Dragon Nest SEA Bowmaster PvE Equipment and Heraldries Guide

Dragon Nest SEA Bowmaster PvE Equipment and Heraldries Guide (And Tips on Farming) by FateMortis

Hi all, I have noticed a lot of questions about equipments for PvE.
Please note that I am not a pro nor have played at any of the other Dragon Nest except for SEA’s version.
So if I’m wrong anywhere, please feel free to correct me.
This guide is targetted only specifically for the current level cap and release. (Level 24 with Minotaur Nest)

Recently I have changed my BowMaster build to Pure Physical. So I re-did the guide to contain both sections.

Pure Physical Build – Focuses on high AGI, STR, Critical and Attk Power.
Hybrid Build – Focuses on high AGI, INT, Critical and a balance between Attk Power and Magic Attk.
Section 1 – Our Targets
So what exactly are we aiming for our BowMaster?
There’s only one thing we’re good at, and that’s DPS (Damage Per Sec).
In this guide, I will teach you how to maximise your DPS in the two different stated build.
So I would want you to know, what are the stats that affect our DPS.
DPS is affected by Attk Power, Magic Attk, Critical.
Attk Power is affected by AGI, STR.
Magic Attk is affected by INT.
Critical is affected by AGI.
With this in mind, let’s move on to how to increasing the stated stats.
Note : This guide is specifically made to help the general players, so if you’re a hardcore player, reading this might be a waste of your time. Since you will probably be aiming for Epic grade equipments. But mostly, I’m touching on Magic grade equipments because they’re more accessible and requires less cost to get.

Section 2 – Equipment (Armor)
Armor includes Headband, One Piece, Leggings, Mittens and Booties.
There is no real need to get a +12 set of Armor because it only adds HP and MP.
I strongly recommend you to save the money and use it to fund your Accessories and Weapons.
However, I advice you to have your set crafted as the bonus they add up to is quite significant.
To lessen the trouble of refering back to the Blacksmith everytime, I have stated the required materials to craft the following parts.
FateMortis’ Recommended Gear

  • +6 Goblin Headband – Wind [1 Chain of Death Fragment + 6 Pasus Powder]
  • +6 Goblin One Piece – Wind [2 Enchanted Photo Memory (Right) + 6 Pasus Powder]
  • +6 Goblin Leggings – Wind [2 Rusty Music Box + 6 Pasus Powder]
  • +6 Goblin Mittens – Iron Wall [1 Ice Ring + 3 Potencia Powder + 3 Herba Powder]
  • +6 Goblin Booties – Wind [1 Poison Pill + 6 Pasus Powder]

As for Armor, there is only 2 Hidden Potential that I want you to get.

AGI and MAX HP is the best, but if you’re not willing/have enough gold to get that. You can also settle for AGI and MAX MP.
Note : If you have a +6 Goblin Headband with Hidden Potential. And you craft it to Wind, it WILL RETAIN both attributes.
This means that you will get a +6 Goblin Headband (Wind) with the same Hidden Potential it had.

Section 3 – Equipment (Accesories)
Accessories includes Necklace, Earrings and two Rings.
I will encourage you to get Epic grade Necklace and Earrings because of the tremendous amount of stats it gives.
For Physical Build

  • Wind Amber Necklace – AGI 88, STR 22
  • Wind Ruby Earrings – AGI 77, STR 19

For Hybrid Build

  • Wind Amber Necklace – AGI 88, INT 19
  • Wind Ruby Earrings – AGI 77, INT 17

The above stated Necklaces and Earrings may cost more because people consider them as “perfect stats”.
You would have seen before a Wind Amber Earrings – STR 16, AGI 64, INT 14, or along the lines of it.
I would advice against getting this because the difference in AGI that you’re getting matters.
AGI with VIT is also viable, I did not recommend this because the guide is primarily aimed at bringing up your DPS.
Now, for the Rings part, this is tricky. Because the price difference from Rare grade to Epic grade is very big!
For Rare grade Physical Build

  • Destruction Guard Ring – Attk Power 25-25, Critical 221
  • Fatal Guard Ring – STR 13, AGI 13, Critical 147

For Rare grade Hybrid Build

  • Destruction Guard Ring – Attk Power 25-25, Critical 221
  • Fatal Guard Ring – AGI 13, INT 12, Critical 147

For Epic grade Physical Build and Hybrid Build

  • Destruction Ruby Ring – Attk Power 43-43, Magic Attk 21-21, AGI 17
  • Fatal Ruby Ring – AGI 17, VIT 14, Critical 375

I would recommend the above rings for the different builds. Get what your gold allows.
Destruction is A LOT more expensive than Fatal, so if you can afford, get two Destruction. If not two Fatal.
Hidden Potentials viable for accessories…too many to list! I would just post the easiest to get for the two builds.
Epic grade Diamond Codes are very costly and I would not recommend you to aim for the perfect one like the Armor section.
Easily settle for the two stated below if you manage to get it. If not, revert as and when your gold will allow you to do it.
– Rare grade Hidden Potential
– Epic grade Hidden Potential
The one on the left is for Physical Build, and the one on the right is for Hybrid Build.
There are a lot of better potentials out there, those with 4 lines, 5 lines. If you manage to get any of those. Grats to you!

Section 4 – Equipment (Weapons)
Ok basically I put Weapons last because it will be where most of your gold is invested in.
This is also the ones that will be greatly affecting your DPS because of the amount of Attk Power and Magic Attk they can give.
There would be no recommendation on Enhancement Level, get as high as your gold brings you to!
My recommendation is to craft them to Wind as usual for bonus AGI, but there are also those that craft them into Harsh.
Therefore I’ll list both for you, and you can choose between them.

  • Goblin Longbow – Wind [3 Enchanted Photo Memory (Right) + 6 Pasus Powder]
  • Goblin Longbow – Harsh [3 Enchanted Photo Memory (Right) + 2 Anima Powder]
  • Goblin Quiver – Wind [1 Poison Pill + 6 Pasus Powder]
  • Goblin Quiver – Harsh [1 Poison Pill + 2 Anima Powder]

As for potentials, this is the toughest part if you’re not lucky enough. But I still recommend you to invest the gold to revert them.
This is the opposite of Accessories, you would want to aim for the “perfect” potential here, and not settle for the minimum.
However, I would still provide the minimum which you can stop at if you do not have enough gold to continue reverting.
– Minimum for either Build
– Perfect for Physical Build
– Pefect for Hybrid Build
Nothing more I can help here, good luck on it!

Section 5 – Heraldries
This requires no explanation. Easiest part to get, no hassle!
Base Heraldries

  • Wind (AGI)
  • Destruction (Attk Power)
  • Fatal (Critical)

Other Suggestions

  • Bear (STR)
  • Magician (Magic Attk)
  • Life’s Vitality (HP)

Pick one of this to go with the 3 base, depending on which do you need more.
For skills, I would strongly recommend having Charged Shot with +50% Animation Speed.
The other one is entirely up to you. I will provide a list of viable skill plate to get…

  • Twin Shot – 20% Damage
  • Rapid Shot – 20% Damage
  • Scope Arrow – 20% Damage
  • Aerial Chain Shot – 20% Damage
  • Piercing Shot – 20% Damage
  • Multi Shot – 20% Damage

Choose what you usually spam or which skill you will still be using when the cap is released. I chose Multi Shot personally.

Section 6 – Critical
Critical affects the chance of you landing a critical hit on a monster.
Have you noticed that there are two types of Critical? The Yellow words one, and the White words one.
Yellow means that the critical has does it maximum amount of damage on the monster.
White means that the critical has been resisted by the monster.
Please do not be confused on this part. You have definitely landed a critical hit, but the damage is not the usual optimal damage as it has been resisted.
One good example is the Spider Boss in Dark Tower Magic Institute. It has a higher Critical Resistance than usual monsters around.
Therefore most of your critical hits will be displayed in White color.
Wind weapons gives a chance to lower a monster Critical Resistance.
As of now I have no knowledge of whether having higher Critical will have affect on whether the Critical Hit is resisted.
If there’s anyone out there who does know, please let me know so I can edit this section accordingly. Credits will be given of course!
So, most players speculated that having your Critical at 5000 will yield you a 95% critical rate.
This is because Dragon Nest has a hard cap of critical rate at 95% which cannot be exceeded.
I reckon a Critical of 4000 or so is good enough at this point.

Section 7 – Closing Words
I hope that the guide has helped you in which equipment you should get and have made you understand more into the two builds.
There are also different builds out there that I didn’t explain because I have not tried them at all.
This are builds are from personal experiences and are reliable because I have tried them out myself.
Should there be further questions, do not hesitate to PM me in-game, FateMortis at Springwood.
Or you can always ask it here and I will get back to you as soon as possible.
Several players have requested a video on how I run Sanctuary Core so quickly when farming and I have fulfilled it.
Read on to find the video and my tips and tricks to farming at it.
Here, good luck to you on getting the equipment and lastly, remember to enjoy the game!
Farming In Sanctuary Core Master, Explained.
A lot of people are having problems running Sanctuary Core effectively. As promised, I have created a video on it.
I uploaded the video in 720p resolution. But the default load setting is 360p. You can change it to 720p if you are able to stream fast enough.

Take note at several part of the video.
The treasure chest that you find at the 2nd map. There is a certain FIXED combination to it.
You can save seconds by knowing this combination that I am about to share with you.
This seconds can prove vabluable if you run Sanctuary Core a lot of times a day.
I will name the 4 spawn spots at the 2nd map as Blue Goblins, Green Gobins, Trolls and Orcs.
For the Trolls, the Jewel Chest will spawn randomly in between the two wooden boxes.
This is a FIXED spawn spot, so check it on every run.
For the Blue Goblins, that I cleared first with the Multi Shot, notice the treasure chest that I opened?
If you see a treasure chest here, there will be a treasure chest at the Green Goblins side.
Which means there will be NO treasure chest at the Orcs side.
Combination 1 – Green Goblins with Chest, Blue Goblins with Chest, Orcs without Chest.
Combination 2 – Green Goblins without Chest, Blue Goblins without Chest, Orcs with Chest.
I think this is fixed, as I have not seens a Chest at the Blue Goblins without one at the Green Goblins.
This combination is not affected by the Jewel Chest, so you MUST check the Trolls side every single run.
If you noticed, it’s quite easy to do so. At 2:34 of the video, I walked side-ways moving the camera view towards the boxes.
In this way, you have a clear view of whether the Jewel Chest is there or not.

Items to take note of…

  • Black Hole Skill Book
  • Devitalizing Howl Skill Book
  • Green Process – Trolls
  • Red Lining – Goblins
  • Steel Sover – Hounds
  • White Bat Wings – Elves
  • Laughter Box – Shamans
  • Dark Rune – Darkscream
  • Blood of Shadow – Darkscream

All the above items can be NPC-ed for a decent amount of money.
It will affect the profit per run you get by a large margin over the long run.
Other items to take note of…

  • Rough Agates
  • Low Grade Revert Cube
  • Low Grade Agate Code
  • Low Grade Crystal Code
  • Low Grade Diamond Code
  • Level 24 Equipments
  • Level 24 Heraldry Plates

This other items can be sold for decent amount of gold in Trading House.

As some have noticed and pointed out that my gear is broken during my farm run. I shall explain why is that so.
And that is on purpose…
7 parts of my equipments’ repair cost is around 3.5g.
However most of your damage comes from your Weapon. Not the Armor parts.
The broken equipments in my farm run are Headband, Mittens, One Piece and Leggings.
Repairing Booties, Longbow and Quiver only cost around 1.2g.
I repair Booties because of the Movement Speed it provides.
So as you can see, you save 2g or so every time you repair your equipment.
This sums up to a lot after days of farming.
So basically my “Farm Mode” gear is, Booties, Longbow, Quiver only.
I previously did not include this in the guide because I’m afraid it’ll confuse people and also not everyone is able to farm without full gear on.
Also, for people using Elf Queen set, do know that Set Bonus is applied regardless of the gear’s durability as long as equipped.
So it’s very beneficial as we get the bonus AGI for even more damage even though the parts are broken.

Screenshot of my current stats, might serve as a motivation for you to get out there and farm!


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