Bright Shadow Online Newbie Class Guide

Bright Shadow Online Newbie Class Guide by jdx1138

So you’ve downloaded Bright Shadow and are ready to get started. Good for you! This is a basic guide just to let you know what the game has in store for you.

You’ll begin your adventure as a novice. At this point, the best way to level is by doing the quests. Don’t worry, if you’re the kind of player who hates quests, you won’t have to do them for long if you don’t want to, but just doing the easy tutorial quests will get you up to level 5, so while you’re still in Beginner Village, the quests are certainly worth it.

At level 10 you’ll get a quest to choose your class:

Warrior (melee fighter)
Mage (magic user)
Machinist (archer)
Shaman (healer)


There is no free stat reset in this game!!! So, if you want to be a mage but you pumped all of your AP into Strength as a novice, it’s probably best to re-roll your character before going any higher.

The classes are your basic mmorpg classes, but things change a little at level 40, where you’ll have to pick which path you want to go:

Warrior: Knight (tank) or Demon Slayer (melee DPS)
Mage: Exorcist (strong magic attack) or Taoist (debuffs, DoT)
Machinist : Gunslinger (ranged DPS) or Archer (DPS and crafting)
Shaman: Mystic (healer) or Illusionist (morphs let it do a lot of things, a jack of all trade kind of character)

The build for Mages and Machinsist is pretty straightforward. For Mages, you’ll probably want to max INT and for Machinists you’ll have a DEX/AGI build.

Warriors, however, have to think things through a bit. A tank is easy enough: STR/CON, and make sure you’re putting enough in CON or you’ll get to level 55 and realize, hey, I can’t tank!!! Or at least not that well. Demon Slayers, though, can go AGI/DEX (for attack speed, great after about level 71, but tough before that, not recommended for a first character), STR/CON (max STR, rest in CON, easy to play and level, but DPS isn’t as high in the endgame) or STR/AGI (hybrid build).

Shaman builds seem pretty easy, and mostly are (Full INT, some CON and WIS), but if you’re going Illusionist it’s possible to make a build around a specific morph, and that could make levelling your shaman very tricky. Doing a build around a specific morph isn’t recommended for first time players.

This isn’t that last word in builds, but if you follow this guide, you won’t make any huge mistakes, either.

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