Digimon Masters Online Quest Explanation Guide

Digimon Masters Online Quest Explanation Guide by Punishing

I’m aiming to do a complete quest guide, however, I’m afraid I won’t be able to finish it as fast as many of you would want to. For now I’ll just be aiming to complete the primary quests, and release newer quests as I progress through the game myself. That said, let us start.


First of all, let’s have a small view on symbols.

New Quest –

Finished Quest –

DATS Trainee Quests

You start your game on the first map of the game, and your first quest lies just ahead. Sampson, the leader of DATS will give this quest to you.

Quest 1 – Sampson ~ Miki

Your first quest lies just ahead of you.
Here you get some details of the quest, it is shown, that upon completing this quest, you will receive 20 Experience, 100 Bits and 5 HP/DS replenish items.
In order to complete the quest you must go to the next map, go to the right side, where you will find a portal. Also in the upper right corner you will notice a window. That is where your quest and their descriptions will be stored.

Once you arrive on the next map, head towards the DATS van and speak to Miki, the blue hair girl.

Once you do, you will receive your Experience, money and items. That’s it, you managed to finish your very first quest!

Quest 2 – Miki ~ Papa Hong

Your 2nd quest will be given to you by Miki.
In order to complete it, simply go to Papa Hong, on the other side of the map, and talk to him.

Quest 3 – Papa Hong ~ Miki

This quest will award you with 10 Experience, 100 Bits, and one broken egg.
Simply talk to Miki to complete the quest.

Quest 4 – Miki ~ Sayuri

By completing this quest, you will receive 20 Experience and 100 Bits.

Simply speak to Sayuri to complete the quest.

Quest 5 – Miki

Talk to Miki in order to get your quest. You will be awarded with 20 Experience and 100 bits upon completing it.

You will notice a red aura egg in your inventory:

Talk to Miki again and select the first option, put the egg in the open slot, and press the button.

You will receive a chip. Talk to Miki again to complete the quest.

Quest 6 – Miki ~ Sampson

This quest will be given to you by Miki. Upon completing it, you will receive 10 Experience and 1 Million Bits.

Talk to Sampson on the first map to complete the quest.

Quest 7 – Sampson ~ Hong

Sampson will now have two quests for you. Let’s choose the first one for starters:

Upon completing it, you will receive 150 Experience and 100 bits.

Simply talk to Hong on the next map to complete it:

Quest 8 – Sampson ~ Mo

Take the next quest from Sampson. You will receive 10 Experience and 100 bits.

Talk to Mo on the next map to complete the quest.

This Guide is not yet complete! I will try to add more quests explanations in time so please bear with me. I will update this as soon as I can.

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