Bright Shadow Online Classes and Stats Guide

Bright Shadow Online Classes and Stats Guide by Harpyfan

Hi guys here’s my mini guide where I’d like to share some of my knowledge with people
who begin their adventure in Bright Shadow. The info below comes from my experience with
the game so can be incomplete as I have not tried all of the classes. Please correct me if you
see something what you disagree with (it’s my 1st guide). I hope you’ll find it useful 


In the beginning of the game you start your adventure as a Novice – a class of a character
that’ll make you familiar with the world of Bright Shadow.

Under the K key you’ll see various skills and spells that serve the idea of showing variety and
differences between the classes – from melee techniques, through magic spells to beast morphs,
heals and crafting skills. These skills can be learned when a certain level is reached –
learning them also costs a certain amount of spiritual power (SP).

You probably noticed that above your HP and MP meters in the top left corner there’s also
another bar titled SP. SP is being used in many ways: it’s neccessary for using your skills,
learning new ones and feeding your pets. SP can be regained simply by defeating monsters.
Make sure your SP meter is mostly filled because without SP you can’t use your skills.


Everytime you level up your character receives ability points (AP) which are used to build
your character in the way you like. Under the C key you’ll see 6 different categories where
ability points can be assigned to: strength (STR), dexterity (DEX), constitution (CON),
inteligence (INT), agility (AGI) and wisdom (WIS).
You need to make sure you assign your points correctly right from the beginning
because the game doesn’t provide you with option of resetting them later

Strength increases power of your normal attack and physical techniques. By a very small
degree it also adds to your physical defense. It also increases your weight limit (your character
can carry more heavy items). Usually used by warriors.

Dexterity increases power of ranged attacks. Usually used by machinists.
Also used by warrior’s 2nd class – demon slayer.

Constitution increases your maximum HP and physical defense. A stat that’s useful for everybody,
however adding many points in CON results in less points being used for your attack stats (STR, DEX or INT) –
finding a balance is a key to success. Small amounts can be used by magical classes (mage and shaman)
which by default have rather low HP and defense. Useful for warrior’s survivability
and for machinist also as this class doesn’t have a very strong defense.
Very useful for warrior’s 2nd class – knight.

Intelligence increases power of your magic spells. Also adds a very small amount of magical defense.
Used by mages and shamans.

Agility increases attack speed, helps to avoid interrupting casting of your skills by monsters.
Usually used by machinists and warrior’s 2nd class – demon slayer.

Wisdom increases your maximum MP and magical defense. Again, a stat that can be used by
many classes at the expense of stats used for dealing damage. Useful for mages and shamans
– on higher levels spells consume more and more MP. warriors and machinists can add small
amounts due to default low MP and magic defense. A useful stat for shaman’s 2nd class – mystic.

In the end stat distribution depends on your playing style, whether you plan to fight solo or in party,
lacking some stats can be balanced by pets gained from Tower quests,
titles, proper equipment or cash shop items.

Upon reaching level 10 you’ll be able to choose 1 of the 4 classes which would be;
a warrior, a machinist, a mage and a shaman.

Warrior class can use a sword and a shield and specializes in melee techniques. On level 40
Warrior can choose between becoming a Knight or a Demon Slayer.

Knight same as Warrior can use a sword and a shield and plays the role of a party’s protector.
With high HP and extra defense (shield) Knights lure enemies keeping their allies safe from harm.

Demon Slayer can use dual swords or later on dual guns. A class that’s dealing a great
damage. By sacrificing his defense becomes even more powerful.

Both classes have certain buff skills that increase defense or attack of self and party members.

Machinist class can use bows and crossbows and specializes in ranged attack. Can steal
an item from a monster (useful for rare equipment from bosses). On level 40 Machinist can
choose between becoming an Archer or a Gunslinger.

Archer can use a bow and specializes in AOE techniques (area of effect – attacks that hit
many enemies in the same time). Can also summon a shop everywhere in the world and craft
weapons and armors.

Gunslinger can use a big cannon-like gun and specializes in single enemy techniques.
Can refine armors and weapons by adding elemental properties to them.
(I’m not 100% sure about that)

Mage class can use a wand and optional Novice shield in the other hand. A class that
specializes in casting powerful fire and ice spells. On level 40 Mage can become
an Exorcist or a Taoist.

Exorcist can use a ceremonial dagger and specializes in casting strong AOE spells.

Taoist can use a magical sword and specializes in debuffing enemies – lowering their
defenses, and changing their status in many ways.

Both classes have a monster summon skill that allows to summon a monster or a boss randomly.
Also both Exorcist and Taoist have different morph spells – allowing them to change their form
into certain creature that grants buffs to self and allies or increases some self stats.

Shaman class can use a staff and specializes in healing and reviving. Also has wind and earth spells
as well as some morph spells. On level 40 Shaman can become a Mystic or an Illusionist.

Mystic can use a staff and specializes in multi-target healing, removing negative statuses,
and buffing self and allies. Plays a role of a party healer. Can teleport allies to many places.

Illusionist can use a staff and specializes in morphing into many different creatures. While being
in the morphed state Illusionist can increase self and allies’ attack and defense, can also get certain
attack spells. Can teleport self only.

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