – Part 1: The Troll Hounds
Here is where most people give up. The idea is simple, a test for you aiming skills, but this can get insanily hard if you don’t know what you are doing. Basically you get warped to a special map where tons of Hounds will be crossing the area, you are limited on movement by a fence and you need to shoot all.
If in the test, 30 hounds manage to “run away from you” and not get illed while crossing, you fail.
Some White Hounds will also cross the screen.
Hitting Normal Hounds raise your score, hitting white ones reduce it. Your objective its to not let 30 normal hounds run.

So here are the tips:
1 – Forget the White ones, the score doesn’t make difference. You only need to survive for 2 minutes, and thats all.
2- Learn to aim based on lag and the hounds movement, like shows the picture below

Aiming in the Hound is wrong, people usually forget that besides the usual Lag, there is a trajetory that your arrow must fly to reach the target. For our luck arrows in this game are quite fast compared to other MMos, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need to aim based on that.
Calculing lag also comes here, you need to ofcourse take lag in count when aiming.
Hounds are or running or jumping from one side to another, its really easy to predict their position, lagged or not.
Tbh, I live in South America, if I can do it with my lag, anyone can.
3- Use Cross Bows ! They are a lot easier to aim than other bows, and they also shoot faster.
Xbows not only shoot faster, but also shoot 3 consecutive shoots. The wall of arrows should easily hit theh hound, considering that you followed rule number 2.
4 – Use Twin Shoot to kill hounds outside you xbow range. Nice to kill those that run to fast. Since it shoot twice should be even easier than using the xbow itself.
5 – Use Magic Shoot and MultiShoot everytime you notice that there is more than 4~5 Hounds in the screen. MagicShoot need to be shoot a bit earlier, meanwhile Multishoot you must take care to not hit the fence in front of you. (shoot a bit higher, these hounds hit box are easy to hit).
6- Piercing shoot takes too long to shoot, forget it.
When done, come back and talk to Adelynn

3 – Part 2: Hunting Minotaurs
Second part of the mission is easier.
Just complete Sleeper Temple Normal or above. You shoud’ve already done that so no worries.
When done, come back and talk to Adelynn.
She will ask you a serie of question to help you chose your new Job.
First question doesn’t matter, the rest choose if oyu like to fight short range (acrobat) or long range (bow master)
Once done, choose your job and get your free lvl 15 weapon.

4 – Free reset
Talk back to Master Archer Adelynn when the mission is done and she will send you do Event Planner Irine.
This one will give you a 7 days CC set (choose your color!) and a Full Skill Restat (7-days).
I don’t know if this mission is available at higher lvls, (someone confirm that) but once you do the missions, the itens will be sent to the Gift Shop and their timer will start running. So no point on saving the mission or the itens for later.

Ok that’s all.
Complain here if you still can’t shoot the hounds.

PS: everything writen by memory, if I made some mistake, tell me.

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