Digimon Masters Online Digimon Location Guide

Digimon Masters Online Digimon Location Guide by V Breath Arrow

After realized that some member keep asking question like: where do i can find Terriermon, Veemon, Starmon, Guardromon, Gomamon, etc. I decided to make this guide that probably will be more useful to newbies (or useless if most of them decided to check guide section) and or someone that coming back from his/her hiatus.

A. Real World

1. Small Forest Park

2. Small Forest Trails

3. Wooden Bench Park

4. Wooden Bench Trail

5. D-Terminal B-1

6. Oil Refinery Zone 1

7. Oil Refinery Zone 2

8. Oil Refinery Zone 3

B. Digital World

I. Ice Zone

1. Snow Village

2. Frozen Ground

3. Snowman Village

4. Warped Data Village

5. Unlimited Ice

II. Desert Zone

1. Western Town

2. Western Town Edge

3. Western Town East

4. Wild Desert

5. Digimon Farm

6. Wind Valley

7. Desolate Ruins

8. Western Town West (Tamer lv 25 area)

9. Wilderness / Dark Tower

10. Labyrinth Ramp (Tamer lv 65 area)

11. Digimon Labyrinth B2

12. Digimon Labyrinth B1F

Will be updated when i have time and bored again, help and advice is greatly welcomed. Might add where exactly a Digimon location in a map someday……
Note: Renamon will randomly appear on these map: Wooden Bench Trails, Small Forest Trails, Western Town until Wild Desert. Kyubimon will appear on Oil Refinery Zone 1-3, Digimon Farm-Wilderness/Dark Tower.

Note3: There are 4 Digimon that you can’t get their egg from killing Digimon, they are:
1. GizmonAT (i know the English (Engrish actually) name is GizumonAT, but i hate misspelling done by dubbers since i just hate stupid misspelling/misstranslation (Breakdramon to Brakedramon came to my mind) and the fact that Gizu ruined the etymology (Giz from Gizmo, what the hell is gizu? maybe a failed attempt from non-japanese people that heard Japanese people spell Kizu (Kiss): it’s an extra Digimon. Eventhough there’s GizmonAT as wild enemy they never drop their eggs. You can only get them from certain events. It doesn’t have Mega form.
2. Tanemon, it’s an extra Digimon. Eventhough there’s Tanemon as wild enemy they never drop their eggs. You can only get them from certain events. It evolve to bigger Tanemon but you don’t need to unlock the whole line with evo items.
3. PawnChessmon(White), there’s no PawnChessmon(W) or any of his line as wild enemy, but you can get their egg from Digicore shop for 10 Digicore per egg (the egg may break).
4. PawnChessmon(Black), the same as PawnChessmon(White).

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7 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    To Partner Up :

    click on the person.

    then on the top part of the screen you will see their picture.

    right – click their picture.

    then click on Partner Invite.

  2. kenny mosher says:

    black chessmon is now able to get and u need to add file island map.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Idk how to make friends with someone
    And how to party with someone
    Do I sound like a noob I started to play yesterday
    Two nice people helped and I'm lvl30 digimon
    Lvl15 tamer my username is chillinflame123 so
    Friend and party with me I'm going to oil refinery .

  4. I have three questions. must be done first in the Japanese version or also in the English version. in which second profile is leviamon, Barbamon, etc.. and third how do I go to the city of antylamons
    Please respond :(

  5. Hey you forgot about Neodevimon..you cant get any impmon eggs from him.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Manque Chrisaldmon, Dracomon et Dorugamon

  7. Anonymous says:

    where can i find lab i am playing digimon masters eng version

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