Conquer Online Skypass Quest Guide

Conquer Online Skypass Quest Guide by Flames

Ok, well alot of people have asked about this recently so i thought i’d write my own guide on it, any extra information, pointing out things i’ve got wrong, missed out etc, and spelling is all welcome

What is Skypass?
Skypass is a Quest where you make your way though 5 levels to gain a prize of meteors or money at the end
How do i get to Skypass?
In the very Top-left corner of the Apecity map there is a warp portal to skycity, follow the path up skycity to almost the top(155,166) and speak with NPC Daniel
When should i do Skypass?
Skypass can be done at around level 70 and upwards
What defence do i need to do Skypass?
There is no fixed defence for Skypass. The higher level guardians send you to powerfuler monsters, and as you move up the Skypass levels they’ll also increase in power. There is also no fixed Stats for the Skypass monster so their attack strengh Vairys from monster to monster in a spawn at a time. They are also Quest monster so NO damage is amplified by level difference.
What do the monsters in Skypass Drop?
All monsters in Skypass drop: PassToken*, RefreshingPill, Vanilla, Sycee, Gold, GoldBar, GoldBars Meteor, Dragonball
What Happens if i D/C?
You will be sent to ApeCity. Be careful to make sure you’ve finished attacking when warping between stages as this will often D/C you.
Is this a fast way of getting meteors?
This Quest varies alot with speed and luck, the fastest i’ve sone it was 30seconds, and it’s once taken me 2 hours. You can get stuck in one Level for an hour, then pass stright though all the others

Skypass Walkthough.

The Guardian Stage
First you have to Speak with the Guardian of you level. If you go though to the next level repeat If you get sent to the battle Stage goto When your on the last level goto

| Skypass Level 5 | Lev 110+ | Level 100+ | Lev 90-110 | Lev 80-100 | Lev – 90 |
| Skypass Level 4 | Lev 110+ | Lev 80-100 | Level – 90 | Lev 90-110 | Lev 100+ |
| Skypass Level 3 | Lev 100+ | Level 110+ | Lev 90-110 | Lev 80-100 | Lev – 90 |
| Skypass Level 2 | Lev – 90 | Lev 80-100 | Lev 90-110 | Level 100+ | Lev 110+ |
| Skypass Level 1 | Lev – 90 | Lev 80-100 | Lev 90-110 | Level 100+ | Lev 110+ |

The battle Stage
The battle Stage is a small Platform with a Spawn of 2-5 monsters on it. You have to kill These monsters till they drop a PassToken*, once you have a PassToken speak with the StageGuard and he’ll teleport you back to the Guardian Stage you were at befor entering. Goto

The Final battle Stage
On the final Battle Platform you have to get a PassToken10, then speak with the StageGuard, he will then teleport you to the Prize Platform goto or back to the last level, goto
The Last Level
This works slightly Different as you will always be sent to the Battle Stage no matter what. Goto
The Prize Platform
Here you jump to the topd (82,187) and speak with “God Cloud” choosing Box1(always 4 meteors) or Box2(chance for 10meteors, 4 meteors, 10k, 1k)

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