Destiny Online Setting up a Tribe Guide

Destiny Online Setting up a Tribe Guide by mac

Setting up a Tribe: First Great Challenge

When you reach level 40, you have met the first requirement to set up a Tribe in LGP Online, but wait a second, is it really so easy to set up a Tribe?
Step 1

Find the Tribe Manager in Golden Plume City to setup a tribe.
He will ask you to pay him 100,000 Silver and a Courage Badge.

Step 2

What the heck is a Courage Badge? The Tribe Manager will tell you that it is an item dropped by the Great Joss in Death Valley. If you defeat this World Boss, there is a chance that you might get the Courage Badge. The Great Joss is most likely located near the Quicksand Castle in the Death Valley.

Step 3

To find the Great Joss, you might wish to learn the skill of Scouting. You can learn Scouting at Detective Don (“Sheriff” under FindNPC function. This is currently a typo and will be fixed soon). Once you learn Scouting, you can easily locate the Great Joss.

Step 4

Now it is time to defeat the Great Joss. This is the first World Boss in game, and you might need some help from your friends and future followers.

So you see it is not so easy to set up a Tribe. What are you waiting for? The challenge awaits you, and if you can complete this mission, you will be the true hero in the world of LGP Online.
Basic Information of Great Joss:
Boss Level: 55
Location: Quicksand Castle of Death Valley
Max HP: 1200000
PA: 1300
PD: 500
MA: 1300
MD: 500
Dodge: 15
Hit: 30
Movement Speed: 5
Attack Speed: 15
Spawn Rate: 3 hours.
Rewards for Killing Great Joss:
1. Exp: 80000 (Distributed among team members)
2. Items Dropped:
Guaranteed Drops

Level 50 or 60 Blue Equipment, Random Class3
Treasure Map Fragments3
Random Living Skill Materials30
Random Level 50 or 60 Green Equipment4
Random Type of
Level 1 Gems


Probable Drops;

Level 60 Random Class Blue Equipment2
Level 50 or 60 Random Class Golden Equipment1
Level 50 or 60 Random Class Purple Equipment1
Courage Badge1
Random Level 1 Gem4
Golden Training Scroll4

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