Conquer Online TG Guide

Conquer Online TG Guide by Zhang

I dont claim to be a master of this game, there is much i dont know. However, i do feel that there is alot that i DO know. One thing in particular that i have noticed alot lately, is that people have no clue what the heck theyre doing in TG. I cant help but laugh at every foolish trojan that jumps up and starts doing spirit healing in tg.

For the most part, it is fairly simplistic how tg works, but many dont know how to optimize its use. There is more to it than clicking on a post and going afk (or a crow perhaps)So simply put, i decided to write this guide in order to lump all of the tips i can think of into a single place. Some are more commonly known than others, however even the simplest bits can be very helpful to some of the more inexperianced/uninformed players. So without further procrastination, let us begin.

(quick note, i will be using diagrams to illustrate placement throught this guide. the letter “c” = scarecrow, the letter “S”= stake, and letter “V, ^, < and >”= represent you, as well as the direction you should face “x” represents you when direction does not matter.)

Now everyone should know this, but i think it best to outline this before i begin. TG is accessed, by talking to the boxer npc in each city. In tc, he is left and up from the warehouseman, located right beside the guild conductor. In PC, he is in the middle of the path between the pharmacist and the conductress/warehouseman. In AC, he is off to the left, after descending the stairs that lead to the pharmacist and warehouseman. In DC, he is right beside the warehouseman in the left side of town. In BI, he is right up from where you warp in, down and to the left of warehouseman.

Talk to him, and he will allow you access into tg. If your guild won guild war last, you will be allowed in for free, all others must pay 1 000 silver. Once you are inside, you must talk to the boxer inside to be warped back out. Alternatively, if you log out for whatever reason, intentionally or elsewise, you will log back in, in the town you went to tg from.

The setup is fairly simplistic. Boxer is in more or less the exact middle of the tg. To his left are stakes/crows ending in a zero (ie.20,30,40 etc) and to his right are stakes and crows ending in a 5 (ie. 25,45,85). These range from lvl 20 to lvl125. The simplest use, is to click on a stake to attack it with your melee. Useful for getting up weapon proficiency, and if you attack one of the appopriate lvl a bit of exp as well. When using a magic spell requiring a target, such as thunder, you must select it and right click on a scarecrow. This does the same, in that it gets a bit of spell prof, and exp if you are at the correct lvl crow. However as i said earlyer, this is the most basic of uses. All in all, i have heard that hitting a lower lvl stake will get more weapon prof (not true for spell prof), while i havent tested this myself, i always prefer to get a tad of exp as well anyways.

Overall Melee tips
You can make due with just pounding a stake, but there is so much more you can do. For example, if you happen to have a water taoist, you can have them cast stigma on the one meleeing the stake. This will increase your damage, in turn increasing exp and weapon prof. Additionally, it will lvl their stig if it is not already fixed. Usually, attacking a stake in this manner is used for weapon prof only, as there are better methods to get exp.

One such method, is through the use of scentsword/fastblade. SS and FB, while being physical skills, can be used on crows. This means, that as crows have no physical defense, you will be doing full damage, instead of the lessend dmg you would do to a stake. This can result in alot of exp. Additionally, once ss/fb reaches a prof lvl of 3 or more, you will be able to hit 2 crows, doubling the already higher exp you will get. To do this, position yourself directly beside a crow, and aim your ss/fb directly horizontal. It may help to turn on simple shadows. Line up the shadow of your char so it is in a direct line with the 2 crows you intend to hit, then right click directly beside the shadow of one of the stakes. It is as follows:
C >C C
(also, you can still hit both crows if you stand one step away from the crow closest to you. C> C C)

Another method, which results in both better exp than normal (though less than using ss/fb) as well as still get weapon prof, is to hit 2 stakes with your weapon skill. This is simple with a 2h weapon. For a wand, stand in the middle of 2 stakes and simply attack one, if you stay in the middle of them, your snow will hit both (S < S or s > S) For other 2hs such as spear, poleaxe, etc, set yourself up in the same way as you would for ss/fb, only at stakes. Stand directly horizontal to a stake and click it, and your skill will hit that stakes, as well as the next one over (S >S S or S S< S)

If you are using a club, it is a bit more complicated. What you must do, is take a 2h weapon with you into tg. Normally, attacking a stake will make you move right up to it if using a 1h weapon. However,were you to stand in the middle of 2 stakes and attack as if you had a wand on, your rage would hit 2 stakes, just as snow would. Therefore, what you must do is equip the 2h weapon, stand in the middle of 2 stakes, and attack. After making sure you are still standing in the middle, switch on your normal equipment and voila, raging 2 stakes
(S < S or S > S)

Last for this section, involves a glitch. If you happen to be in posession of the xp skills water elf, or even better, night devil, you can increase your attack speed. Simply transform into the disguise, and attack your target. After coming out of the transformation, you will maintain the increased attack speed. Using this in combination with the method mentioned above, of attacking 2 stakes is, if i am not mistaken, the fastest way to get exp with a melee charachter (note, that if you are using a club,you need not worry about a 2h if you are doing this. Waterelf and night devil can both attack from the middle of 2 stakes).

Lvling Skills
This part refers to SKILLS, not magic. TG is a good place for some skills, but horrible for others. Generally skills you will want to lvl in tg, are those that require stamina, such as divine hare, fastblade, rapidfire, etc. Some skills that do NOT work,include meditation and spirit healing. This is because these require you to actually heal hp/mp to gain prof, and as you cannot lose hp/mp in tg, it will eventually run out of hp/mp to heal. Also, for the most part passive skills do not lvl particularly well in tg. Especially in the case of slow lvling skills normally, such as phoenix and penetration. Each skill will be outlined more in depth later on.

Trojans do not posess a large amount of abilities, other than their innate ability to wield 2 weapons, and the skills from those weapoins they hold. Generally you will want to use wither the ss/fb or 2 stake rage methods outlined above.

A small tip however, when using ss/fb, be sure to maximize attack power. This may seem obvious, but remember, it doesnt matter what else your weapons can do while usiong ss/fb. You may normally use 2 swords, but if you happen to have a scepter you can use lying arund with more atk power than your swords, throw that in your right hand.

One use trojans do get out of TG however, is an easy way to lvl herculese. Simply equip 2 weapons, position yourself properly and right click. You will want to use it on crows, for the same reason you would ss/fb (outlined above), basically beause it does more dmg that way. Herc also is a decent way for a trojan to get exp in tg. If you happn to be set on using 2 dagger for example, it would be the best way. Positioning varies depending on the lvl herc you have/ For lvl 1-3 herc, in the middle of 2 crows is where you stand (C x C) however if you have fixed(lvl 4) herc, you will want to stand right infront of a crow, almost right ontop of it. You want to be square with it horizontally, and as close to the crow as you can get vertically, as is illustrated:

C   C   C

Other than that, only skills they get are accuracy robot and cyclone. Accuracy will do nothing for you, robot cannot be lvld in tg, and in fact you should avoid using it, and cyclone will most often do nothing for you in tg (unless you happen to be hitting a stake in the standard way, meaning not raging 2 stakes). In laymans terms, their xp skills do nothing in tg.

Basically, there is nothing to say here other than look at the melee tips section x.x. The only skill i can think of worth mentioning is Flying moon, i dont know if it lvls in tg at all or not, but even if it did it wouldnt be worth your time, it lvls in like 2 uses outside of tg anyways x.x

Water taoist
Ah the water. Posessor of the most skills of any class, and one whom can make great use of tg. It is THE place to lvl DH. Do not even bother lvling it anywhere else, as tg is out and out faster, end of story. Their average spells, such as stigma, star of accuracy and invisibility can be lvld by casting on themselves or someone else. Though usually not neccessary (they lvl fast enough as it is outside tg) it can be useful.

Cure, healing rain, nectar and adv cure, can be lvld in here by casting on a crow which is taking damage. Ideally you would want to cast on one that is taking more dmg than you are healing. Unless it is a crow being dmg by your own char however, you can never tell when the one doing the dmg will be leaving. In the
end, in my experiance i have found it better to lvl these spells outside tg anyways.

magic shield CANNOT be lvld in tg, and really most dont bother to lvl it at all anyways. Only reason to use in tg, is to cast on someone being stigged. This wil stop the stigging, leaving the person without their precious attack boost. Good for enemies Also note, as said above, meditation cannot be lvld in tg either.

The attack spells thunder and fire can be lvld in tg, and indeed are the standard function of tg for a water. However, past a certain point, say lvl 60 you will not dream of using either in tg again. The prof you get is minimal, and the exp is horrendous. What you should do, is grab an attack ring and a lvl 10 sword. Get your sword (SWORD, NOT BACKSWORD) proficiency up to lvl 5, and learn scentsword. Then, keep the ring on and switch back to your backsword, and use scentsword on crows as described in the melee tips section. Though the exp will be less than a trojan or warrior doing the same, it will be a good deal more than you would get from using fire, especially if you are hitting 2 crows. And that about wraps it up O.o

fire taoist
fire taos, are on average some of the most incompetant tgers i have ever seen. But i will get to that later. thunder, meditation, fire and cure spells work in the same manner as they do for waters, mentioned in the above section. Tornado also works in the same manner as thunder in fire. However, as nado is so slow lvling, some people (myself included) like to tg it anyways while lvling it, just to speed up the process as much as possible (note the exp from this is indeed horrendous, as is the prof really. It just needs all the help it cna get :/)

Next up is fire ring, and its sister spell, bomb. Both of these lvl up quite easily outside of tg. Though they lvl fairly fast IN tg as well, your time would be better spent in other ways, simply because they lvl SO fast outside of tg. Firemet can lvl pretty fast in tg. I myself only have lvl 1 firemet, so i cant say too much here, but if you are indeed planning on lvling it for pvp uses, tg is a good source of prof, especially if the miss rate infuriates you as much as it does me. Especially useful for the early lvls of firemet, i would assume.

And this leads us to the meat and bones of fire tging, firecircle and fire of hell. Firecircle is a great source of exp in tg, from the moment you get it. Too often though, i see imbaciles using it wrongly.
The first and foremost thing to know, is that hitting as many stakes as you can is good. Scarecrows are good too, but stakes have no mdef, and therefore give more exp. Placement for each lvl is as follows:

lvl 0 should hit 4 stakes, by standing in the middle of 2 stakes, ensuring you have 2 to hit on each side

C   C   C   C

S   S X S   S

lvl 1 should hit 3 stakes and 3 crows, by standing exactly in the middle of your 6 targets, both horizontally and vertically.

C   C   C


S   S   S

lvl 2 should hit 4 stakes and 2 crows, by standing in the very middle of the 6 targets

C   C   C   C


S   S   S   S

lvl 3(fixed) should hit 5 stakes and 3 crows, by using the same placement as lvl2, except moving down a few steps

C   C   C   C   C

S   S   S   S   S

The one thing most fires do NOT realize though, is that once their fire of hell reaches lvl 2 proficiency, they can use it to get more exp than even fixed fire circle gives. This however requires a second charachter, an alt or willing friend. Have this friend stand as close to a stake as they possibly can, right on it if they can, and use them as your target fro FoH. By targetting this person, you will hit 3 stakes with FoH, and because of the faster attack speed compared to firecircle get more exp.

Having a fire main char myself, i cannot stress enough the value of this FoH Ctrick. Some raw stats: at lvl 112 i am getting 0.48% exp an hour from FoH, wheras fc give 0.36% an hour, about a 33% increase.

I suppose to be fair, i must include archer, Really, they are my least favorite class, and i know little about them, but anyways here goes.

Attacking a single stake (be sure to use normal arrows, special ones give no prof) is a very useful way to get bow prof up, as normally you would be using scatter most of the time outside of tg. Intensify cannot be lvld in tg, rapidfire can (best place to lvl rapidfire is in tg). The thing to know however, is that scatter is an amazing source of exp in tg.

I have now done a bit of experimenting with archers, as i have started a new one on kingjus server and i am tging it up. I have found that for almost every level of scatter, the placement is actually almost exactly the same. (note that targeting a stake/crow is the same for an archer, as they do the same dmg to both)
eg: Elementary Scatter

C   C   C V C   C   C

This should hit 3 on either side of you, for a total of 6 targets.

It seems that placement for lvl 1 and beyond scatter is the same, though i have not tested them all out yet. It is exactly the same as elementary, only you move 1 step towrds the middle. Level one should hit the same 6 stakes on either side of you, but should also hit the 2 directly across from you. As for lvl 2-fixed i dont know yet how many they hit.

C   C   C   C   C   C

S   S   S ^ S   S   S

phew, well that was alot of typing x.x
hopefully i dont look a fool for posting a guide when one exists already x.x
at any rate, i hope that none of this was too confusing, and that it was helpful. If anyone has anything to add, or questions/comments id be glad to hear them

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