Dawn of the Dragons Legions Guide

Dawn of the Dragons Legions Guide by Stewie Doo

So, you’re getting tougher, and slapping around all the creatures in the quest just isn’t giving you the same satisfaction that it once did?

Well, dont be dismayed, the answer to your problems is Raiding, where a whole new world of ways to die and use up your stamina awaits!

Meanwhile, the Devs, being the generous folk that they are, have seen fit to give you Legions, consider these the equivalent of a private army, yours to control, ready to do anything you ask of them (Dishes and housework are future features).

So, how do Legions work, I hear you say (either that or the voices have started again).

Well, your first step is to press the Legions button on the game menu. this will bring up the Legions Screen as follows.

(1) Legion List: A list of all the Legions you currently own are shown across this bar, if you have more than 5 Legions, you can use the arrow keys on the right to scroll down to see the others. The Legion that you currently have selected has a pale blue border around it.

By having a Legion selected across this bar, you are making it your active Legion, and it will be the one used in raids. You can also edit your active Legion at this point. Hovering over the Legion names will give you a description of the Legion and any limitations in unit types that can be used in them (more about this later).

(2)Legion Generals: The Generals that you have selected to be in this Legion appear in this area, by hovering over their image, you can see what their stats and bonuses are.

(3)Legion Troops: The Troops that you have selected to be in this Legion appear in this area, by hovering over their image, you can see what their stats are.

(4)Generals Pool: You will find all your available generals here, you can use the up and down arrows to scroll through them, or the diagonal arrow to expand the list. Any General that is already in the selected Legion is shown in monochrome.

(5)Legion Information: Here you will find a detailed explanation of the General and Troop restrictions imposed by the selected Legion (more about this later).

(6)Troops Pool: You will find all your available troops here, you can use the up and down arrows to scroll through them. Any Troops who’s numbers are fully used in the selected Legion are shown in monochrome.

(7)Unit Type Legend: All Generals and Troops have grouped have a Race, Role and Attribute assigned to them. Here you can see a Legend of the different types for quick reference.

(8)Save: Once you have made your modifications to your selected Legion, you need to press save to store your selection.

Creating a Legion
Once you have selected a Legion, you are ready to start populating it with Generals and Troops. The first thing you should take note of is if there are any Type restrictions on the Legion you are defining, as this will determine which General(s) or Troops you can use in it.

For example, March allows you to use 1 General of Any type, and 2 Troops of Any type, however, Phalanx allows 3 Generals, and 10 Troops but they must all be Human Race and Shield Wall allows 2 Generals and 9 Troops, but they must all be of Tank Role.

The limitations on unit types are displayed as small icons if they exist for a particular Legion.

To include your General and Troops in your Legion, simply drag them from your Pools to the empty boxes in the Legion area, and providing there are no restrictions they will move in to the Legion.

If you select a unit that cannot be used in the Legion a notification screen will appear saying ‘Invalid Role’

Once you are happy with your Legion, press the Save button to store it, and make sure that you have selected the Legion that you want to have active.

Things to Remember
Although you can only add the number of Troops you have into your Legion, as you can only use one Legion at a time, you can actually re-use troops across several Legions. So, if you only have 2 Farm Hands (apart from being owned in PvP) you can set them in the March Legion, and also in the March II Legion. The Same is true for Generals.
Generals are unique, you cannot own or use more than one of each in a particular Legion.
Mounts are not used in Legions.

I hope you find this guide useful, and comments and questions are welcomed.

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