Call of Gods Getting Started Guide

Call of Gods Getting Started Guide by Peter

Call of Gods is a sophisticated browser game that combines many of the best gameplay facets of both RTS and RPG. The depth of the game can be somewhat daunting at first so it’s important to get a good start. This tutorial will guide you through the opening stages of Call of Gods, explaining important features ofthe game along the way.
Selecting your Character

Character Selection.jpg

The first thing you’ll be asked to do in Call of Gods is to choose a character to play as. There are three races to choose from – Human, Elf and Undead – with each race having unique units, buildings, research and quests. There are also attribute bonuses for each race which may prove decisive in battle:
Human: Unit Attack +5%
Elf: Unit Agility +5%
Undead: Unit Life +5%
You can also turn on/off the in-game music by clicking on the speaker icon at the bottom-right corner of the screen.
For this tutorial I will be playing as a Human Wizard but the same principles applyto all three races. Buildings, NPC names, research names etc will all have exact equivalents in the other races.
Beginner’s Tutorial
Beginners Tutorial.jpg
Once you have created your character you will be taken through a tutorial that will introduce you to the story behind Call of Gods and how to play the game. Click on “Confirm” to continue.
Tutorial 2.jpg
Click on the area within the yellow border to move your character there and move onto the next part of the tutorial.
Follow the on-screen instructions and you’ll progress quickly through the tutorial where you’ll learn about accepting and finishing quests, combat, recruiting heroes, equipment, assigning units and more. Pay attention now, all of the information provided to you during the tutorial will be important later on!
I’ve finished the tutorial. Now what?
Well the first thing that you’ll be able to do now is to explore the game. You can check out the different game functions and get a hang of how the game works. However, you will be at Level 7 now and many of the game’s features, such as PvP combat and dungeons won’t have been unlocked yet. Luckily there are tutorial quests that you can complete to help you level up and give you Exp.
Where do I go?
Tutorial 3.jpg

You can find additional tutorial quests at your race’s main city (Sanctaria, Arthlan or Necrolis). Human players should visit the Monument of Ares. The yellow “!” shows that there are available quests at that location.
Tutorial 4.jpg
The Castle Advisor will give you quests that help you to construct buildings and expand your Castle. The Research Expert will help you upgrade your Technology and Magic.
Tutorial 5.jpg

Click onthe “Accept” button to accept the quest.

You can view details on your current quests by clicking on the “Quest” button at the bottom left of the screen.
Tutorial 6.jpg

All of your current and available quests can be viewed in the “Quests” menu. There is a separate submenu for Alliance Quests which you can accept once you join an Alliance (you have to reach Level 10 to join an Alliance).

This quest in the screenshot above requires you to head to your Castle and construct a Copper Mine. The gray “?” shows that the quest has yet to be completed. Once the Copper Mine has been built, the gray “?” will turn yellow. Go back to the Monument to Ares to finish the quest and claim your rewards.

Completing these extra tutorial quests will teach you even more about Call of Gods and will help you to reach Level 10 in no time. Once you reach Level 10 you’ll be able to plunder other players’ castles in the Wild map, explore Dungeons, join Alliances and much more!

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