Conquer Online Money Making Guide

Conquer Online Money Making Guide by PhoenixFire and Wolfmaster

I thought it would be nice to have most of the money-making tips in one place for easier reference as a lot of other ones aren’t very detailed.

Most sections of the guide will be rated on the scale of 5 – 1 being the easiest and 5 being more difficult and/or higher leveled character(s) are required.

Most of the main ways of making money on Conquer Online are (Underlined ones link to their CO Quest info page):




  • PK Tickets – Any
  • SkyPass
  • SnakeKing – High
  • Spamming Meteors/Dragonballs for sockets – Any
  • Squamas – Med
  • Supering Items – Any
  • Water farming – High (Archer)



  • Warrior farming – High


Different Classes are easier/better for making money than others:

  • Archer – Considered the best money-making class, with it’s Scatter skill, an Archer with decent attack would be able to kill a lot monsters at the same time. Also able to Fly to dodge physical attacks.
  • Fire Taoist – Requiring decent equipment in order to get good magical attack, however, it’s Tornado has about the same range as an Archer shot and FireCircle would be useful for hitting multiple monsters all around you.
  • Trojan – With the highest health and attack of the other classes, since they can wield two 1-handed weapons, this class is one of the best choices for quests that require a lot of attack and/or health.
  • Warrior – This class has a bit higher defence (with shield), but a bit lower attack than a Trojan, however with it’s Superman XP skill, which does 10x damage to monsters and 2x on players, it’s a good class to have handy.
  • Water Taoist – One of the hardest classes to make money on, however with it’s ability to reborn early at level 110, it’s one of the best classes to make money off of when Water Farming.

Purchasing DragonBalls – 1/5: Purchasing TQ Points|Crediting DragonBalls

One of the easiest ways of making money, at the cost of real-life money (USD – United States Dollars). But, as this is technically a Free-to-Play game, a lot of players consider this form of money-making a bit like cheating (especially the Bulk Pack of 125 DBs). Buying DBs with real money has it’s uses in-game though, as it’s a faster way to gain a rare and useful item that may take a very long time to gain normally. To retrieve your DragonBalls in-game however, you’ll need a character that’s at least level 50, and talk to the Prize NPC at (185, 170) in Market. (Reminded by -Venom-)

Uses for DragonBalls are:

  • Selling to others – Nowadays, with a higher amount of uses for DBs, and a higher player demand for them, most server prices for DragonBalls are around 20-40 million (kk) gold, so this could be a very quick way of making in-game currency.
  • Upgrading Equipment Quality – With a certain amount of DBs, you could upgrade an item from normal to Refined, Refined to Unique, Unique to Elite, and Elite to Super. The higher you go, the harder and/or more DBs it may take.
  • Exchanging for CPs – Each DragonBall can be exchanged for 215 CPs at CPAdmin in Market (178,182). Different uses for CPs are here.

Composing Gems – 2/5: Caution, thinking and math stuff ahead.

To compose most gems, you’ll need 15 gems and a certain amount of money, then talk to Jeweler in (240,256) Market. For most gems, it’s 15 Normals + 10k to make a Refined, then 15 Refines + 800k to make a Super. Composing gems to earn money also ties in with Marketing, which takes a bit of thinking and calculations.

For example, on my server:
Normal Dragon Gems – 450k
Refined Dragon Gems – 8-10kk
Super Dragon Gems – 100kk

Composing 15 Normals + 10k to make a Refined would cost about 6.76kk, so if I were to sell the Refined gem for about 10kk, it would be about a 3.24kk profit. However, if you were to compose 15 Refines + 800k to make a Super, that would cost about 150.8kk, so you would lose 50.8kk since they don’t sell that high.

Gems-to-Mets Quest – 3/5: Patience required, especially if you miss too much… Quest guide by NightC2awler

Recommended Stuff

  • Level 70+ Archer with Stamina Fly and XP Fly
  • Level 44+ Water Taoist (or Reborn Water) with DivineHare
  • Combining a reborned Tro>Water or Wat>Trojan’s Cyclone with DivineHare
  • 1024 x 768 Screen Resolution for jumping/flying at maximum distance.
  • A city scroll (Preferably Twin, Castle, or both) on a Hotkey (F1-F10) in case of emergencies (Out of gems/PKers)

Quest Items

  • Silver Needle – Normal Dragon, Kylin, Rainbow, and Phoenix Gems
      • AsterNecklace
      • PinetumPicture
      • AsterNecklace and PinetumPicture combo
      • RoyalSword (Rare)


  • SecretCommand (?)(Very Rare – countnumbers)
  • Gold Needle – Normal Fury, Moon, and Violet Gems
    • RoyalSword (Guaranteed)
    • RoyalSword and AsterNecklace combo
    • RoyalSword and PinetumPicture combo
    • RoyalSword, AsterNecklace, and PinetumPicture combo
    • SecretCommand (Rare)

    Note that all quest items will disappear when dropped.


  • 20,000 silver – Rare (Pic/Neck)
  • 50,000 silver (Pic/Neck)
  • 1 meteor (Pic/Neck)
  • 2 meteors (Pic and Neck)
  • 5 meteors (Sword)
  • 6 meteors (Sword with Pic or Neck)
  • 9 meteors (Sword, Pic, and Neck)
  • 10 meteors (Secret Command)
  • DragonBall – Rare (Sword, Pic, and Neck) or (SecretCommand) – countnumbers & |DarkEze|


Take what gems you have to OldMiner in (907, 546) PhoenixCastle map to exchange for a Silver/Gold Needle and enter the mine. If you used one of the recommended classes, activate their skills and search the left side of each room of the mine. Possible spawns for the Blue Mouse are here. When you find the mouse, jump next to it, wait about 1/2 a second, then click on it. If you “Caught” it, the needle in your inventory will disappear and the mouse will give you quest items according to what needle you had. If it “Got away”, don’t worry, just search the mine for another one and try again (Note that if you’re Flying there’s a higher chance of missing, so land before you click on the mouse). After you’re done, go to General Judd at (396, 233) Twin City to exchange those quest items for your prizes.

Making/Selling Houses – 2/5: A bit long, but well-rewarded


Basically, just do the House Quest by mining in the TwinCity mine for the IronOres (House), and then PhoenixCastle Mine for CopperOres (Upgrade). House Permits and Upgrades usually sell for about 20-40kk depending on servers, so although the quest is long, the money is good.

Note that in making the House Permit, I believe any ores will be accepted by the NPCs, including Euxenite, Gold, etc., while the Upgrade requires CopperOres.

Hunting – 2/5: Sometimes you get something, sometimes you don’t…

Recommended Characters

  • High leveled Archer with good ring, bow, and DragonGems.
  • Fire Taoist with FireCircle
  • High leveled Trojan with Club (Rage) or Wand (Snow – Not recommended since Trojans get more attack from dual-wielding two 1-handed weapons)
  • High leveled Warrior with Wand (Snow)
  • Reborn Water>Water with Wand (Snow) and/or Pervade (Slow, and not recommended as it’s a Stamina Skill that’ll take awhile to recharge).

Recommended Spawns:

  • Normal
    • Phoenix Castle:
      • Bandits – Although there aren’t any spawns, from my experience, Bandits can drop good stuff.
      • Hawkings – Upper right of the map is a portal near the waterfall, which will take you to an enclosed, decent-sized Hawking spawn (Wonderland Cave).
    • Ape City 2 (Lower left portal from ApeMountain Map):
      • MiniMacaques – Top Mid-Right Edge (230, 150)
      • ElfApes – Upper Left Edge (120, 160) and Bridge (500, 570)
      • SlowApes – Upper right corner, across bridge (500, 150)
      • SnakeMonster – Mid-Lower Edge (777, 850) and Lower-Right corner
    • Desert City 2 (Top-left portal, SW from MysticCastle): SandElves – Lower right corner
    • Bird Island:
      • Birdmen – Left of the main island and around the area near the city
      • HawKings – Taking the portal behind the Pharmacist (#1 on the map) will take you to a large island with quite a lot of large spawns there. 2nd Hawking spawn is harder to get to, but is less crowded.
  • Special
    • Adventure Islands (Map 10 or 11 of Adventure Zone (AZ)) (Red or Green):
      • DB Devil – Spawns only once everyday I believe, it’ll drop a definite DB when killed. It’s hard to get as there may be players logged on in that area to kill it just as it spawns.
      • Water Lord – These are very difficult to kill, as any character’s attack under 200 Potency will be reduced to 1-10%. These may drop CleanWaters, which are used to make CelestialStones for 1st Rebirth.

      Map to get through Adventure Islands

    • Dura Monsters (alacuard57):
      Most monsters in CO have a special form, usually called the Dura Mob. This form has slightly higher att, def, and hp than the normal ones, and usually drops 4 normal, full durability weapons of the monster’s level. For example, the SnowApe (from ThunderApes) drops level 60 weapons, while the GreenDevil (from RedDevils) drops level 115 weapons. Item prices selling to NPCs is based on durability, you can sell these for profit, or use them as spare PK Gear.
    • Dis City (Red or Green): During the 3rd stage of DisCity – the Hell Cloister, you’ll kill Wraiths, which may drop a NightDevil Skill Book.
    • Ganoderma/Titan Hunting (LytoKynes):
      Spawning every hour at approximately xx:15, is Ganoderma (A combo crab/scorpion), who spawns at (660, 770) Phoenix Castle Map. At about xx:16 (1 minute after Gano) spawns Titan, (A big, gray-skinned, fat guy with an axe) which is at (390, 590) Ape City/Mountain Map.Both of these are around level 77 (can spawn different levels) and can also attack with either medium physical or magical attacks. You don’t gain any experience for hitting/killing them, but they can drop ExpPotions (Gives you 2x Exp for 1 hour), which you can sell or use.
    • MeteorZone (Red or Green):

      • Decent Armor and Earrings (Unique/Elites or better with +’s)
      • A level 1 noob character
      • High leveled Archer
      • Warrior using with shield/club, or wand

      Depending on which server you’re on, there may be a GuildConductress who can take you near MetZone easier. However, if you’re unable to find it, then you can take the long way. AZ map is here. From Desert City, go to DC2 (labeled 1) and keep going until you get to map 8. You may also be able to find a StoneCity Scroll being sold, which will teleport you to what’s labeled as the Backup City. You’ll be unable to use any teleport scrolls inside of MetZone though, so you might want to stock up your StoneCity warehouse full of TwinCity scrolls. It’s also recommended for you to bring along a level 1 character, for reasons explained later.

      In MetZone, you’ll find monsters called MeteorDoves. These monsters have a higher chance of dropping Meteors than other monsters, and have a lot of spawns, so it’s a good place to hunt when you’re low on Mets. They attack in medium-low, short-range magic, so a good coat and earrings will be needed. There are also hidden “Real” MetDoves, which have around 3x higher attack, defense, and health than the normal ones, and will drop a definite 5 Meteors when killed. There are also rumors of a DBDove, dropping a definite 1 DB, or 5 DBs, but that may/may not be true.

      The easiest way to get out of MetZone is by dying. Before you kill yourself however, transfer your Mets (and equipment if needed) to your lvl 1 noob. Level 1 Characters rarely drop anything when killed by monsters, so your valuables should be save. Once you kill yourself and your noob, you’ll respawn at the edge of map 10 in the AZ map. Talk to the NPC (OldExplorer?) to go to Map 11, where you should kill both your chars again. You’ll respawn in StoneCity, where you’ll be able to use your teleport scrolls.

    • 2nd Reborn Map (Red or Green):
      Required: A level 120 or above 1st Reborned account.
      Quest Items – Required for the 2nd RB Quest

      • Moss
      • SoulAroma
      • DreamGrass
      • SquamaBead

      Optional Quest Items:

      • Red/White Petal
      • Red/White Stalk
      • Red/White Pistil
      • Red/White Flower
      • HatefulToken

      In order to get into the 2nd Reborn Quest Map, you’ll need a level 120+ account that’s already been 1st Reborned, or be in a Team with one as the leader. After you talk to Alex at (436,311) ApeMountain, he’ll teleport you to the Devil Abyss where monsters there may drop Moss, DreamGrass, SoulAroma, Red/White Petals, Red/White Stalks, and Red/White Pistils which are items you can trade/sell. At the 3rd Stage of the quest, you may also find a SqumaBead, another important quest item you can sell.

      The Red/White Petals, Red/White Stalks, and Red/White Pistils are optional, like a side-quest to make a HatefulToken. You’ll need 6 Petals, a Stalk, and Pistal of the same color to make a Red/White Flower. Take the Flower to Carl at (369,309) ApeMountain and he’ll give you a HatefulToken. So far, the use for the token is unknown, so you might want to save those for now.

Looting – 1/5:

Another basic money maker, you just take whatever someone leaves behind. When item(s) and/or gold drops from a monster killed by another person, you have to wait 20 seconds until you’re able to pick it up.

  • Archer – Flying around, not worrying about getting hit by physical attacks is one of the better ways to loot, although you may annoy others…
  • Water Taoist – Since Water Taos spend a lot of their time getting plvled anyway, you have a chance to pick up the stuff on the ground the person leaves behind. DivineHare with it’s extra defense and jumping speed can also help.


  • Bird Island – The home to a lot of archer plvlers, as the spawns are large and very frequent. Course, with all the killing of monsters going on, not many people take the time to pick up every item or scrap of gold on the ground, so it’s a good place to loot. (See BI Map picture, main spawns are circled in red)
  • Mystic Castle – From Desert City, go to the top-left to Mystic Castle (or have the Conductress teleport you there). From there, enter the building, and you can lure the Tombats to the Guards for them to kill. Although slow, these monsters are very high leveled, so they have a higher chance of dropping good items and gold.
  • Phoenix Castle Waterfall Cave (Wonderland) – Top-right Phoenix Castle map is another good place to pick up free gold/items, if there’s someone killing monsters there.

Lottery – 1/5: You’ll always get something, but it may not be the thing you hoped for…

If you have 27 CPs, then you can enter in the Lottery by talking to LadyLuck at (202, 213) Market. She’ll then teleport you into a room full of ItemBoxes, just click on one to get a prize depending on your luck. List of possible prizes are here.

Marketing – 5/5: Buy low, sell high Guide by sk8er

Marketing is requires a lot of thinking, patience, luck, and of course money to start with. On a day that you log in, you should check the entire market at least once. You don’t have to carry any money, or buy anything (but I would recommend carrying at least 5kk at all times in market), but by checking every stall in the market, you have a chance to find out the average price of a lot of items, and perhaps find an occasional good deal.

With the knowledge of what prices are, you’ll be able to find which items are being sold extremely cheap, very expensive, etc. and be able to judge what a good price would be to buy/sell your own stuff to make profit. You can also try to buy something you think may increase in value later, although that’s an example of a risky payoff, since you don’t know for sure.

There are also things you may not even be prepared for, like how the Lottory skyrocketed DragonBall prices, how last Halloween’s Metbox prize lowered Meteor prices (at least on my server), and how the socketing blacksmith and ToughDrills will lower the value of Sockets in the future.

Also be aware of mis-priced items. Missing, or adding too many 0’s are the most common mistakes, so be careful of making these yourself. Look out for look-alike items as well, such as different quality Gems, Sockets, etc.

As you’re legally able to open 2 CO Clients at once, many people choose to create a char just for marketing (a normal account, or a Merchant), that way, while that character sits in the market displaying their items for sale, the main account is free to do whatever. With the new Trade Partners and Item Lock features, you can trade between your main and marketer easier.

Mining – 1/5: A quest you can do while you’re away…

A simple way of making money, all you need is a level 15 character and a PickAxe which you can buy for 1k from the TC ShopKeeper (or get a free Hoe from the Warden in Jail). Different mines gives different ores/gems, so choose where you mine according to what you want from here. Note that mining gem rates have dropped a lot ever since the Lotto/CP/Gems-from-Monsters Patch.

  • TwinCity (Upper left) – Use for Iron (House) and Euxenite Ores (Quests/level 40 Archer promotion), also the only place to mine Fury and Tortoise Gems.
  • PhoenixCastle (Lower-Right across bridge) Level 40 Required – Use mainly for CopperOres (House Upgrade) and gems (Kylin, Rainbow, Phoenix, and Dragon Gems). Also the mine used for the Blue Mouse Quest, so watch out for questers and other PKers.
  • Ape Mountain (Lower-left all the way around) Level 70 Required – Mainly SilverOres here, but as it’s location is very far, there may be less PKers there.
  • DesertCity (Upper-Right) Level 70 Required – The money mine, GoldOres are mined more frequently than the others. Also good for Moon/Violet Gems.
  • Jail Mine (Pay 1k Silver to Captain Li at (512, 351) TC, or go black and get killed by Player/Guard/Patrol) – As a PK-free map, and the place where Black-names get sent to jail, prepare to be killed…
  • MetZone Mine – Extremely far away, and hard to get back to normal cities, not recommended to mine here.

Moonbox Quest – 4/5: Recommended for high leveled Trojans and/or Warriors Quest guide by XiaoChen


  • 3 Meteors
  • Moonbox (Obviously the one you’d want) – Uses are:
    • Required item for level 110 promotion
    • Opening for a prize – Which may be:
      • 3 Meteors (Most Common)
      • Met with a Refined necklace/bag/ring/bracelet/boots
      • Unique necky/bag/ring/brace/boots
      • Elite necky/bag/ring/brace/boots
      • Refined socketed necky/bag/ring/brace/boots (Rare)


  • High leveled Trojan/Warrior with high attack
  • Medium Defense, extra (crappy) equipment, and/or a Disguise (Robot, NightDevil, WaterElf, etc.) (by Nega)
  • Level 70+ spare account(s)

Find Fortuneteller at (340,720) (Mid-left edge TC), if you’re level 70 or above and want to enter, he’ll teleport you to the quest entrance. Talk to Maggie, and she’ll teleport you to one of 7 Tactics randomly – Peace, Chaos, Deserted, Prosperous, Disturbed, Calmed, or Death. If you’re teleported to one of the 1st 6, you won’t be told which one you’re in.You’ll have to kill the monsters until one drops a CommandToken.Take the token to Guardian God (204,149) and he’ll tell you the name of the tactic. To go back to where Maggie is, talk to Ghost (8,67). Do this until you collected all 6 tokens. Once you get all 6 Tokens and are teleported to Death Tactic, talk to Ghost and he’ll make a SoulJade from them. With that, talk to Maggie and she’ll teleport you to Life Tactic. Talk to Lonely Ghost, and agree to help him. If you don’t, he’ll steal the jade anyway and kick you out. When you do, choose the MoonBox as your prize.

If you don’t have all 6 tokens and are teleported to Death, you’ll be told so by the Guardian and Ghost. The only way to leave is to die, that’s why you should either have medium defense, spare equips, and/or a disguise so you can kill yourself faster.
Nowadays, you can lock your items so you won’t drop them when you unequip them to kill yourself. (by jimkiller4)

There are a couple ways to use spare accounts. One is to have each noob logged at the entrance to each tactic, so you know which one you’re on. Another is having one just logged into Death Tactic with extra tokens. That way, if you ever go to Death early, you can still get out with a MoonBox without dying by trading the extras to/from him (by Arcturus1972).

MoonGem Quest – 4/5: (alacuard57)

Reward: Refined Moon Gem
A pretty long quest, requiring a lot of moving around, hunting, and talking to NPCs. The hardest to find are Rachel (209 183) of Bird Island, which is at portal number 21 in the BI Map (fastest way is portals 1, 10, 12, then 22), Emily, who spawns between 23:00 and 01:00 Server times at either (565,730), (455,460), (54,333), or (600,500) Ape Mountain, and Lonely Tyrant, who spawns at the lower left of PhoenixCastle (South of TC Portal). A high leveled archer, at least level 80+ is recommended as most of the quest items require a lot of hunting to find.

PKing (Player Killing) – ?/5: Difficulty varies

This depends on your level and equipments, as well as the other person’s. When PKing, there are things to consider, other than the Basic PK Info:

  • After killing a White-named person, you will flash blue for 2 minutes.
  • After a person is revived, teleports, or logs in, there is an 8 second delay time from when you can hit them again, unless they move.
  • When using a Reborn Guard or pet and hit someone, it’ll lock onto them, which may make you flash when they stop flashing, or accidentally hit them when they come back. Make sure you re-summon if you’re worried about your PK Points or flashing.
  • Ever since Potency, the minimun damage you can hit/receive is around 6-18
  • A Trojan’s Cyclone will have you attacking around 2x faster, while a Warrior’s Superman will make you do about 2x more damage.

When PKing to make money, you should aim for:

  • Full gear red/black names – Pretty rare to find and catch, as many people will use potions, teleport, run to market/TG, or log off if they (accidentally) go red in full gear. But, if you have high attack, good aim, and are able to kill them quickly, they could drop something valuable from their main equipment.
  • Market characters – Although most market chars are level 1 noob accounts (usually logged in TC, since PK is forbidden), you may stumble across one while on your PK spree. You can later make a note of that name so you can kill it again later.
  • Archers – With low defense and health, but a very good ability to hunt, killing them may lead to ok drops (usually Mets).
  • Miners – Not many people mine nowadays, but killing them can drop ores, and possibly gems.

PK Tickets – 1/5: (Drixt)

An easy quest to complete, you kill Pheasants just outside of TwinCity for PKTickets. When you acquire 6 tickets, you can bring them to David at (444, 290) Twin City, who’ll give you 6k gold in exchange.

SkyPass – ?/5: Difficulty varies (LytoKynes) Quest Guide by Flames


  • Box1: 4 meteors (Recommended I believe)
  • Box2: 10 meteors, 4 meteors, 1000 silvers or 10k silvers.

From ApeCity, go to the top-left of the map to enter DreamLand. From there, find Daniel (155,166) and he’ll teleport you, where you meet 5 NPCs. Talking to a suitable one, (Labeled according to level?) and they’ll either:

  • Send you to the next floor
  • Send you to a Battle Stage where you have to kill monsters until they drop a PassToken. After that, they’ll send you back to the start.

At the 5th floor, you’ll always be sent to a BattleStage, where you’ll have to kill more monsters until you get a PassToken10. After you talk to the guard, he’ll either send you to the PrizePlatform where you choose which box you want, or back to the 5th floor.

Because of the chance of being sent back and forth or not, there’s a chance of completing SkyPass in a short time, or a very long time. Also since you’re sent to stages according to your level, I suppose it’ll be medium-hard to kill the monsters in the BattleStages.

SnakeKing – 3/5: Quick Shift-Screen skills needed

Recommended Character

  • High leveled Archer with good Magic Defence
  • High leveled Fire Taoist
  • High leveled Reborn Character using a bow


    • 1 Meteor
    • 6 Meteors
    • DragonBall (Rare)


  • 6 Dragonballs
  • Refined Item
  • Refined Gem (by countnumbers)
  • Super Gem (Very Rare)



Using the BI Map here, follow portals 1-9 to find the GreenSnake at (678, 966). Activating Shift-Screen (swirly circle button top of HP/MP indicators – move your mouse to the edge of the screen and hold the Alt key), move from lily pad to island, shooting the snakes with a recommended bow/arrows or Tornado. FireSnakeSpirits guard 2 sides of each island, and have extremely high, medium ranged physical attack, while ToughSnakes have medium magical attack. Both have low health, but medium defenses. Make note of where the next FireSnakeSpirit is, as it’s an indicator of where the next lily pad to jump to is. Once you get to the last set of lily pads, you’ll find the SnakeKing, surrounded by WaterSnakes which do med-high dmg, long-range magic. The King itself does a very high dmg magic attack, but only every 30 seconds or so.

Spamming Meteors/Dragonballs for sockets – 3/5: A risky payoff

Every time you upgrade an item with either a Meteor or a DragonBall with the TwinCity ArtisanWind or Market’s MagicArtisan, there’s a chance of the item getting a socket as well. By spamming multiple Mets/DBs on several items, you improve your chances of getting sockets because you’re doing it more often. There are many “Socketing Tricks” and other theories, but the most common is the “Just after Server Maintenance” one. However, you can’t really put your trust in these, as it may or may not be simply luck.

Squamas – 5/5:

Every day, at about 20:00 Server time, Squamas appear at certain coordinates in many of CO’s maps. The coords for Squamas are the exact same every day, so if you find one, you should write down the coords and map you found it on for future reference.
Squama Rewards Are:

  • 1000 Silver (Most Common)
  • 5k Gold
  • 10k Gold
  • Meteor (Rare)(2 System Messages will appear saying:
    • [System]Congratulations! You found a Squama and received a Meteor luckily. (At the top of the screen)
    • and: [GM]SYSTEM speaks to All : Congratulations! [your name] found the Squama and received a Meteor luckily. (Server-wide message across the center of every player’s screen.)
  • DragonBall (Very Rare)(same System Messages, but this time with ‘Dragon Ball’ instead of ‘Meteor’.)

Also note that when a squama hasn’t been taken for 2 or more days in a row, they may stack on top of each other, creating a Double Squama, which glows 2x brighter and gives you 2 prizes (I’m not sure if there’s such thing as a Triple Squama or not though).

Supering/Upgrading Item Quality – 5/5: DB up stuff and sell it o.O

As occasional items are worth a lot more/less more depending on quality, you may be able to make a profit with extra Dragonballs and a bit of luck. For example, a Unique Socketed Archer coat goes for about 25kk on my server, however, an Elite Socketed coat can go for 150kk. If you’re lucky enough to upgrade the quality from Unique to Elite with a few DBs with the TwinCity Artisan and resell it, you can make a profit.

Also note that when repairing an item with Lucky Time, there’s a chance of the item’s quality upgrading.

Water farming – 5/5: For high leveled archers Guide by STIGGY and by (:L:)

The aim for most Archers, Water Farming is when you create Water Taoists to plvl and reborn quickly. As you receive a DB from level 110 promotion, and a choice of a Super Gem with normal Rebirth, this is the usual method for high leveled Archers (usually 121+) for making money.

Warrior farming – 5/5: Warrior Farming Guide by Red or Green

Since Warriors are able to level quicker than most classes, with it’s SuperMan skill, you may be able to make level 120 ones semi-quickly to reborn your main equipment. As I don’t have much experience with this, I don’t have any extra tips other than the ones already given in Red or Green’s Guide.

Note that in Water/Warrior Farming, when you Reborn, all the equipment is lowered to around level 15, depending on the item. If you have any open slots, you might be able to sell them for others to reborn their own items, and/or bless them (if you’re doing Blessed Rebirth). (Red or Green)

Using Hunting, Blue Mouse Quest and Marketing

What You Need:

Level 70-130 Character (Can Be Anyone)
Spend money wisely

Step 1:
Make a Character, and get it to level 70 or so. (If Taoist, level your thunder so you can acquire fire)
Step 2:
Create a Seller/Buyer (Don’t have to level him)

Lets Begins Shall We?

Go to any spawn that you can 1-2 hit. Pick all items, mets and if lucky, a DB. After an hour or so you should have some mets, refines, uniques, elites, and/or super items. Log in your seller and go vend in market. Now go to market with your hunter, sell the refines to a local NPC and trade everything else to your seller. Now on your seller sell everything except all your normal gems. (Gems for BlueMouse)

Now whenever you’re not busy, go hunt another hour or so and repeat the 1st steps.

What Do I Do With Gems?
With all the gems you have gathered, go do blue mouse (Exchange Gems for Mets)

Start with Old Miner and get your reward from General Judd.


Normal Moon/Violet/Fury will give you a gold needle and other gems a silver one.

Most Gold Needles Should Give You The Following:

Royal Sword = 5 Mets

Royal Sword + Picture Frame= 6 mets

Royal Sword + Aster Necklace= 6 mets

Royal Sword + Aster Necklace + Picture Frame = 9 mets (If lucky, a DB)

Secret Command: 10 mets or a DB

If you only receive Royal Sword, Do your silver needles gems (Kyling/Dragon/Rainbow/Pheonix) to add to your Royal Sword which will make that combo.

Where are the NPC’s Located?
Old Miner is located on PC Map (Phoenix Castle) on bottom left (past the bridge)
General Judd is located on TC Map (Twin City) on top right of the city (396,235)

After doing blue mouse with all your gems, you should be able to make metscrolls. Sell all the metscrolls with your seller and do not spend all the money you earned right away.

Keep Going:

Now buy gems with the money you made, make sure you buy the cheapest gems possible to make atleast 200k-300k profit, and repeat bluemouse.
After you’re done, trade all the mets to your seller, sell them, and keep repeating the process.
(While your seller is selling, you can hunt with your character or level it)
If you do not spend your money, you can make x2 profit a day (5 Gems from start, then 10, then 15, 25 etc.) and will be making faster money. (Create another seller if needed to, cause I think you can sell 18 items max at the vending place)

Good Luck Mates
Sincerely, ~Spazz~


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