Conquer Online PK Guide

Conquer Online PK Guide by Dark_StormZ

Okay. this is all I know about pking reunited.

Small tip: Try to buy a good laser mouse and have a mouse pad with wrist protector. I hate dying or slipping when avoiding a trojan’s attack cuz my wrist are tired or so. Do NOT USE WIRELESS MOUSE! Any little electric things around it will mess it up ( cell phone ) and you gotta recharge the mouse every 12 hours or so. Btw small edit. I saw some people could cheat and right-click when they are far away from their computer with wireless mouse -_-

Level 1-40: Please do not try to pk… There isn’t much chance you will kill someone because people are full of pots and will eventually run when they are in danger… And I personally hate when a newbie attack my new character for some reason as it slow down my leveling and I have to take my high char for take revenge.

Water Tao
I admit this char is not the best for pking… But they can fully take advantages of their magics at high level for sneak attack.
First of all:

Water Elf A.K.A “Fishy”: Water Elf is the strongest water taoist disguise that is acquired at 50. I just love it! A small moment of distraction for your victim and they die in under 5 seconds! Just jump near of them,turn fishy and attack! The target will die b4 it even notice it!

Fire/Thunder: Hehe the best spell for pk little noobs (Yes I do it alot of time for some reasons) Even though it’s not the strongest spell, it’s better than having a plastic spoon for defend urself or so.

Divine Hare: Okay if some idiot start attacking you… Turn divine hare and RUN. This is my favorite spell for travelling and/or attacking people without fearing for my life.

Stigma/SoA/Magic Shield : These arent very useful in PKing. Except if you wanna boost ur “Fishy” attack or defense in pk but I doubt it will surprise someone if you start putting all boost on ur self and standing very near of them. ( OF COURSE THEY WILL RUN DUHHH).

Gear: Try to wear a gear balanced with both m-def and ph-def…
Tao Cap (preferably +3)
Tao robe (preferably +3)

Try to bring alot of pots and hotkey a town portal scroll in guild war cuz its very annoying to wait in jail… xD

Oh and facing an archer… It helps dodging

That’s all for Water Tao

Rumored to be powerful but not really afterall
They are the suckiest class at pking at early starts since they can only unleash their full powers at level 40 where they get double one handed weapons! My favorite mix is blade and club… Fastblade will save you if you’re getting annoyed by jumping taos or archer. But it will require ALOT of practice for master the clicking. You can still double club for powerful attack and max hercule strength.
They are leveling very hard and slow but it’s worth it in the end as they can one hit almost everything ( OVERPOWERED OMFG DO SOMETHING!!!!!!11111)
Wear earrings in GW cuz u will meet more jumping taos than powerful trojans…

If you’re tired of hunting/leveling, go to jail for practice with other trojan at ss/fbing… Pk arena won’t help you as it lag very bad sometimes. Training on any FPS games will help your aiming skills.

Thats all for trojans


Your leveling will be based on ur superman hold skills… Being able to keep ur superman endlessly and break through ko board…
This is not the best pking class but u can still pk little noobs (Evil Grind) Btw try Flyingmoon… It’s fun to kill jumping tao or flying archer that way. o.o Anyway the two handed can be good for level but nothing more =/


Even though leveling very fast the Archer finish to get a disavantage beside every class at high level they get the most sucky reborn choice and get owned by everyone at high level… A wise choice for hunting but a weird choice for pking high level.
They can easily take down water tao… Trojan at level 70 as they get Senior Fly which is the most annoying skill on earth.
Warrior can’t really do anything against them but they can survive with their shield blocking almost all the arrows… Fire tao are almost equal to them except they level a little bit slower…

Fire Taoist

Fast leveling… Those fierce magic users are the first choice for all type of offensive spells. At level 80 they get tornado which is a semi godly spell for make fly away any annoying archer.
Don’t forget to wear necklace fighting Trojans as it will save you from a cruel death due to lag or “X” reason. Anyway u wont get much trouble pking with this char it’s only about zapping with a good rate and good dodging. And btw you better have alot of sockets in your gear if you want to pk other taos -.-

Well boys and girls thats all about my guide…

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