Conquer Online Basic Game Etiquette Guide

Conquer Online Basic Game Etiquette Guide by XArcherX

This is my first contribution to the forum, but I have lurked for a while and have been have been playing a few months. I’ve realized that most noobies (new players) and some older players do not understand basic game etiquette. Hopefully this will help a little bit.

Getting a team:

1) Not every archer (character) wants/needs virtue points. Instead of spamming talk and whisper channels with “team” or “team plz” ask politely “Do you want VPs?” or “Could you use some VPs?” (VPs= virtue points, gained every time a team member 20 lvls below you gains a level) If the answer is yes, welcome to the team, just follow closely and stay in the screen. If the answer is “no”, do not continue to spam whisper or talk channels with “team” or “team plz” or start repeatedly bringing up the team window. They have answered you already, and your team requests will continue to get denied. If you catch an archer (character) on a bad day or just become annoying they can and will kill you and happily loot your items and money for being annoying.

2) Being Plvled (Power Leveled) is not an in game right you have. See #1. If someone chooses to power level you, be respectful of the fact they are helping you. Do not assume every item they find should be yours, or that you should recieve all the gold that is dropped from monsters. If they choose to give you some items or gold at the very least say “thanks”.

3) If you see two people from the same guild out hunting or trying to level , be prepared to not be allowed in the team for two reasons. 1) They could be “real -life” friends who will divide up any gold or items they find between themselves, how they see fit. 2) They could be out trying to level a weapon or skill profiency and will divide up whatever they find as they see fit between themselves. By having an unknown (you) in the team it forces them to choose to allow you to pick up items or completely turning them off and only the person killing can pick them up, because they don’t know for sure that you are trustworthy and will actually divide the items when your finished..


1) If you have to sit on something because you get the message “you cannot pick up items from monsters that have been killed by other players” , it is not your item to pick up. This is especially true of an archer using “scatter”, that may be a screen away from the monster they just killed, if they see you sitting on an item, you may die, because they know it’s not your item or you could have picked it up already. Don’t start name calling or complaining because you died from your stupidity. What’s worse, if you have a high lvl alt (alternate) character and threaten them with death, because you felt like acting like a noob was “cool”, that time could have been spent levling or power leveling your other character and gaining your own VPs and items.


1) At least know the basics of when you should be promoted and what requirements there are (whether you need euxenites for archers or emeralds at lvl 70), do not expect the items to be given to you, it’s not hard to get every promotion item at the level you need it if you just follow the in-game guide click the “?” and it tells you what and when you’re supposed to be in a certain area. Around level 70 and need to know where to get an emerald? hmm the guide says I should be fighting hill monsters.. *hint* maybe they drop them.


Do not act like a total noobie when an archer is scattering into a crowd of monsters, if they don’t kill them in 2-3 hits they’re trying to lvl just like you, you can ask to be on their team, but don’t just run into their “mob” and start killing that just makes you look helpless and pathetic, go find your own mob. This is especially true of higher level warriors and trojans in Bird Island. If you can kill there easily move on 1 hitting things doesn’t help with experience go somewhere else where the monsters are tougher, your not a “god” if you can 1 hit lower lvl things than you and you do not impress anyone.

Be Polite

I understand that not everyone in the game is respectful to you, but as time goes one the players with good attitudes will find you and want to talk and maybe invite you into their guilds and friends lists. I understand that as people we want to lump everyone into categories (example all egyptians use aimbot or all BR’s are bad people) that is in excusable, but understand their may be a reason that particular person feels that way. If a player has had mostly bad encounters with BRs, he/she will lump you into that category unless you prove your not, be respectful, talk with them, make them understand your different and they will gain respect for you, but if you live the stereotype be prepared to put up with the fallout.

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