Call of Gods Combat System Guide

Call of Gods Combat System Guide by hahaxiaolu

Victory or defeat on the battlefield in Call of Gods is determined by the game’s complex combat system. Call of Gods’ combat system takes into account a wide variety of factors such as hero attributes, unit type, unit positions etc.

The Battlefield

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Which unit goes first?

Units take turns to move and attack in Call of Gods. The order of action is determined by the Speed of a unit. Unit classes with higher Speed stats such as Cavalry and Flying Units will move and attack before slower unit classes such as Infantry and Archers. Below is a table of unit Speeds for the different unit classes in Call of Gods:



A unit’s Speed also determines how many squares the unit will move to engage the enemy if they are melee units. The number of squares that each unit moves is the same as the Speed of that unit. Archers, Spellcasters and Flying Units will not move during battle.

If there are two groups of units of the same unit type, the order of action will depend on the Agility of the commanding heroes.

The Cavaliers on the left move and attack before the Cavaliers on the right because the hero leading them has a higher Agility rating.

What are the strengths and weaknesses of each unit Class?


Unit Attributes:

All unit types belong to one of 5 unit classes.


Affects the number of units of this unit type that can be assigned to a hero. For example, a hero that can command 100 Infantry units can only command 50 Cavalry units because the Population size of a Cavalry Unit is 2 whilst Infantry is 1.

Unit types with higher Attack stats will deal more damage to the enemy. The green number indicates stat bonuses from your research building.

Unit types with higher Defense stats will be better at resisting enemy attacks. The green number indicates stat bonuses from your research building.

Affects the health of this unit type. Units with higher Vitality are able to absorb more damage.

Unit types with higher Agility ratings are more likely to dodge enemy attacks.

When unit types with higher Accuracy ratings attack, the enemy is likely to be able to dodge the attack.
Unit attributes are heavily affected by the attributes of the heroes that they assigned to. It’s important to have a strong hero to bring out the maximum potential of your units.

Apart from attribute differences the 5 unit classes in Call of Gods all have individual strengths and weaknesses that should be exploited to maximize your army’s combat potential.


Infantry Class



1. Cheap to recruit
2. More health than Archers and Spellcasters
3. Takes reduced damage from Archers

1. Slow movement speed: Can only move 3 square in a single turn
2. Quickly outclassed by Cavalry units which possess better stats for every attribute

Archer Class



1. Can attack enemy units from any range.
2. Increased damage when attacking Cavalry.
3. Higher Accuracy than all unit classes apart from Spellcasters.

1. Can only deal full damage to enemy units between 2-6 squares in front. Reduced damage against enemies beyond that range. Hugely reduced damage against enemies below that range.
2. Poor Vitality and Defense

Cavalry Class



1. Strong Attack, Defense and Vitality. Will hit harder and withstand attacks better than Infantry units.
2. Faster than Infantry units. Will move 4 squares in a single turn.
3. Increased damage against Flying Units.

1. Each Cavalry unit has a Population size of 2. Therefore the same hero will only be able to command half the number of Cavalry units as Infantry or Archer units.
2. More than twice as expensive to produce as Infantry units. Can become a burden on your resources if you fight a lot and lose many units.

Spellcaster Class



1. Possesses the most powerful ranged attack of any ranged unit Class.
2. Attack rating is only slightly reduced against very close enemies.
3. Increased damage against Infantry units.

1. Significantly more expensive than Archers, the other ranged unit class.
2. Poor Defense, Vitality and Agility make Spellcasters highly vulnerable to attack.
3. Lower Accuracy than Archers.

Flying Unit Class



1. Possesses by far the most powerful Attack and Defense ratings of any unit Class in Call of Gods.
2. Very high Vitality, Agility and Accuracy allow this Class to deal crippling damage and counter enemy attacks at the same time.
3. Possesses the highest Speed of all unit Classes in the game, allowing Flying Units to move faster and attack first.
4. Increased damage against Spellcasters.

1. Each Flying Unit has a Population size of 3. This significantly decreases the number of Flying Units you can assign to your heroes compared to units from other Classes. This partially negates the high attribute stats of Flying Units.
2. Is the most expensive melee unit Class. Flying Units killed in battle may become prohibitively expensive to replace.

Basic Battle Tactics

Apart from knowing the strengths and weaknesses of your units, you need to be able to effectively use the unit Classes at your disposal. One way of doing this is to use ranged and melee units in conjunction with one another to maximize your army’s combat strength whilst minimizing your unit losses.


The Battlefield.jpg

The screenshot above shows a ranged/melee combo army in action. The Cavalry units at the front of my army prevent the enemy’s melee units from advancing any further, whilst my Spellcasters deal ranged attacks from the rear. If there were no Cavalry units to defend the Spellcasters, the enemy’s melee units would soon reach them and cut them down. Infantry and Flying Units will also work in this role.

The positions of your units in your army are also important. It’s best to place your melee units at the front of weaker ranged units in order to protect them from enemy ranged units.

If you place melee units behind your immobile ranged units, your melee units will be unable to move!


Unit Positions

To change the position of your units, go to the Hero menu and select the Deploy Heroes submenu:

Deploy Heroes.jpg

Drag and drop your heroes’ portraits to positions in your Attack Formation. There are ten formations to choose from but only one of them will be unlocked when you first start Call of Gods.

Click on the “Deploy” button to confirm your army’s deployment.

Click here for a detailed guide on formations

If you find the enemy army breaking through the defensive wall created by your melee units, you should progressively replace your ranged units with melee ones. You more melee units you have, the stronger your army’s total defense.


This strategy is all about finding the right ranged/melee combination to defeat the thousands of unique enemies in Call of Gods that maximizes damage to the enemy and minimizes your losses.

As you progress in Call of Gods, your heroes will become more powerful and the number of unit types that you can command will also increase. Be creative in your battle strategies and don’t be afraid to try out new units and formations.

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