Digimon Masters Online Ice Cube Guide

Digimon Masters Online Ice Cube Guide by gaomonfan

This is the guide to ice cubes quests /shop/and others
Q: What are ice cubes
A: They are new items that were added to DMO
Q: What is there use?
A: They can be traded for items i the new shop like size changers, fatigue restorers,exp boosters… You also need them for some new quests this quests are fairly easy and give great items/
Q: How do i get ice cubes?
A: You can get them from the event box after you played DMO for an hours
(1st 10mins:red coin,2nd 10 mins: stamp 3d 10mins: 200% 30min exp booster ,4th 30min =event box)
You can also get them from cards and some digimon( i suggest farming at D-terminal B1 or if you have the lvl for D-Terminal B2 gotsus,worms and bears drop like crazy)
Q: How much can i sell them for
A: well ive seen them sell for 15-22m but i think you shouldnt sell them there are a lot of quests and all of them give cash items
Q: Why do i only have two quests (
A: You need to finish a quest to get a new one (not counting the daily quest) for example to get the red leaf quest you need to finish the exp booster quest and to get the green leaf quest you need to finish the 2x exp booster or the red leaf quest

-[Daily Quest] for 12 ice cubes a random box
-1st quest 15 ice cubes for 1 exp booster ( do this one 1st)
-2nd quest 20 ice cubes for 2x exp boosters
-3d quest 25 ice cubes for a miracle fruit ( red leaf) ( in my opinion this one is better than the 2 exp booster one)
-2nd[Daily Quest] for 30 ice cubes 3 200% 30min exp boosters
-4th quest 35 ice cubes for mystery fruit( green leaf)
-5th quest 45 ice cubes for pwnchessW egg ( normal egg ) :
-6th quest 45 ice cubes for pwnchessB egg (again normal egg)
-7th quest 45 ice cubes for kamemon egg (normal egg )
-8th quest 70 ice cubes: 3/5 random cash egg (yellow cash egg)
-3d [Daily quest] for 140 ice cubes 3/5 random cash egg(yellow cash egg)
-9th quest for 325 ice cubes you get a blue cash egg
After you finish the 9th quest you get this achivment

Mr. Pathetic’s shop:
1st item for 3 ice cubes: temporary digi size changer
2nd item for 3 ice cubes also a temporary digi size changer (one shrinks the digi the other makes it grow)
3d item for 5 ice cubes ( i didn’t hear any info on this item so im not sure what it is)
4th item for 8 ice cubes fatigue restorer
5th item for 10 ice cubes 30 min 200% exp booster
If you have any questions il be happy to answer or if you have more information on ice cube quests post a comment and ill add it to the guide
Hope it helped

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