Conquer Online Detailed Labyrinth Guide

Conquer Online Detailed Labyrinth Guide by HTAPAWASOv2.0

Labyrinth is a 4-story maze, where you can both level and obtain rare and valuable items.

There are different monsters on each level of the labyrinth, some of which drop tokens which grant you access to the next level.

Monsters of Labyrinth:

In Lab1, there are slingers (lvl 105) and goldghosts (lvl 108). Goldghosts drop SkyTokens which you can give to an NPC in lab1, resulting in him taking you to Lab2. Slingers drop Lab1 diamonds.

In Lab2, there are Bladelings (lvl 110) and agilerats (lvl 112).
Agilerats drop earth tokens which take you to lab3. Beware, though, they are magic monsters, and it may be wiser to buy the token from somebody else in market. Bladelings drop Lab2 diamonds.

In Lab3, there are BlueBirds (lvl 115) and FiendBats (lvl 117).
Fiend bats drop SoulTokens which take you to the last level of labyrinth.
Fiend bats do a lot of magic damage however, so you need to be careful while hunting them. BlueBirds drop lab3 diamonds.

In Lab4, there are Minotaurs (lvl 120). Minotaurs drop lab4 diamonds.


The reward for 17 diamonds from Lab1 is 2 meteors
The reward for 17 diamonds from Lab2 is 4 meteors
The reward for 17 diamonds from Lab3 is a random normal gem
The reward for 17 diamonds from Lab4 is an AncestorBox, which could contain a dragonball, mets, gems, or any other number of things.
The lower lvls of lab have a lower chance of dropping diamonds than the higher ones, so those rewards are much harder to get!

To see the stats of all monsters in Lab, click Here

Lab Bosses:

In addition to these normal monsters, each floor of labyrinth has a boss.
The floor 1 boss is Gibbon (lvl 110)
Floor 2: Naga (lvl 115)
Floor 3: Talon (lvl 120)
And floor 4: Syren (lvl 125).

Syren is one of the very few monsters in the game who remains white-named after lvl 127.
These bosses can occasionally drop socketed equipment, or other valuable items.
Lab bosses spawn 24 hours after they were last killed.

Getting to Lab:

To get into lab, you need 2,000 Virtue Points.
Once you have that, you must talk to Simon in TC, who will take you to the first level of labyrinth. (Where is Simon?)

To find out how much damage the monsters in labyrinth (or anywhere else!) will deal to you, refer to Asian Player’s Damage Calculator.
Note: Although this calculator does not take into account whether you are reborn, the difference only affects magical monsters.

originally posted by MacSeoin
Reborn bonus does affect magic mobs in the lab, but the additional for 2d reborn doesn’t.


Minimum damage is largely dependent on the quality (NOT lvl) of your necklace!

Even if you have enough defense, if your necky is:

Normal, you will take anywhere up to 200 damage

Refined, double digits. Varies.

Unique, up to 8 damage

Elite, 2 or 3 damage

Super, 1 damage.

Lab Maps:

Lab1 map
Lab2 map
Lab3 map
Lab4 map



Originally posted by Sumeshi

There’re two types of monsters in lab1. Slingers and GoldGhosts.
Slingers drop the diamonds that can be exchanged for rewards, GoldGhosts drop tokens that can be used to enter the next level of lab.

What are the rewards?
In lab1 the monsters drop SunDiamonds. In Twin City you can trade 17 SunDiamonds for 2 Meteors.

Lab1 for Archers
Lab is really useful for archers. After level 73 (When you get speedarrows) you’re good to go.

What to bring?
As an archer you will want to stay there as long as you can. To achieve this bring as many arrows as possible (37 packs). You won’t be hit often so you only need 1 or maybe 2 packs of potions in case you do get hit. Bring 1 TwinCity Scroll to get back home easily. Also wear a hat there, no earrings.

How to level?
There’s a special respawn for archers there. Archers sit above the spawn, they wait for stamina. When they got full stamina, they fly and get close to the spawn. Scatter the spawn, and return to the safe spot when you got around 3 seconds left.

Where’s this archer spawn?
Look at this map to see the archer spawn.

When should I leave?
When you run out of arrows it’s time for you to leave. By now you should’ve tried to get 34 SunDiamonds (for 4 mets), some gems and mets.

Untill what level can I level here?
It’s possible to stay in lab1 untill level 110.

Lab1 for Warriors
Lab is heaven for warriors. As soon as you got 1353 defence you’re good to go.
You will most likely have this at level 100 with Elite +3 armor, uni necky and Elite +3 Helmet.
When you use a shield and got better equipment, it’s possible to go there from level 87, maybe with some potting.

How to level there?
A warrior should try to keep long supermans in lab. The Slingers are so close together it is possible to get infinite supermans. You can understand this means really fast leveling.
It’s easier with a wand to get long SMs, because its skill ‘Snow’ can kill many Slingers at once.

Where to level in lab1?
Check this map. The warrior respawn is near the Gibbon.

What should I bring?
If you get hit for more then 3 obviously bring potions. If you only get hit for 1 or 3 you just have to bring like 3 vanillas.

When should I leave?
When your durability goes low, you should leave. Use a TC scroll to leave quickly. Again, try to bring as many mets, gems and sundiamonds.
Stronger boots will let you stay there longer, because your dura decreases slower.

Untill what level can I level here?
Because lab1 is so nice for warriors, stay here untill level 110.

Lab1 for Trojans
Lab is about the same for Trojans as it is for warriors.
You can go here from level 97/100. You should level at the same respawn and bring the same stuff.

Untill what level can I level here?
You can stay here untill level 110 as well. But when Slingers turn white you lose some of the bonusexp, so it might be useful to go to lab2 at level 105.

Lab1 for Taoists
Lab isn’t great for taoists.
Water tao’s can go there to join archer-teams at the archer spawn, and stig the archers.

I’ve heard of fire taoists leveling there by equipping one of the dis city robes and a good necky you can get good exp with FireCircle at the war/tro respawn.
You do have to pot a lot.
It’s much better to just level in Adventure Zone.

Labyrint is a great place for leveling.
Remember to respect each other, don’t PK, don’t KS and don’t steal eachother’s meteors.
Good luck leveling!


There are two types of normal monster in Lab2, Bladelings (lvl 110) and AgileRats (lvl 112).

Bladelings are physical damage monsters, while AgileRats deal magic damage.

Similar to Lab1, Bladelings drop diamonds (although with a greater reward than lab1 diamonds), while AgileRats drop Earthtokens, used to take you to the next level of lab.

For warriors and trojans:

You can come to Lab2 as soon as you have enough defence to take minimum damage from bladelings. (Do I have enough defence?)
Most people move to Lab2 at lvl 110, although well-equipped people could go earlier.

Bladeling spawns are shown in the Blue areas in this map:…ab2copyrx6.gif

Lab2 is very good for warriors, who can maintain constant Superman at the better spawns. Trojans level well too, although they will never be able to compete with warriors when it comes to leveling. To 1-shot Bladelings with superman warriors will need a minimum damage of 3.3k.

Both warriors and trojans can level effectively in Lab2 until lvl 115.

For archers:

Archers have great magic defence, and as such, a good way of making money and obtaining experience is to kill AgileRats, who drop valuable EarthTokens.

As an archer, you will need to be at least level 107 to be able to level here. To find out how much damage you will take, refer to AsianPlayer’s Damage Calculator, which is linked at the beginning of this post.
If you take more than 50 damage, you definately don’t want to come here. Try and add more +s to your earrings and coat first. If you don’t have earrings, you should definately invest in some.

The AgileRat spawns are shown in pink on this map:…ab2copyrx6.gif

make sure you take enough potions with you, and pick up all the earth tokens to sell later. You can lvl effectively in Lab2 until level 117.

For taos:

It is highly recommended that you do not venture to lab2, as the experience will be very little.

Naga, the lab2 boss, is shown on this map.…ab2copyrx6.gif
He can drop good items, but be prepared for a fight!


Just like Lab1 and 2, Lab3 has two different types of monsters. BlueBirds (lvl 115) and FiendBats (lvl 117).
BlueBirds do physical damage, and drop lab3 diamonds, whilst FiendBats do magical damage and drop soul tokens, enabling access to the last floor of labyrinth.

For warriors and trojans:

You will most likely only want to level on BlueBirds, as FiendBats have extremely high magic attack and will drain your potions in no time.

Most of you will have enough defence for Lab3 at level 112, but to be sure, check AsianPlayer’s Defence Calculator.

The best bluebird spawns are shown on This Map, represented by the blue arrows. For warriors to 1-shot bluebirds with superman, they will need a minimum damage of 3.8k.

You can level effictively at bluebirds until they turn green at lvl 120. However, it may be advantageous to go to Lab4 if you have enough defence. See below.

For Archers:

Going to Lab3 for pure lvling purposes is not recommended, as spawns are small, and damage taken is high.
However, there is much money to be made from the SoulTokens which drop from FiendBats.

The best spawns are shown on This Map, represented by the man crossing the street (don’t ask me why).

It is unlikely that you will be able to take an acceptably low amount of damage from FiendBats before lvl 112. You will also need high (+4 or greater) composition on your earrings and coat to stand a chance.
Make sure to bring pots.
Fiend Bats turn green named at lvl 122, although you can continue hunting soul tokens past that point.

Lab4Unlike the previous levels, lab4 has only one main type of monster. Minotaurs (lvl 120), drop CloudDiamonds, the most valuable of the labyrinth diamonds. They are also some of the highest lvl monsters in the game.

Minotaurs do only physical damage, making Lab4 a place for mainly warriors and trojans, although archers can get some exp there.

For warriors and trojans:

Lab4 has some excellent spawns, and is one of the best places to lvl for melee classes from lvl 112+.
To check you have enough defence for Lab4, check AsianPlayer’s Defence Calculator. If you take more than 3 damage, going is not recommended.

Most of the Minotaur spawns are around the entrance to Lab4, and are shown on This Map.

For warriors to 1-shot minotaus with superman they will need a minimum damage of 6k.

Minotaurs turn green at 125.

For archers:

Note: As minotaurs are physical damage monsters, it is highly recommended for archers to wear a hat when going to lab4.

If you can obtain enough defence, Lab4 is an excellent place for 122+ archers to lvl. Simply go to the same spawns as recommended for warriors or trojans and scatter normally. You can level there effectively until 125.


The lab4 boss, Syren, is one of the very few monsters who does not turn green name before lvl 130.
She has 65k HP coupled with great physical and magical defence.
However, she has been known to drop CloudBoxes, which sometimes contain socketed equipment.
Her spawning place is shown on the map above.

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