Battle of the Immortals Pets Full Guide

Battle of the Immortals Pets Full Guide by ladedo

Before we start here are the meanings of the colors ive used in the guide:
1- Orange: Titles or Main Points.
2- Green: Points or bulletins
3- Red: Tips
4- Purple: Other Players testing, which haven’t been proven yet.

Okay lets start with the guide, first of all there are a few things in the pet system:

1- Type
3- Emo
4- Growth
5- Meld
6- Fortify
7- Boost
8- Skills
9- Summon Lvl
10- Power
[NEW] 11- Gen 3 Pets

Here is a Picture to know what im talking about down these lines XD

1- Type

the type of the pet identicates what attribute will increase most as the pet lvl, you can find that by looking at the top right corner of the pet window -look at the image above-

it can either be (STR,INT,DEX,VIT,SPR) and there is their second type which is either (Phsy or Magic) they show right under the first attribute.

Phsy: it will attack targets face to face or in other words you need to be close to the target (just like slyrs/brzk/chmp) its damage inceases with the more STR it has, Magic attack doesnt effect its damage

Magic: it will attack from far away (just like Mgus/Hrtc) its damage incrases with the more INT it has, Phsycal attack doesnt effect its damage

1- STR: Increase Phsycal Attack.
a pet with that type of attribute is best built Pure STR

2- INT: Increase Magic attack and Critical
a pet with that type of attribute is best built Pure INT

3- DEX: Increase Accuracy,Evasion and Critical.
now here is something different, even though its best attribute is DEX, but if you build a pet pure dex pet will barely have any damage to do, so building dex pets would be based on the second attribute (phsy/magic) if it has Phsy then put all of the points on STR or most STR and few DEX, if Magic then put all points on INT or most INT and a few DEX

4- VIT: Increase pets HP
these type of pets are tankers, best build them Pure VIT

5- SPR: Increase Pets MP
these type of pets can have a huge amount of MP, so best build them pure SPR


1- VIT pets are very good tankers, in PVP if you give them skills that transfer some of thier HP to the owner, you can withstand almost anyone that doesnt have 1.

2- SPR pets with skills to transfer MP to the owner are very good for HRTC/MAGUS’s, they can almost completely fill your Mana bar with 1 click, they are very useful in PVE.

2- Qlty

now this is something else in the pet system, qlty of the pet determines how much each stat point will add to a pets main attribute points(STR,INT,DEX,VIT,SPR), it can be either:

Common = 0%
Great = 03%
Amazing = 06%
Superb = 12.5%
Perfect = 25%

so adding 1 stat point to a common qlty pet will add 1 main attribute point, adding 1 stat point to a perfect qlty pet will add 1.25 main attribute points,

so technically every 4 points gained on a common pet = 4 real points
but every 4 points gained on a perfect pet = 5 real points (1.25+1.25+1.25+1.25 = 5),
so in the long run when a common pet has 200 points on a stat, if it was perfect it would have 250 points

how to change the qlty of the pet?
well if its first gen “will explain it later on” you can rebirth it using “rebirth stones”

1- Basic Rebirth Stones: you can get any of those qlty’s at random

2- Medium Rebirth Stones: you can get qlty of Great of Higher “never can get common”

3- Advanced Rebirth Stones: you can get qlty of Amazing or higher ” never can get common or great”

You can use the Rebirth Stones, at the NPC Ligg in Atlantis Square, talk to him pick the Rebirth option and start your Rebirthing!


Rebirthing can be a pain if your trying to get perfect, so here are some tips:
1- Dont spam the rebirthing fast, just do it a little bit slow

2- if your looking for perfect qlty, dont waste your coins/zen on advanced rebirths, just use Medium rebirth stones, it has almost the same chance of getting perfect.

3- people say better rebirth on an empty server, dunno if its true or not, but thats what they say, so there is no lose in trying ^^

3- Emo

Emo of a pet gives extra buffs depending on what type of emo it has, which are:

1- Naughty: 15% Attack Rate

2- serious: 10% Accuracy and Evasion

3- reckless: 3% Critical

4- Excited: 5% Physical and Magical Attack

5- Cowardly: 10% Physical and magical Defense

6- Calm: 10% HP and MP

7- Strength: 5% extra points on (VIT,SPR,STR,INT,DEX) this emo can only be gotten on Gen 2 and Gen 3 Pets “will explain it Later”

[NEW]8- Forthri(Forthright): Adds 15% Attack Rate and 5% Phsyical and Magical Attack only Gen2 and Gen3 Pets can get.

How to change the Emo?
you can change it by rebirth it, you will get a random emo, and it doesnt matter what rebirth stone you use.


1- Best Emo for DEX pets would be “Forthi >> Strength >> Excited >> Serious >> Naughty”

2- Best Emo for INT/STR pets would be “Forthi >> Strength >> Excited >> Naughty”

3- Best Emo for VIT/SPR pets would be “Calm >> Strength >> Cowardly”

4- Growth

Growth basically is how high will the second attribute (HP/MP/Phsy attack/magic attack/accuracy/etc…) of the pet will increase, no one knows how it works “EXACTlY” but you will notice the difference when a pet reaches high lvls.

how to get high growth on a pet?

by rebirthing, rebirthing basically gives you random Growth + Emo + Qlty.

you can also use something called fruit of growth -you can use it up to 3 times each time it gives about 100 Growth points-

also there is boosting, “will explain it later on…”

Player Schlock did some testing on the pets growth and Qlty and how they effect the pet, after the testing he was able to deduct that a Perfect Qlty pet with 2k growth = Common Qlty pet with 2.5k Growth, based on the second attribute points.

it needs some more testing though. Thank you Schlock for your Input ^^

5- Melding

Melding is 1 of the most interesting things in the pet system, technically its making babys from their partents xD

now most pets in the game will have something writen on it called “Unmeldable” which means you cant make any babys with that pet.
now others will have something like “Melds” + 2 squares under it for gen1 pets, and “Melds” + 1 square for gen2 Pets -look at the image above-, now these types of pets can be meld, the square identicates how many time you can meld it. an “X” on a square means it was melded. if it had “X” on both boxes then it was melded twice, and cant meld it anymore.

how to meld?

1- the pet must be atleast lvl 50 for first meld. And lvl 70 for second meld.

2- you need to find a partner that has the same type of pet that is lvl 50 or higher

3- different genders: 1 must be male and the other female, you can easily buy an item from the Pet Remedy Trader Reis in atlantis square, to change the gender of the pet.

4- Both pets need to have 100 loyalty, you can buy loyalty stones from the same NPC.

5- go to rainbow valley to the NPC Gadro, party up with your partner, and click meld, after your done melding, wait 5 hours and you will get a msg saying your meld is ready, go back to the NPC and click receive meld, and TADA you got a new pet.

okay now that you know what meld is let me tell you what gen 1 and gen 2 pets are

Gen 1 pets: are the first generation aka the parents, these pets can be rebirthed, any pet that is Gen1 can be rebirthed even if it was unmeldable, if it was meldable it will have 2 meld slots.

Gen 2 pets: are the second generation aka the children/Melds, these pets CANT be rebirthed, but the sec gen pets emo/qlty/growth/skill slots depend on how good their parents were, for example if you and your partner have 2 perfect qlty + fully opened skill slots “explained in the skills section” pets its like 90% of getting your melds perfect qlty and fully opened skill slots also, but rarely sometimes you can get common/great/amazing/Superb qltys which in that case your unlucky, but the better its qlty is the higher chance of getting better qlty melds. and sec gen pets can get the STR/Forthi Emo -which is explained in the EMO Part above-, they will also have 1 meld spot to create Gen 3 pets.

[NEW]Gen 3 pets:
these pets are come from the gen 2 pets, so far there is not much details about them, they can be melded on lvl 50, but it looks like it doesnt matter how good the gen2 pets were, it looks like its 20% for you to get a perfect qlty as if the qlty of the pets is divided equally to get any random qlty, same goes with skill slots it looks like your gen3 pets will always have only 2 meld slots opened, but gen 3 pets have a much higher growth rate for example a gen 1 zodiac pet has the range of 2.2k-3k growth, while gen 3 pets growth range is from 2.2k up to 3.3k if not higher, they also have more base stat points as well. they can also get adv skill instead of ultimate skills “explained in the skills section”. there isnt much details about these pets yet will add as soon as i get more info about them.

Player Kahlan melded a Clown Pet with an Adv skill on it “not ultimate skill” and some how his melded pet ended up with that skill, -Screen Shot on page 5- how is that possible? no one knows yet, im just assuming that if the pet only has 1 skill on it, it has a chance of getting it on the melds? of-course its only an assumption and its like 80% not true, but thats the only explanation i have so far for it, unless Kahlan is tricking us and added that skill him self :P which is highly unlikely because hes a good player and likes to help ^^


1- if you have a pet that is rare and meldable, better make him perfect and open all its skill slots then meld it, that way you get a higher chance of getting perfect melds with opened skill slots and you can sell them for high price.

2- it also says that the higher the fortify lvl of the pet, the better the melds will be, no one knows how it effects it, but better go with what you read ^^

3- People say “no one knows if its true or not” that if you meld 2 pets with a certian Emo, there is a 50% chance of the melds getting the same emo as thier parents.

4- they also say, if you meld pets that have “Ulti skills – explained in the skills section-” there is a good chance of the melds getting the ulti skill as well, but even though the parents didnt have “Ulti skills” the melds still have a chance to get them so dont worry.

6- Fortifying

pet fortifying is trying to make the pet get more Main Attribute points, its fortify lvl can be from 0 up to lvl 15, you can lvl them up using Basic/Medium/Advanced Pet Gems.

just like anything else in the game there is a chance of failing, each time you get your pet fortify lvl Higher, the higher chance of you failing to get it to the next lvl, and when you fail, the pet drops its fortify lvl as below:
“from lvl 0 to 5 they drop 1 lvl”
“from lvl 6 to 7 they drop 2 lvls”
“from lvl 8++ drop 3 lvls (dont know the numbers because never seen 1 fortifying a pet after +9)

0: +0% extra stats
1: +2% extra stats
2: +3% extra stats
3: +5% extra stats
4: +7% extra stats
5: +10% extra stats
6: +14% extra stats
7: +18.3% extra stats
8: +26.3% extra stats
9: +35.6% extra stats
10: +41.8% extra stats
11: +46% extra stats
12: +50% extra stats

After that i dont know the numbers xD

so lets say your pet has 100 vit points on 0 fortify, when its fortified to +5 it will have 110 because +5 fortify gives 10% more points

you can fortify a pet at the NPC Ligg in atlantis square, pick the Fortify opting and Good Luck


1- the only way to obtain Advanced Pet Gems is by going to the NPC Ligg in atlantis square, get a perfect pet that you dont need and pick the option Crystalize pet, basically it will take the perfect pet and give u an Advanced Pet Gem, but you only need advance pet gems after it reaches lvl 10… GOOD LUCK GETTING IT EVEN LVL 9 ^^

2- so as rebirthing, People say dont spam the fortifying, just give a second or so between each click.

3- they also say pick an empty server so that its less laggy, no one knows if its true but there is nothing to lose in trying, right? ^^

4- if your short on coins and cant afford pet gems, you can also hunt pets in rainbow valley, try and get pets with Qlty of “Great/Amazing/Supurb/Perfect” then go to Ligg pick crystalize option, and you can crystalize the Great pet to get basic pet gem, the Amazing and supurb will give you Medium pet gems, and Perfect will give you Advanced pet gems, happy hunting ^^

7- Boosting

Boosting increases the pets Growth, you can boost it up to 10 times.

its same as fortifying there is a success rate, and failing drops its boost lvl

1 star: 01% more growth
2 stars: 02% more growth
3 stars: 03% more growth
4 stars: 04% more growth
5 stars: 05% more growth
6 stars: 06% more growth
7 stars: 08% more growth
8 stars: 10% more growth
9 stars: 12% more growth
10 stars: 15% more growth

so the formula to calculate the pets growth is like this:

(Pet Base Growth + 100*(number of fruits used)) * 1.(boost growth number)

a pet with 2100 Base Growth its growth full fruited and +10 boost =
(2100 + (100*3)) * 1.15 = 2760

an other Example:
a pet with base growth 2713 and x2 fruited and you want to know his growth on +7 =
(2713 + (100*2)) *1.08 = 3146

how to know the base growth of a pet if it was already boosted to a certain lvl?
formula to know the base growth of a pet is:

((pet growth right now) / 1. (boost growth number)) – (100 * (number of fruits))

a pet with 3150 growth + 1 fruit + 5 star boost its base growth =
(3150 / 1.05) – (100*1) = 2900

There are 2 ways to boost your pet:

1- Magic stone of Growth: you can use Magic stone of growths to upgrade the boost lvl, you can use with it Catalyst of Growth to increase the success rate, you can boost your pet at NPC Grado In Rainbow Valley.

2- Essence: essence is an other way to boost the lvl of your pet, its a bit more complicated that boosting with magic stone of growth… so here is how it works:

a- you will need to catch a full grown pet -usually from rainbow valley- that has an “Essence lvl on it” its essence can be between lvl 1 up to lvl 10

b- go to the NPC Grado in Rainbow valley and pick the option Boost, then switch to boost using essence.

c- to use this option, the Summon lvl of the pet you want to boost must be LESS than the summon lvl of the pet you cought, for example if you cought a full grown Emerald dragon, its summon lvl is 50, so the pet you want to boost must have a Summon lvl LESS than 50.

d- there is also an other condition to use this option which is…. lets say your pet boost lvl is 5, if you want to make it lvl 6, the essence pet must have +5 essence atleast for you to be able to use it, so if the pet has +3 essence it cant be used on that pet.

e- now that you know the conditions… all you have to do is pick the pet you want to upgrade its boost, and pick the pet with the essence in the other slot, and hope it works!

PS: the Higher the essence lvl of the pet, the higher its success rate. and an other thing, when you use a pet as an essence, the pet will disappear after it even if the boosting failed! so be careful if you wanted that pet dont essence it!

A- lately alot of people are saying that you should boost your pet and fruit it on lvl 1 or else you will lose some stat boosts, THAT IS NOT TRUE! feel free to lvl it and when your ready to boost it or fruit it, the changes will be calcualted with its lvl, so it wouldnt effect anything.

B- Catalyst increases the success rate of boosting a pet, but it also makes the drop of the boost lvl by 1 instead of droping 2 or 3 levels when it fails, for exampel if you had a +9 boost if you used a catalyst and failed it will drop to lvl 8, if you didnt use 1 it will drop to +6 boost so keep that in mind

C- in my opinion if your going for a lvl 10 Boost, the best way to do it is:
1- Get atleast 2k Magic stone of Growth.

2- about 8 Catalysts.

3- Pick an empty server

4- start boosting the pet WITHOUT CATALYST until it reaches lvl 8

5- when it reaches lvl 8 use the catalyst and boost again. if it failed remove the tick of the catalyst and try to get it lvl 8 again, then use the cata again, if its successful, keep the cata and go for +10 if it failed and is still over lvl 8 keep the cata and try again.

dont go trying to boost when you have a few of magic stone of growths, just go when you have about 2k of them, then try all at once.

8- Skills

Now other ways to improve your pets is using pet skills, there is a wide range of skills you can add on the pet, some skills increase passive stats such as more str/int/dex etc, other skills that are attack skills, some can be AOE skills attack a number of targets and so on, I cant tell you the skills in the game because they are way to many. But I will explain how to open pet skill slots, and the type of skill slots.

There are different types of skill slots:

1- Passive
2- Attack
3- Support
4- Fortify
5- Special

Your pet starts with 1 open slot to add a skill on it, to open the next skill you need to use Seal Removal Stones, which has a success rate like any other thing in this game, now each time you open a skill slot, it will have a lower success rate to open the next slot.
-you can have up to 6 skill slots on a pet-

But still thats not enough. each skill needs a certain type of skill slot, some skills need a passive skill slot, others need special others need attack and so on, –you can know what type of skill slot it needs by reading the information on the skill its self-, now lets say you dont have the skill slot that Is needed for that skill, no need to worry, you can change it by using Universal Emblem, it will change the skill slot to a random type.

you can open/change/add skills/skill slots at the NPC Ligg in Atlantis Square

PS: there is something known as “Ultimate Skill” these skills are very powerful skills for the pets(for example the zodiac pets can get an ultimate skill that adds 30% on their main attribute “dex/int/str/vit/spr”)
they can only get that skill randomly while rebirthing, so while your rebirthing if you get the pet with Perfect quality and has the Ulti skill then your a very lucky basterd ^^


1- put in mind from the start what are the 6 skills you want the pet to have, and know each skill what type of slot it needs, then use the universal emblems on the slots where they are no use for your skills that you have in mind.

2- if it will take some time for you to get your “perfected skilled pet” dont leave the skill slots empty, just buy some basic skills from the NPC, and put them on the pet, when you get 1 of the skills you wanted, just put it over 1 of the basic skills you have. that way you can take advantege of the pet even though its not perfectly skilled yet ^^

3- a perfect pet with ulti but not so high growth can be better than a pet with high growth with no ulti

9- Summon LVL

to summon a pet you have to put two things in mind:
1- Summon Lvl: its the minimum lvl requirment for you to summon that pet, for example if the pet summon lvl was 50, you have to be atleast lvl 50 to summon it.

2- Pet LVL: Pet lvl is the current lvl of that pet, you are not able to summon a pet that his lvl is higher than 10 lvls than you, for example if you wanted to summon a pet that was lvl 71, you will need to be atleast lvl 61 to summon it


The power of the pet just tells you how strong that pet is, and to brag off on the top pets in the ranking window in the game “Press R to check the rankings in the game”

the power of the pet depends on how much growth he has his forti lvl, boost lvl, skills used, Emo, buffs or “anything that adds states to the pet”

you might notice that some pets in the ranking system have like 40-60k power, but when you check on them they only have like 6k-10k power…. how do they do that? there is an instance called “World Tree Garden” in which on last boss, it gives very pro buffs to the pet + they add more buffs from their skills to try and max out the power of the pet as much as possible then they upload it to the pet ranking system. ^^

[NEW] 11- Gen 3 Pets

Okay, Gen 3 came into the game on 12/7/2011 basically you can now meld your gen 2 pets 1 time to make a Gen 3, Rumor has it that there are items which will be available in the game soon where you can unlock a new meld slot for Gen1 and 1 other slot for Gen2, so basically gen 1 will have 3 meld spots and gen 2 will have 2 melds after those items are used, but it looks like they are not in game yet though.

things ive figured out so far:

1- Gen3 pets have 20% chance to get any qlty, so its either common/great/amazing/superb/perfect =5/100 which makes them around 20% chance of getting a perfect qlty, it doesnt matter what qlty the parents were.

2- Most if not all Gen3 pets will have only 2 skill slots opened even if the parents had all skill slots opened.

3- about 35-50% of gen3 pets ive seen so far have STR emo (gen 2 emo)

4- Thanks to Giac’s help, new Emo is called Forthright: Increases attack rate by 15%, Physical and Magical attack by 5%

5- Gen3 Pets have high base growth potential, the highest growth iv seen so far is 3217, which makes his max growth 4044 Screen shot here:…d.php?t=259681

6- Gen3 Pets have a chance of getting Advance Vit/Dex/Int/Str/Spr instead of getting the Ultimate.

7- Thanks to Giac’s help, it turns out that Gen2 pets can also have the new emo as well, screen shot on page 8.

Thats all i know about the Pet system hope it helps

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