Destiny Online Player’s Tips

Destiny Online Player’s Tips by mac

F5 = Attack
F6 = Sit down
F7 = Cast a spell
F8 = Lie down

If you are new in the game, be sure to complete the New Comer Quests 1-10 before you start to explore the fantasy world.

Press Q to bring up the Quest Panel, and you can simply click on an NPC or a monster’s name to auto navigate.

Press Alt & Enter keys together to switch between full screen and window mode;

Press Space Bar to pick up all the items near you;

Right click a target to lock; left click to attack, or press one of the functional hotkeys to attack using a skill.

Use the “find NPC” function located at upper right corner of game window to find an NPC easily;

Press F6 to take a rest and recover your HP and MP;

Always team to battle, and you can get lots of extra EXP, and share the quest goals with your teammates.

When you get to level 10, you need to start manually leveling up by pressing the lvl up button in your Hero Panel.

There is a Bamboo Doll in Golden Plume City. You can answer his 10 questions each day to get some EXP. It’s a very easy way to earn extra EXP. So, be sure to take a quick stop every day.

After you reach Lvl 10, you can go to your class mentor and take the Class Quest.

In LGP, to learn a new skill needs EXP. So, if you want a new skill, every time before you level up, make sure you have enough EXP left for new skill studying.

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