Conquer Online Tower and Fan Quest Guide

Conquer Online Tower and Fan Quest Guide by Jiez

Well i made this for my own forum, thought i’ll share it. Hope it helps. =)

To finish this quest you gotta do the tower quest first. I’ll go through these in steps.

PS: Get at least 2 of each city’s scroll in your inventory to finish this quest fast, top it up everytime you use one.

Defense Talisman – Elite Star Tower:-

Side note: First Map for BI words abit blury. Sorry Top one says: Teleport Platform, and the below one says: Jade Courtesan. (Fan Quest tho.)

  • 1. Talk to Sugar Tang ( She is in Bird Island’s City, near to Left Gate jump towards the north. )
  • 2. Talk to Yang Yun ( He’s in city, near the portal to HawKings. )
  • 3. Go to BI second island, then jump towards your left along the river side, you will see a portal, jump in. Then you will arrive on a plot of small landscape, jump into the portal again.
  • 4. Get a fishing net from the Net Peddler, jump towards the left somewhere at ( 170, 191 ), then right click on your fishing net, 3 mobs will appear, kill them and you should get some fishes in your inventory (You need 3 fishes to exchange for quest item).
  • 5. Talk to Ye Sheng ( On the same island ), he will give you a Iron Poise. On right side of the island you will see 3 water tele alike thing there, click it and use that Iron Poise to open all 3 doors, then jump into any of the portal (the white colour thing) you will arrive at the Hut.
  • 6. Talk to Ruan Brother, he will ask u to bring him a Shawn’s spear. Just click the npc beside him he will bring you to BI again.
  • 7. Go to first island hawkings, jump towards your left ( Bottom left corner of the square landscape ). Wait for the Bloody Shawn (Look like Alien Serpent) to spawn. Kill it to get the Shawn’s spear. It is like 10-20mins for each spawn so if there is a lot of people you need to keep waiting for your chance.
  • 8. After you get the Shawn’s Spear ( Grats! :lol: ) Go back to Hut and look for Ruan Brother. He will then give you a Second Tower Splinter. Then tele yourself to Desert City.
  • 9. Talk to Plum ( She is in Desert City, once you scroll there, jump toward’s north east of your map, the walkway inbetween the wh and pharmacist. )
  • 10. Use the Conductress in Desert City, go to Mystic Castle ( Do not go into the castle ), then jump towards your right till you see some funny bats alike mobs known as Desert Condor. Kill about 20 of them then a Caprice Leader ( Look like snakeman ) will appear, kill it you will get a Handkerchief.
  • 11. Scroll to BI again, then look for Yang Yun. He will port you to a room, kill the rats there till a message appear. Then click the water tele there you will be inside Mystic Castle with a quest item call Weird Invocation.
  • 12. At the entrance to Mystic Castle you will see Ghoul Kong. Talk to him he will bring you into the Dungeon.
  • 13.First Floor Dungeon:

    Kill Mausoleum Generals. Got 2 different one, each of them will drop a weapon depending on your luck. Just keep killing and killing till a weapon drop. After you get 2 different quest weapons. Jump into the white color tele you can go to the next floor.

    Second Floor Dungeon:

    Same thing. Kill 2 different Mausoleum General till 2 weapon drop again.

    By the end of 2nd floor you should have these weapons:

    Glitter Sword, Annatto Blade, Wasp Spear and Infernal Axe.Third Floor Dungeon:

    Kill everything you see there till Yang Feng appear. Kill him you will get Three Tower Splinters. Edit: If you need to repot, do not melt your weapons using the Cauldron first because you will need those weapons to travel to 3rd floor dungeon again. Click on the Cauldron then change your 4 quest weapon into some shit. And then click on it again then select *Restore the Tower*.

  • 14. Scroll back to BI talk to Sugar Tang and she will give you a Elite Tower!


Attack Talisman – Super Heaven Fan:-

  • 1. Talk to Sugar Tang, and get the Jadeite from her.
  • 2. Scroll to PC then go look for a npc call Villager Chou. ( He is @788,458, from City jump all the way to the right, its somewhere below the Eastern part of the map. )Note: There is a water spacemark

    @734,456. If you planning to do quest on your other character should get some scrolls to there because you need to come back here twice throughout the quest.

  • 3. Scroll back to PC, abit below from where you ended up at there is a npc call Wine Kiddo, buy a bottle of wine from him, then go to near pc cave and kill winged snakes, collect 5 Snake Meat then head back to find Villager Chou and need to wait 2minutes for him to finish his food :lol:. Then he will give you a Tang Silk
  • 4. Scroll back to BI, talk to Sugar Tang. Then scroll to DC and talk to Kunlun Wanderer. He will then send you to the Viper Cave.
  • 5. Kill the vipers inside to get the Poison Fang. The Brigands will appear when you kill enough vipers, eliminate them too to get the Bee Kettle. The Bee Kettle is a teleport device, to be able to use it, you need to kill all the Brigands inside.
  • 6. When you are done you will be scrolled to somewhere in Desert, scroll to DC and talk to Kunlun Wanderer and he will give you Kunlun Liquid, right click and combine it with the Posion Fang to get Sacred Water. Right click on it again to combine it with the Tang Silk, and you will get the Poem Silk. Scroll back to BI again to look for Sugar Tang.
  • 7. After you talk to Sugar Tang, scroll back to PC and look for Villager Chou. A Crimson Claw will appear when you talk to him, kill it then talk to Villager Chou again and he will give you Incense to be burn by the Swan Lake and a Hairpin.
  • 8. Proceed to Swan Lake ( Refer to map, 471, 844 ). When you are in, look for coordinate 55, 109 and right click on your Incense on that coord exactly. Herbalist Chou will appear in ghost form, talk to him and Crimson Viper will appear, kill the green one to get the Purple Eye, i don’t think need kill that guard unless you dont get this quest item.
  • 9. Scroll back to BI, look for Jade Courtesan at these coords ( 733,776 / 803,884 / 797,513 / 703,653 ) I marked only one of that npc on the BI map, because it is always there when i did the quest with my other characters, if its not, try look for it under coords given. The npc will turn into a monster, kill it and you will get the Jade Scepter.By this step you should have these quest items in your inventory:

    Purple Eye, Jade Scepter, Jadeite and Hairpin.

  • 10. Proceed to the Teleport Platform ( 655, 693 ) where you will see 4 pillars. Put in the right quest items you have to open each pillar. After you are done, cilck the Teleport Platform and you will reach a room with 3 Treasure Boxes. Randomly open to get the Heaven Fan. Take note if you open a wrong box, mobs will appear and you have to kill them before you can open the right one.
  • 11. When you get the Heaven Fan, talk to Mr. Lonliness and he will give you a Poem Book. Bring it to Sugar Tang and you will get your Super Heaven Fan!


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