Destiny Online Pet Guide

Destiny Online Pet Guide by Kimano

This guide is written so as to help the lower levels level fast. I wouldn’t say everyone should follow or use what I have written in this guide, but this has been written based from my experience so far in game. If you are unable to understand what I am trying to convey feel free to contact me in game.



Why a pet guide? This is because you should never underestimate the power of pets in LGP online! Don’t think that they are just cute little things u can capture for the fun of it; they have much better potential than what you intepret as.

1) What are pets and how to get one?

If you’re a new player, they are monsters that you accompany with to level up. You will require a fairy rope, which can be bought from grocery in town or class mentor aides. Right click on the monster and use the fairy rope. There are 2 types of pets you can capture. The normal white named monster or babes.

White named monsters are usually caught with the level on it. People associated them as adults pet, fully-grown and ready to summon. Babes are well, baby pets and they start off at level 0 when they are captured. You must be wondering why capturing a babe is better? This is so that babe would start off at initial level of 0, and the stats are so called “resetted” to the extent you can raise its stats with your desired intention. Unfortunately, you need to retrain them from scratch.

Monsters that can’t be captured include:
1.        Monsters of a higher level group than you
2.        Elites (appears on maps level 25+)
3.        Mini/World bosses (Great Jose)
4.        Pioneer Squad Monsters
5.        Quest monsters

2) Pet Stats and skills

Similar to players, pets gets the same stat points every level, +1 to all stats and 4 remaining points for you to distribute as you wish. However not all pets are the same. Randomly captured white named pets and babes have totally randomly generated stats, so to capture the pet of intended stat in your mind would actually take a lot of fairy ropes and luck.

Pet skills are skills that the pets can use. They may be passive or require activation. Example of passive skill: Cleave which gives +10% physical attack permanently
Example of activation skill: Water Spell that does a magic attack consuming MP.
Further details of pet skills can be obtained from the pet skills guide mac posted:
Destiny Online Pet Skills List

3) How to determine if a pet is good?

This must be the question every new player wants to know. You have to check the pet’s potential in the stat area. Clicking on Aptitude can reveal this. There are 8 different attributes displayed in Aptitude Panel:

1.        Attack AP: Related to Strength. The higher the Attack AP, the more strength increases Physical Attack/PA.
2.        Defence AP: Related to Stamina. The higher the Defence AP, the more stamina increases Physical Defence/PD.
3.        Health AP: Related to Vit. The higher the Health AP, the more vit increases Health Points/HP.
4.        Critical Hit: The chance of the pet doing critical damage.
5.        MP AP: Related to Intelligence and Spirit. The higher the MP AP, the more intelligence and spirit increase Magic Point/MP.
6.        MD AP: Related to Spirit. The higher the MD AP, the more spirit increases Magic Defence/MD.
7.        MA AP: Related to Intelligence. The higher the MA AP, the more intelligence increases Magic Attack/MA.
8.        Lifespan: How much longer the pet has to live. This can be replenished by buying Red Fruits from grocery or mentor aides at 480 silver each for 500 life span.

To put it simply, the higher the numbers in the different attributes, the more powerful the pet is.

4) Why capture a different pet and not use a level 1 bobi all the way?

Pet’s AP potential changes and scales as they are higher leveled.

Monster Level                Pet Attack AP
1 – 29                  400 – 600+
30 – 39                  up to 700+
40 – 54                  up to 1000+
55 – 69                  up to 1100+
70+                  up to 1300+

These are probably the level group of pets you would want to change. As you can see, my main focus is only on attack AP as this is all that matters to me. Depending on how you want your pet to be, take note of the pet AP in their individual attributes.

Giving an example to illustrate this:
Pet A has 100 attack AP with 300 strength, has 300 PA
Pet B has 500 attack AP with 300 strength, has 700 PA
Pet C has 1000 attack AP with 300 strength, has 1000 PA

It works the same way for every other AP attribute. With the same stat of a pet 300 strength, the PA of pets A to C differ due to the different Attack AP.

5) How can I use Pets effectively?

Pets can be used as a training assist if built effectively. This is so because their damage rating is more than a player if they have the high ended attack AP as shown above and has full strength. It is tough to capture a full strength pet with the highest Attack AP but it is possible and worth the effort. If you ever catch one, put it on attack mode, walk around and watch your experience rack up.

There is a simple calculation you can do to check if a pet is 100% strength or close to it. All adult pets when captured start of with basic 10 stat points each. For example a level 50 pet would have 50 stat points in each stat and an additional 200 points to be added. This means a full strength level 50 pet would have 60 points in every stat and 260 strength. If you can catch a pet close to this stat with high Attack AP, it would already be considered a good pet.

Babes with high attack AP and if made full strength since level 0 would turn out to be great training assists too. However they usually are a waste of time to train up; for example u catch a level 60 babe and intend to train it up. The effort and time you put into training it back up to 60 might be wasted since you could be changing pets again. The quality of pets increases as you level higher and you will probably change.

Try what I have said and hopefully it can help you train faster. There may be better methods to using them but all these are based on my personal preference and experience. Happy Training!

Some Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Why does my pet do so low damage even if it is full strength?
A: Have you fed your pet? Stats changes depending on loyalty. They are strongest between 91 to 100 loyalty.

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