Destiny Online Swordman Skills List

Destiny Online Swordman Skills List by mac

Nature’s Sword
A sword skill exclusive to Swordmen.
SkillSkill Level Required(Lvl.1 )Description(Lvl. 1)
Crouching1Physical Attack: +20; Range: 10 grids.
Exquisite11Physical Attack: +20; Weakens a target for 6 sec.
Infinite18Weakens a target for 6 sec; Physical Attack: +30.
Thrilling26Freezes a target for 5 sec; Physical Attack: +30.
Howling35Stuns a Target for 3 sec; Physical Attack: +50
Mighty Manual45Damages 8 Enemies. Physical Attack: +60.
Sky-Penetrating504% Chance to ignore a target’s Physical Defense.
Nature’s Spell
Swordman’s unique skill.
SkillSkill Level Required(Lvl.1 )Description(Lvl. 1)
Clear Stream6Recovers a target’s HP.
Sweeping8Max +30 Physical & Magical Defense youself or a teammate; Duration: 15 Min.
Pilgrim17Dispels a special status imposed on yourself by another player
Tathagata30Avoids death by setting HP to 1, when suffering an lethal attack. Duration: 15 sec.
Sword Enhancer
+1 Physical Attack when equipped with a Sword.
Spell of Defense
Physical Defense: +1
Magic impact
Magic Defense: +1
+3 Max MP
Self Worship
+3 Max HP

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