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Castlot Frequently Asked Questions by Castlot Team

Q 1. How to get Gold?
A: Every city has an hourly revenue of Gold. The Gold revenue is affected by the city population, tax rate, Castellan’s Intellect, and bonuses from scrolls or props. Besides, you can get Gold through selling equipment, completing quests, and trading in the Market.

Q 2. How to get your heroes level up?
A: Heroes can get a lot of Exp by going through Avalon training, fighting battles outside the city and defeating NPCs in the Explore. The hero that represents the player can also get Exp by completing certain quests.

Q 3. How to get resources?
A: Every city has an hourly yield of timbers, crops, stones and irons. Yields of these resources are affected by the levels of the resource fields–sawmills, grain fields, quarries and mines, as well as Castellan’s Intellect, and bonuses from scrolls or props. Besides, you can get resources through robbing or ransacking other players’ cities, completing quests or trading in the Market.

Q 4. What are resource fields?
A: By completing the task Revendication, you can get Annexed Lands where you can build grain fields, sawmills, quarries and mines to produce crops, timbers, stones and irons. Increasing the levels and number of the resource fields will increase the yields of the resources.

Q 5. What aspects do a hero’s attributes affect?
A: Every hero has four basic attributes—Stamina, Strength, Agility and Intellect. Stamina affects a hero’s Armor and HP. Strength affects a hero’s Damage. Agility affects Crit chance, Armor, PK speed and troops marching speed. Intellect affects yields of resources and building cooldown.

Q 6. What is a combined skill?
A: Every hero has a single war element. When certain war elements are combined, a powerful skill can be generated and applied in the battlefields. For example, combine the lord’s war element Inspire with the first Epic Hero’s Charge and you will get the combined skill Furycrit.

Q 7. How to place a Goblin?
A: Switch to World. Find a city owned by a non-friend player. Find the Annexed Land of the city and then place the Goblin in the Annexed Land.

Q 8. How to get equipment?
A: You can buy equipment in the Arena; get equipment by defeating certain NPCs in the Explore or completing the main and side quests. After you have built the Stable, Smithy and Workshop, you can then buy mounts, weapons and armors there.

Q 9. What can the Goblins do?
A: When you have successfully placed a Goblin, it will steal half the resources yields in the target Annexed Land if it’s not been driven out or captured within 8 hours.

Q 10. How to use the strength books?
A: The strength books can be used in the Attribute panel of the Hero Hall to increase a hero’s strength. There are four kinds of books in the game that can be used to enhance a hero’s attributes.

Q 11. How come the mercenaries disappear?
A: That’s because mercenaries will dismiss at 00:00 every day. Mercenaries can be of great help, and you should take advantage of them.

Q 12. What decides the number of the mercenaries?
A: The number of the mercenaries is decided by the number and level of the Barracks.

Q 13. How to recruit Drow Archers?
A: The level of the Barracks decides what kind of troops you can recruit. For example, if you are in the Dark Faction, you can recruit Halberdiers, Mercenaries, Drow Archers, Plunderers, Condottieri and Voodoo Mages when your Barracks reach Lv 1, 10, 20, 40, 50 and 60 respectively.

Q 14. What’s the point of setting tactics before each challenge in Arena?
A: A good tactic setting can help you win a challenge. For example, if you set your Attack on the left side, and your opponent’s defense is on the right side, you will get a damage bonus, which means you have increased your damage upon your opponent by a certain percentage.

Q 15. How to get Prestige?
A: You can get Prestige through upgrading buildings and technologies, fighting battles outside the city and stuff.

Q 16. How come Magic Potions disappear?
A: Magic Potions are a time limited offer which will expire in 48 hours; in other words, the number of the Magic Potions you own will be reset in 48 hours.

Q 17. How to enhance equipment?
A: You need to build the Smithy, and then you can enhance your equipment there. Color represents the quality of the equipment. Enhancing equipment of different color consumes different gems and different amount of Gold.

Q 18. How to speak in the World channel?
A: Chatting in the World channel will cost you 1 Trumpet each time. You can either buy Trumpets in the Shop or get them by completing certain quests.

Q 19. How to break away from the Protection Period?
A: You can terminate the Protection Period by upgrading the Senate to Lv 30, or you just wait till the Protection ends.

Q 20. How to protect your city against the attacks from other players?
A: When you are in the Protection Period, you are immune from attack. Otherwise you can use the item Truce to protect you from any attack within a limited period of time.

Q 21. How can I put my city near my friend’s?
A: Switch to World. Find out the location of your friend’s city. Click on any of the Flatlands beside it and then press the Relocate button. One such relocation costs one Advanced Relocator.

Q 22. What are Scrolls?
A: There are five kinds of scrolls–Production, Attack, Defense, Training and Ultimate Scrolls. Different Scrolls can bring different bonus effects to your city. For example, the Production Scroll is applicable to increasing yields of resources, while the Training Scroll a hero’s Exp gained.

Q 23. How to get Scrolls?
A: You can get Production Scrolls by defeating NPCs in the Explore at certain odds, or completing quests with Production Scrolls as rewards.

Q 24. What’s the point of changing the location of the buildings in the city?
A: This function allows you to place the buildings in whatever spots you like in the city. What’s more important is it allows you to move the buildings to the proper places so that you can activate certain scroll effects.

Q 25. Why should I Ransack other cities?
A: You can Ransack cities owned by players of the same or lower Hierarchy. If you Ransack successfully, you will gain Crops, Timbers, Stones, Irons or Gold. If your Ransacking fail, you will lose some resources.

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