Battlefield Play4Free How to Earn Credits Guide

Battlefield Play4Free How to Earn Credits Guide by BHE1

1. Win a Round

  • Oman = 80 Credits
  • Dragon Valley = 80 Credits
  • Karkand = 60 Credits
  • Basra = 60 Credits
  • Sharqi = 55 Credits

2. Lose a Round

  • Oman = 30 Credits
  • Dragon Valley = 30 Credits
  • Karkand = 20 Credits
  • Basra = 20 Credits
  • Sharqi = 20 Credits

If you join late u get just a part of those credits.
If you get teamswitched, the number of credits you receive is related to the amount of time you spent on a particular team.
If you get switched from the winning team to the losing team and you win the round, than you will be treated as if you were switched from the losing team (In fact, that team lost). (and vice versa)
You just earn Credits when u stay until the end of a Round.
If you use the Credits-Booster, you get a 100% Bonus
There are no other ways to earn credits
Roughly you can say, that u earn 10 Credits per minute, if you are on the winning team
and about 4 Credits per minute , if you are on the losing team (Normal Tick Rounds)
(Rare and maybe a bug) If a Round ends 1000-1000, you get Credits for Win and Loss

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    ur dum lol

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    So i guess we just need to stay logged in while doing other work. Nice job EA. (now i get why there are so many AFKs)

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