Destiny Online Skill System Guide

Destiny Online Skill System Guide by mac

Skill System

Class Skill
There are five classes in LGP Online, each with its exclusive skills, some of which can be used to kill monsters, others casts buff on friendly targets. Warriors and Priest both have the unique skills to make appraisal runes to appraise different equipment.

The skills of every single class are sorted into seven Skill Categories as displayed the picture. Some Skill Categories contain several magic skills and some are only to enhance the character’s attributes. For example, there are seven magic skills in the Mage Skill Category of Fire Spell, while Meditation consists of no attacking skill but only a passive skill to increase your MP by 5.
How to learn Class Skills

1, Talk to your Class Mentor in Golden Plume City and click “Learn Skills”.
2. Choose a Skill Category in the Skill interface.
3. Click “Study” in the skill description panel to upgrade your Skill Level of this Skill Category. It will cost you some Silver and earned EXP. When you do not have enough Silver or earned EXP, you can not upgrade your Skill Level.
4. Each of the skills in the Skill Category has a required Skill Level. Once you reach the required Skill Level, you learn the skill automatically, and the skill will be added to your Skill Panel as an available skill for you to use.

Basic Skill
There are three Basic Skills in LGP Online so far.
Set up a Booth: To put your items on sale in a person booth.
Compose: To refine weapons or compose the gem of the same type and level into a higher-leveled one.
Rest: To seat yourself and recover HP and MP.

Life Skill
There are five Life Skill NPCs in Golden Plume City. You can help you craft different equipment and items as long as you provide them with the required materials.

Pharmacist: Potions and Medicals
Tailor: Armor, Boots and Caps
Blacksmith: Weapons
Alchemist: Necklaces and Rings
Engineer: Training Scrolls

Tribal Skill
Once you join a tribe, you might have the opportunity to learn some Tribal Skills developed by the Tribal Research Academy.

1) Leechcraft: +5 Max HP per level.
2) Tao: +5 Max MP Max per level.
3) Fistic Training: Upgrades your ability in bare-handed fighting. +1 Physical Attack per level.
4) Blade Training: Upgrades your blade fighting ability. +1 Physical Attack per level.
5) Sword Training: Upgrades your sword fighting ability. +1 Magic Attack
per level.

6) Escrime Training: Upgrades your sword fighting ability. +1 Physical Attack per level.
7): Staff Mastery: Upgrades your staff fighting ability. +1 Magic Attack per level.
8) Fitness: +1% Max HP Max per level.
9): Meditation: +1% Max MP per level.
10) Defense Spell: +1 Physical Defense per level.
11): Magic Resistance: +1 Magic Defense per level.
12) Upgrade Hit: +1% Hit per level.
13) Upgrade Dodge: +1% Dodge per level
Couple Skill
LGP Online provides three Couple Skills for players who virtually get married via the Marriage System.
Telesthesia: teleports your spouse to you instantly.
Eternal Love: transfers all the damage your spouse receives to you for an hour when you two are in a team.
Love Gift: increases you and your spouse’s PA and MA by 10% for an hour when you two are in a team.

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