Digimon Masters Online Tamer Stats Guide

Digimon Masters Online Tamer Stats Guide by Allowsawyou


Press ‘C’ on your keyboard in-game, and the tamer status menu will show up. At the bottom of the image of your tamer, 4 stats should be shown.

These will be HP and DS, as well as AT and DE. However, aside from DS, your tamer dosen’t really use any of these, do they?

You’re half-right.


Neat the four Tamer Stats, there should be a large box, with a large yellow number inside it.

This is called your Affinity. It appears to have caps, but I will explain about that later. The number will increase as you stay online longer, and lower while you are offline.

This number has meaning, however. The number is the percentage of tamer stats that are passed on from your Tamer to your Digimon.

For example, let’s just say Tamer A has 400 HP, and 20 Affinity. This would mean that 20% of their stats are passed onto the Digimon, which would give 80 bonus HP.

As you can probobly guess, this is somewhat useful. All of your tamer stats are passed down to your digimon this way!

If you want to see how much your affinity effects your digimon’s stats, open the Digimon menu, and hover over HP, DS, AT or DE. There will be an image of Agumon, Gaomon and Lalamon. This is your digimon’s base stat. Then, there will be an image of Marcus, Yoshino and Thomas. This number in yellow is the stat passed on to your digimon viva affinity.

Affinity Caps


So, you ask, how can you raise your affinity? Outside of being logged on… you can’t raise it beyond a certain point, a cap.

However, you can raise the cap. The Upper Affinity Cap is YOUR TAMER LEVEL. This means that a Lv 35 Tamer with 400 HP [Around what my Lv 35 Yoshino has], can pass on at most 110 HP, 35% of their total.

However, a Marcus which is Lv 20, while having a higher HP growth than Yoshino players have, might only pass on 120 HP as well, because his Affinity Cap is only 20%.

However, there is also a LOWER Affinity Cap. This appears to be your Upper Affinity Cap – 15, but it cannot go below 0.

So, using my Lv 35 Yoshino again, when I log on after sleeping, my Affinity will be 20. My Palmon will gain 80 HP from my Affinity. As I play, my Affinity caps out at 35. My Palmon’s HP grows by 30, as my Yoshino is now passing on 110 HP viva Affinity.

-CORRECTION- BY V Breath Arrow

About the affinity cap
It’s not the tamer that determine it, it’s Digimon.
If you’re with a Rookie Digimon your max affinity is only 15(35 if you use affinity costume), champion is 20(40 if you use affinity costume), and ultimate is 25(45 is using affinity costume), lastly mega will have up to 35(55 is the max affinity).

lv 1-10 Digimon = 15 or 35 max affinity
lv 11-24 = 20 or 40 max affinity
lv 25-40 = 25 or 45 max affinity
lv 41+ = 35 or 55 max affinity

Raising Tamer Stats

So, Tamer stats do something? Is there any way to raise them for more power? I hear you ask.


Equipment is the methord. However, it is not that alone that will raise your tamer stats, unless it is a cash/timed equipment.

If you have killed a lot of NeoDevimon, or most types of mobs, you may have noticed a sparkely, coulored orb drop. Hovering over it may have told you it was a stat increase item, but you couldn’t use it.

What you need to do with these items is take them to any NPC with ‘Equipment Upgrader’ over their heads, or the Blonde Woman in Snow Village, who is notorious for doing… nothing whenever she usually shows up.

You need to click on the first option. This will analyse your Enchancement item, and the result will be a stat increase item, of a random amount within a range.

But… you still can’t use it, not like that.

The next thing you need to do is farm HIGH QUALITY eggs. When these are scanned, they can give you clothing with sockets. Purchaseable clothing from clothing stores WILL NOT HAVE THESE.

The clothing will have one or more sockets. I am not certain, but higher grade eggs may give more sockets, or an item with higher ‘Efficency’.

The Efficency is a percentage. This percentage is the percentage of stats from the enchancement item that is passed onto the tamer. This is then effected by Affinity… but an increase is an increase.

The final stage is to actually socket your item. Go back to the quipment upgrader, and click on the second option, and click + drag the sockets in, and click OK.

You now have a socketed item. You cannot remove them.

However, different clothes use different types of enhancement items!

Shirts – Orange item – HP
Trousers – Silver Item – DE
Gloves – Yellow Item – AT
Glasses – Blue Item – DS

Shoes – Green Item – Movement Speed [Hidden stat, does not raise any Digimon stats]

All other sockets do not exist yet, or I am yet to discover any socketable items of that type [Such as hats]

Glasses are particually useful, as they increase the only stat your tamer actually uses, DS.

Higher level digimon will also drop better grade Enhancement items


Let’s say that my Horn – Rimmed Glasses gave a +100 DS item socketed inside them.

These glasses are 55% Efficent, so my Yoshino will gain 55 DS.

Let’s say I am at 20 Affinity, having just logged on. The item alone would provide an 11 DS boost to my digimon, which may allow an extra use of my F2 in one of my forms.

So… what about plates?

Plates do NOT effect your tamer stats, despite being accessible through a sub-menu. The stat bonuses from plates are not effected by Affinity, and go streight to your digimon.

However, unlike bonuses granted through Affinity, the bonuses from plates have level restrictions [For both tamer and Digimon] and are restricted by your digimon’s Family.

However, due to not being related to Affinity, the boosts are more noticeable.

On the digimon status screen, boosts from plates are shown with a Gem icon next to the number.

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