Battle of the Immortals Cave of Haze Guide

Battle of the Immortals Cave of Haze Guide by Adena

I haven’t seen any guides for this yet, so i figured it was time. The Cave of Haze can be used for grinding, treasure and quests, but the purpose of this guide is to show how to obtain the treasure, “Nether Classics”.

So…After entering the cave, make your way to the first portal and click the portal stone. The colored marks will show you what order to activate the buttons to activate the portal.

Once you are through, continue making your way to the next portal area killing yellow scorpions and collecting their blood. Also harvest monster parts in the same areas to collect bone dust. The number you need may be random since each time i get through it, it seems to be a different amount. Activate the stones by clicking on them, consuming the blood/dust until the stone activates the portal. Click on the portal and you will be given a buff that will last 30 seconds and keep you alive while walking through ONE of the 2 sides. Rather than going into details about how to tell which side, if you start to take major damage…it’s the other side. I would also suggest putting pets away until you are through.

Once on the other side continue making your way through the cave. You will see an activation stone number 1. Pass this one and number 2 making your way to number 3. You should also clear any aggressive monsters and freeze towers too. Once at number 3 click to activate and get moving immediately to activate number 1. Once number one is activated go immediately to number 2 and activate, then move quickly to the portal for the main chamber.

Inside the main chamber you will continually take slow, steady damage. You can counter it with food, potions, or by killing one of the crystals in the chamber. The crystals will heal over time for a short period for the same amount of damage you are receiving. So now, how to use the chamber…

On the top right corner are 3 books. The Skull Book, Beast Book and the Ghost Book. Click the Skull Book and select the blessing. Now kill the soldiers for skull badge fragments. When you have 5 pieces, right click them to get a Skull Badge. Now click the Beast Book, choose the blessing and kill the beasts for 5 beast fragments. Right click when you have 5 to get the Beast Badge. Click the last book, and choose the ghost blessing. For this one you will need to leave the inner chamber. You will need to harvest barrels, skull piles, stone piles and such to spawn a ghost to kill. Inside the chamber wont work because you are taking damage which will interrupt the harvest. Anyway, collect 5 ghost badge fragments and right click them to receive a ghost badge. The click the portal back into the inner chamber. Thankfully you dont have to run to all the activators again.

Inside the chamber, click on the Skull book, click embed, do the same for all three books. When you are finished you will get an undead location map, (forget exactly what its called, you get the idea). Go back out from the chamber, past the 2nd activation stone and to the location listed on the map in your inventory. At the listed location, right click the map and spawn the undead monster, kill it and get the Undead Badge.

Go back into the inner chamber, all the way to the bottom of the room. At the alter you’ll find a book, click on it to receive your unidentified Nether Classics. Congratulations.
If you have the time and the patience, it can be done 5 times per day. Have fun and good luck. /wave

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