Conquer Online Labyrinth Strategy Guide

Conquer Online Labyrinth Strategy Guide by emonkey

Okey I think there is a lot of stuff to explain about this quest since I see a lot of people doing stupid things there and there is no real guide for this one so here goes:

1.about the quest
2.what levels 90-110 do there?
3.whats levels 113+ do?
4.whats NOT to do.

About the quest:
The labirynth quest was added not long ago, There was a huge dungeon under twin city storing the treasures of its rulers for ages.
Recently the monsters lunched an attack and siezed it Now simon who is a Grand -Grand -Grand son of one of the labirynth owners Asks you to help re capture the dungeon and get some great rewards and exp on the way.

Anyway when you are about level 97 and you have a decent elite +2/+3 equipment as a trojan/warrior you can go to the labirynth and level/hunt there, the entrance fee is 2000 virtue points which is not too few but still can be hard to gain so dont waste your time and level 30 mins there then get out snice you will be burning your vp.
The labirynth has 4 diffrent floors each one has its own special regular diamond dropping monsters and special token dropping monsters when you need the token to enter the next floor once you find the generall npc inside the floor.

The floors are:
first – slingers which are great exp givers and drop sun diamonds once you have 17 of them you can exchange it with simon for two meteors. The token mobs are GoldGhosts who deal more damage but they deal physical damage drop sky token which you can use to enter floor 3 once you can take the damage form them it is reccomended to save as much sky tokrns as you can since at level 113 goldghosts turn greenname.

secund – bladlings who give really crappy exp its reccomended to skip them for 3rd floor once goldghosts are green since their exp isn’t much more then you get at mystic castle, they drop moondiamonds which can be exchanged for two mets.
the token monsters are aigle ratswho deal great magic damage and its not reccomended for trojans to try and hunt for the tokens they drop(earthtokens) however archers can go to the big spawn a bit below the middle of the map and hunt for theese tokens which drop easily and this way gain quick cash.

third – Bluebirds that give great exp and tend to gather around u in a way they all can get hit in ur rage once oyu find the big hall with the big spawn of them you can get great exp and the spawn is loacated at cords 400-600 but its hard to find. the stardiamonds dropped by them can be exchanged for a random normal gem.
The fiend bats are huge blue bats that deal enormous magic damage and tend to chase you even when they arent on your screen so watch out of them thay also drop soul letter which needed to enter floor four.

fourth – I never been in it but they say it got about the same spawn as level 3 with huge hp and a lot of boss mobs that tend to drop soc equipment. the bullmonster looking like monsters drop (forgot)diamonds that can be exchanged for an ancestor box thats kinda like a moonbox, however it’s not worth it getting to 4th floor anyway.

The minimap is disabled within the labirynth so if you go ina team watch out not to loose your teamates but its not hard to find your way to various places onceyou know the way since there areny many dead ends.

Theare are two things you can do inside the lab:
level – find the biggest spawn and whack it untill ur out of dura on ur equipment then go out ot repair
hunt – mostly as an archer you can kill bosses easily and hunt for earth tkoens which drop a lot and sell well as a na rcher it is reccomended to have 5-6 pot bundles 10 free slots and the rest put into arrows.

Also there are boss monsters in the labirynth like I mentioned and there are usually huge strong and rare to find. They tend to drop rare equipments when you do finish them. levels 90-113 mostly only trojans or warriors level at the labirynth 1st floor while collecting the skytokens and some god from the goldghosts once they can take the damage(need around 1.9k def)warriors should bring some pot bundles since even while taking -1 damage your hp will go down as the time goes.
you should collect the sky tokens and not go to the 2nd floor once you find one since it just sucks… and you’ll need the sky tokens at levels 113+ just get as much as you can even if you have 20+ of them clogging your wh. levels 113+ archers might want to hunt the earth tokens
and the meeles should go to level 3 adn level there extreamly fast… use the sky tokens you collected from level one with earth tokens from your fellow archers at the market.
also the genral that teleports you to level 3 is surrounded by magical mobs and they can hurt …. or even kill….. so watch out since I got killed there once.

4.What not to do:
*NEVER get out of the labirynth for silly reasons since youll end up in a huge lack of vp.
*NEVER claim the 5k vp met at the market since you can get two of them for 2k easily at the lab at levels 70-90 save your vps.
*NEVERtry to hunt tokens at magical mobs as a trojan since ull get killed
*NEVERwaste 2nd floor tokens straight away once you find it from a gold ghost
*NEVER go to the lab when you take more then -1, -2 damage
*NEVER let dura fall down to les then two since ull run a chance to get hit on your way back and loose max dura on ur equipment
*NEVER forget to repair your stuff b4 going there.

It’s hard to get from floor to floor so be patiant and dont waste what you gont since you will need it later.

Bosses ->
2.Talon – usually surrounded by fiend bats with medium hp… really hard to kill for trojans and taos but easy for archers… drops crap unique items and found at level 3.
3.some waterelement looking thing at level 4 drops a moonbox like box with common soc stuff.

anyway hope I helped clearing things out :/

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