Call of Gods Bounty Quests Guide

Call of Gods Bounty Quests Guide by Peter

What are Bounty Quests?

Once you reach Level 30 you’ll be able to accept Bounty Quests, which are a great way of gaining Exp, equipment and Treasure Chest keys. To accept Bounty Quests, you’ll need to go to Regia Deorum and talk to Wafiya, the Bounter Quest Master, at the Square of Order.


Do Bounty Quests have different grades and rewards?

Bounty Quests come in 5 grades: from lowest to highest they are D, C, B, A, and S. The higher the grade, the more difficult the Quest but the better the rewards will be.

The screenshot below shows a grade C Bounty Quest:

Bounty Quest Grade.jpg

Once you complete a Bounty Quest you can return to Wafiya to collect your rewards. You will receive Exp and one reward item. Below is a list of possible reward items:


Bounty Quest GradeReward Items
DGreen EquipmentBlue EquipmentBronze Key
CGreen EquipmentBlue EquipmentSilver Key
BBlue EquipmentSilver Key
ABlue EquipmentPurple  EquipmentGolden Key
SPurple EquipmentOrange  EquipmentGolden Key

How do I refresh Bounty Quests?

You can refresh Bounty Quests by clicking on the “Refresh” button.

Bounty Quest refresh.jpg

Refreshing Bounty Quests gives you a chance of finding quests of a higher grade. You can use Free Refresh 5 times a day for free or you can purchase and use a Bounty Card, which gives a much higher chance of refreshing Bounty Quests of a higher grade. Grade A and S  Bounty Quests are extremely hard to find without using Bounty Cards.

How do I complete Bounty Quests?

Bounty Quests task you with either killing monsters or delivering items to characters in the World map. Like other quests you can view the info and status of Bounty Quests by clicking on the “Quest” button at the bottom of the game interface.

How many Bounty Quests can I accept?

Unlike other quests you can only accept one Bounty Quest at a time. You can complete a maximum of 10 Bounty Quests every day.

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