Destiny Online Pet Attributes Guide

Destiny Online Pet Attributes Guide by mac

Everybody wants a pet with high physical or magic attack and magnificent skills, but a frequently asked question is “how on earth does pet aptitude work?” Today let’s unveil the attribute system of these cuties.

Different from a character’s, a pet’s fight ability is not only defined by basic attributes such as Vitality, Spirit and Intelligence, but by its type and aptitudes as well. These 3 factors are independent of one another, and together they define the overall fighting attributes such as PA, PD, MA, MD, etc.

1. Types of Pet
There are five kinds of pet in the Game: Human, Animal, Specter, the Dead and Others
The type of a pet affects the growth of its fighting ability as follows:



HP Growth


MP Growth


PA Growth


PD Growth


MA Growth


MD Growth


The DeadFastestFastestFastestSlowestFastestFastest

List of Pet Types

Ugly Duckling1AnimalZombie75Human
BoBo1SpecterBlue Crab75Animal
Bobi5SpecterDemon Man80Human
Grey Mouse5AnimalDeity Pen80Specter
Rain Elf10The DeadEnchanted Ghost85The Dead
Sunny Elf15The DeadFortune Kitty90Animal
Parrot15AnimalSky Eagle90Animal
Rolling Chick20AnimalWhite Polar Bear95Animal
Wild Calf20AnimalReindeer95Animal
Grassland Guard25HumanMagic Fish100Specter
Guard Captain25HumanHappy Frog100Animal
Onion Head30SpecterTreant105Specter
Vivid Flower30SpecterPhoenix105Animal
Blue Rabbit35AnimalSkeleton Soldier110Human
Heart Flower35SpecterEvil Mantis110Animal
Mystic Chest40OthersCrown Bird115Animal
Scarecrow40OthersGolden Statue115Human
Mini Turtle45AnimalFire Bird120Animal
Colored Turtle45AnimalSpider Bull120Specter
Tomb Ape50AnimalWraith Bat125Animal
Charming Bee50AnimalDemon Dragon125Animal
Soul Bird55AnimalHeadless Swordman130The Dead
Swift Dragon55AnimalSkeleton General130Human
Unicorn60SpecterIron Spider135Animal
Yellow Stoneman60HumanSword Guardian135The Dead
Wild Bull65AnimalNightingale140Animal
Blue Stoneman65HumanJade Fairy140Human
Bloody Wolf70AnimalTornado Horse145Animal
Wind Bhime Bird70AnimalAncient Giant145Human

2. Aptitude
Every pet has six kinds of aptitude.

Attack Aptitude: affects the growth of a pet’s Physical Attack
Defense Aptitude: affects the growth of a pet’s Physical Defense
Health Aptitude: affects the growth of a pet’s HP
MP Aptitude: affects the growth of a pet’s MP
MD Aptitude: affects the growth of a pet’s Magic Defense
MA Aptitude: affects the growth of a pet’s Magic Attack
Critical Hit Aptitude: affects odds of a pet’s Critical Hit
Lifespan: A pet with low lifespan will not join the battle.

3. Basic Attributes
This part is almost the same with a character’s attributes.

Vitality: affect Max HP
Spirit: affects Max MP and Magic Define.
Intelligence: affects Max MP and Magic Attack
Strength: affects Physical Attack
Stamina: affects Physical Defense

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