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Call of Gods Heroes Guide by hahaxiaolu

In Call of Gods, your heroes act as the commanders of your army. Your hero’s attributes will have a direct impact on the fighting strength of your troops. All heroes are not born equal and finding a powerful hero will have a huge impact on the strength of your army and the outcome of your battles.
You can recruit heroes at a Tavern. There is a Tavern in the Capital of each race (Necrolis, Sanctaria and Arthlan) as well as at Regia Deorum.



You’ll notice that the hero names come in different colors. The color of a hero’s name determines that hero’s grade.
Heroes come in 5 colors in order of ascending grade: White, Green, Blue, Purple and Orange. A Hero’s color determines the Potential of a hero which affects starting attributes as well as hero’s growth rate (how much the hero’s attributes increase when leveling up). Below you can see how a hero’s Potential is related to the color of the hero:


As you play the game and level up your heroes, you’ll find that hero’s of grade Blue and above will become far more powerful than White and Green heroes of the same level. It is therefore vital that you try to recruit heroes with the highest Potential that you can find or else you might find yourself unable to defeat enemies later on in the game.

To increase the chance of finding higher-graded heroes at the Tavern you should use a Summoning Horn or Book of Astrology to refresh the heroes list:


You can purchase these two items from the Shop or simply click on the “Use” button to buy and use.
A good strategy for refreshing the heroes list is to use Free Refresh until Green heroes appear and then use Summoning Horn or Book of Astrology. This will maximize your chance to find heroes of grade Blue or above.

Hero Attributes

Every hero in Call of Gods has unique attribute stats. These stats affect the combat ability of units assigned to the hero. To view the attributes of your heroes, go to the Heroes tab in the Hero menu.

Hero Attributes.jpg
The most important stat when it comes to deciding which hero to recruit. A hero with a higher Potential will start with higher stats which will increase faster when leveling up.


This is the current level of this hero. Leveling up your heroes will increase their Attack, Defense, Vitality, Agility and Max. Units stats. Heroes level up once they have gained enough Experience. A hero’s level will also determine what kind of equipment he can use and the Skills that he can learn.


Affects the general strengths and weaknesses of this hero.


The higher a hero’s Attack, the more damage his units will inflict on an enemy.


The higher a hero’s Defense, the fewer losses his army will incur during combat.


The higher a hero’s Vitality, the more hit points his units will have.


The higher a hero’s Agility, the more likely his units will be able to dodge attacks and avoid taking losses. Agility also has an effect on movement order during combat.


Affects the ability of the hero’s units to dodge enemy attacks. Is determined by the hero’s Agility.


Critical: Affects the chance that this hero’s units perform Critical Strikes, dealing extra damage to the enemy.


Affects the Accuracy of this hero’s units. The higher your hero’s Accuracy, the less likely enemy units will be able to dodge your attacks.


Max. Units
This is themaximum number of units your hero can command. Having a larger army than your enemy will greatly increase your chance of victory.


Your heroes receive Exp by fighting monsters, training and using Exp Cards. Once your hero’s Exp reaches the required amount, your hero will level up.




Green stat numbers are attribute bonuses that come from equipment and Skills that the hero possesses.
Hero Specialties


Heroes in Call of Gods come in one of four Specialties – Attack, Defense, Agility or Balanced.


Attack and Defense heroes will have higher Attack and Defense stats compared to other heroes.


Agility heroes will have higher Agility stats whilst Balanced heroes will tend to have more balanced stats.


Ideally, Agility and Defense heroes should be given tank roles and assigned melee units (Infantry, Cavalry and Flying Units). Attack and Balanced heroes aren’t as good at soaking up damage but have higher attack ratings and should be assigned ranged units (Archers and Spellcasters).
How do I recruit more heroes?
In order to recruit more heroes you’ll first need to build a research building (Tower of Truth, Wisdom Spring or Doom Tower) in your Castle. Once you have a research building, upgrade your Technology (Royal Decree, Call of the Wild or Reanimation) to allow you to recruit more heroes.

You can command a maximum of 12 heroes but you can only bring a maximum of 6 heroes to a battle. Extra heroes will automatically be placed in a defensive formation and will protect your Castle from attack.

Deploy Heroes.jpg

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