Digimon Masters Online Deleting Guide

Digimon Masters Online Deleting Guide by Relvamon

Greetings one and all. This will be a lesson of deletion 101, from deleting items to even deleting digimons.

Remember that any deletion of inventory items or digimons should be used as a last resort. This guide should also educate people how not to delete your digimon by mistake in case you are unsure of the options.

Deleting Items from your Inventory

Deleting options from your inventory should not be hard for people to figure out. Simply drag the unwanted item of your choice from the inventory into the open area via holding the left-click button. You will be given two options after which, the left option meaning to accpet the deletion, or the right option to cancel the process. Press the left option and your item will be deleted.


  • Broken eggs are not classfied as junk items and should not be discarded. Head to Mika or Black PawnChessmon to convert these broken eggs for cash. Some items (quest items) cannot be deleted and it is not recommended. Only delete items when you absolutely need free space at that instant (sudden egg drop that you want), otherwise, sell off any unwanted items.
  • The inventory aforementioned is the inventory activated by the “B” button. There is another inventory at the bottom of your screen which is your permanent inventory. Dragging any items or skills out of your permanent inventory will not delete your items, it will only free up space and you still keep your items and skills.

Deleting Digimon

Yes you heard it right. Deleting digimon is possible but not recommended. With a starting storage of 3 space, you may be forced to delete one of your digimon to obtain a new digimon (but its better to plan ahead).

If you are 100% sure of deleting your current partner, press “V” and a pop-up screen will appear (look below). Left or Right-click on the digimon icon that you want to delete (Biyomon is used for this example). Two options below the digimon would then appear. The first option is to switch your back-up digimon to become your main, the second option is to delete your digimon. Note that you cannot delete your original starter.

Once you see the two options as shown in that earlier picture, drag your cursor towards the second option if you want to delete it. Next, two options would eventually appear as seen from the screenshot below. The first option is to agreeing with the deletion of the digimon, whereas the right option is to cancel the deletion process. Press on that left option and say farewell to your once beloved digimon.

Deleting Quests

This may be arguably the most important section of this guide since probably everyone will be bombarded with loads of quests and it is forgivable if you do forget which digimon gave you which quest.

You don’t have to worry about quests. The basic idea of doing so is to backtrack to the original quest giver. You will not gain nor lose any EXP or money by deleting a quest, even a sub-quest of a main quest…you will just start over with that sub-quest.

Firstly, you need to activate the quest page. Do so by pressing on the quest icon (book symbol) or just pressing “L”. Once done, the pop-up screen as shown in the image below should appear. Click on the appropiate heading to expose the specific quest which you are unsure about. You should get a somewhat similar replica of the picture below.

Information about the quest, the EXP and the money that would be awarded should be displayed on that page. To delete and re-do the quest, press the bottom-right icon of that pop-up screen to choose to delete it. Two options would then appear like in the picture below. You should by now know how it goes, left option to agree with the deletion, right option to disagree and cancel the deletion. Press the left option to continue with the deletion.

Woot, now the quest accepting icon has appeared above White PawnChessmon. Now I know the person who gave me that unknown quest and it can provide me with some hints to complete the quest. Because of this, I managed to re-do the quest and actually complete it.

Hopefully, you will be enlightened on how to properly delete certain stuff, and how not to accidently delete stuff you want to keep. Enjoy.

Special credit to “He who must not be named” for providing me with the deletion digimon pictures.

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