Battle of the Immortals Basic Guide (Coins, Zen, EXP, Instances)

Battle of the Immortals Basic Guide (Coins, Zen, EXP, Instances) by Luciferion

Well any online game you play is based on two kinds of currency:
1- In game coins/gold/cash
2- Mall points/ currency bought by real money (In this game is called Zen)

And in order to Advance you need to rely on either 1 of them or both of them, and clearly in game coins is in dispensable as not all players buy Zen ( This is not to encourage you not to buy zen as Zen is the easiest and fastest way to advance).

So here is the basic (not saying easiest, but one of many ways). First of all ALWAYS check BOI wiki it gives u lots of information people may not give you and here is the link for it or you can go to BOI main page and find link to it under Game Info.

First thing
The game has a set of Quests that you get every certain lvls, those quests are divided into two parts:
1- Scenario quests: Those quests are a MUST do. They give u coins/Exp/Items to help you advance, Note that some of those items are crucial and u must have them.
2- Branch quests: I personally don’t do them. Though they give large amount of coins, exp, and extra items.

I say again u MUST do scenario, and i rather u do branch for the extras they give if u want to lvl fast and gain more coins.

One more thing you need to know about Scenario, each time you do them u gain points called Scenario score. Those are tradable for some nice potions or gem embed charms or Soul insignia charms (c Wiki for more info about those items)

Second thing
There is another set of quests called Events, and those give you the largest amount of money and exp. And those are divided into daily/weekly…Etc.

Best events to do for large exp for you and your pet is (require lvl 30):
1- Dragon Island (can be done once a day all day)
Have a chance to get Pet gems, Golden drake pet egg, Pet skill, good amount of coins, and huge amount of exp
2- Fallen darkness (can be done once a day all day)
Have a chance to get Lvl1-lvl4 gems, good amount of coins, and again huge amount of exp.
3- Trail of Brave (can be done once a day all day)
This event gives u 200 salary tremendous exp for ur pet and ur self, and have chance for fashions.

4- Trail (Can be done once in a day)
Trail is related to the instances i will be explaining about later on. You can start doing this at lvl 20. And it is always to kill a particular boss in 1 of the instances. Up to lvl 45 u might still get a quest in Knight Jail.

Third thing
Another kind of daily quests you can do, is Instances those are what you need to focus on for coins as they drop some sort of gears called (soul gears) and those are divided into 45,60,75,90,100 115 and 115 primal soul gears.

Now you will need those gears for your own character, but the good thing is that they are tradable, in other words sellable which is for really high prices.

Instances according to lvl:

1- Dragon Emperor(DE) – Lvl requirement is 40 (can be done 3 times a day)

This instance is simple and easy, all you have to do is to kill all the mobs in the map then after that 4 captains will appear in the middle of the map, again u have to kill the 4 of the captains, after you kill those you will get another round of mobs which also you have to kill all of them in order to reach the last boss (Trapped Dragon Emperor) there is 7 light pillars in the middle of the map that will look like they are shining from the sky to the ground only after you kill each and every mob in the map, when u activate them the boss will appear to you in his first form, then at almost have his health he will change to second form which is a three headed dragon, kill it and you are done and will get your drops wich may include lvl 45 soul gear.

PS: This instance has two modes easy and medium, the mobs are harder in medium for sure but u have better drops than easy mode.

2- Specter Island(SI, SIN, SIE) – Lvl requirement is 50 (can do 3 normal/easy and 3 Elite daily)

This instance is yet another easy one, You can enter this from Bermuda island. I recommend you get a full party if you are new to it then you can decide if you are able to enter it again with less members. Again there is more than one mode to enter easy (SI), Normal (SIN), Elite (SIE) and again normal drops is higher than easy and elite is higher than both. Elite mode requires a an elite pass which you can get for (100 zen) or it can drop from normal mode last boss (It is tradable so you can either sell it or use it). You start the instance by killing 10 scouts and 50 pirates, then the first boss will appear and it is not hard to kill. After you kill the first a NPC will appear that looks the same as him talk to it and the second one will pop out, this one is also easy BUT be ware he drops booms, 2 of them, which does 3000 dmg at normal mode and 5000 dmg at elite mode each.
When you kill the second boss talk again to the first boss NPC and he will teleport you to the other side. On the other side you have two paths left and right, most people go left first but it does not matter. When you go left you will have to kill 30 guards and the 3rd boss will appear which is also easy, kill him then go back to the other path. here you will have to kill 30 blue guards then the 4th boss will pop up and this boss is some how hard as he does an over time dmg on u even if u kill him for around 25-30 sec. kill him and a message will show saying the cursed coins appeared. go to the end of the instance you will find a pile of gold search it and the last boss will appear and here you get the best drops.(In elite mode after you kill it another one will appear that drops same as the first last boss)

3- Pyramid of Giza (Giza) – Lvl requirement is 65 (Can be done 3 times a day)

For this instance I recommend a heretic help if you don’t have huge Hp/good defense. You can start This event by talking to Trance in Atlantis square on either realm 7 or 8. She will teleport you to the hall of illusions which where you need to find a party and get ready to enter the pyramid. A 1 champ/1 Heretic/ and 4 dps or DD party is best formation (dps: Damager per second/ DD: Damage dealer). The instance is made of 4 rooms , each room has its own boss and once you enter you get a random room.
Now i will list the bosses and what to do at each boss (fyi: all bosses has chance to drop Soul gear):

1- I will start with the priest: The priest has the BEST drops in the 4 bosses. It drops you Pharaoh’s heart, Coin bag, Chance for gem fragments, lvl 1 gems, lvl 2 gems and of course soul gear.

There will be a statue of the priest and the room will be filed with boars, kill the boars and they will drop you boar meat. Donate 20 boar meats to the statue and the priest will appear. The priest does Magic damage, and has an aoe skill that freezes you and does around 2-3k dmg maybe more depending on ur gear and so.

Another thing is that priest summons illusion priests , DON’T attack them as the drop nothing and they do not attack you unless you do. Also those summons disappear after few seconds.

2- The queen: I hate this boss most of the 4, not because its hard 2 to kill but cause it does over time dmg and she also summons other queens which attacks you even if you don’t go near them. Calling out the queen is easy all you have to do is touch the 4 statues of her in the room until the 4 of them disappear and she pops up.

Heretics will have a hard time if the party were low lvl with low HP. Drops here includes exp book and chance for SG only.

3- Molmes: This has large amount of HP. the idea in this boss is to keep killing the small Scorpios until he appears (you do not have to kill all of them). I prefer here that a champion taunt it sine it takes too long to die if you don’t have high dmg rate.

Here drops has no extras but the chance for SG.

4- Prince Abyss: This one is the easiest i suppose. Though to summon it you have to kill 50 witches (easy to kill them). he has 1 aoe skill that does around 1-2k dmg. what is interesting about him is that he plants a boom on the one tanking him, ppl hardly notice that but it does around 3-4k dmg , so if you tank him keep an eye on your buffs for it as it appears there.

Once you kill the first boss (as i said the rooms are random) you will have to teleport to the next until you kill the 4 of them. then you teleport out.

4- Lava Hights (LH,LHN,LHE) – Lvl requirement is 80 (can do 3 normal/easy and 3 Elite daily)

Lava Hights is one of my favorite on elite mode, though i have to admit it is not easy, unless of course your lvl 100+ and have 10k+ power then u can prolly solo XD. Well i recommend a hrtc, a champ, and 4 Dps/DD for this up tll u feel u can handle with no champ or hrtc. First of all you get Egoniz (I hope i spelled it right) as the first boss. He is easy but his idea is that you need to blow the trumpet 5 times to call him out and when u do that u gather normal mobs around u so its gona be a massive pve. If u feel like not doing massive PVE stand back and let 1 of teh DPs or the champ go lure him out then use stealth after making sure another guy got him in his attack. After killing him yo head north for the first portal us it and teleport to the next room. At the next room you have 3 paths first north which lead you to the last 2 bosses in normal mode (PS. in elite mode there is 1 extra boss called lilith the Nightwitch). second is east and west, here u need 2 focus that there is 2 bosses one on the east and 1 on the west sides but in order to get the treasure (1 bag of coins for normal mode and 2 bags for elite) you need to kill the first boss (usually i go for the east 1 first since he has better drops) then kill the the next 1 in not more than 5min to get the extra reward i told u about just before. After u kill both head to the midle again u will find a box, make sure all party is near then open it u will get the coin bags.

After those 2 bosses head north for the 2nd portal whic will lead you to the last 2 (normal mode) or last 3 ( elite mode) first i will explain the normal mode bosses then i will explain the extra boss after.

When u cross the 2nd portal head up north for Razel, the 4th boss he has the key that allows u to fight the last boss. razel is easy high health pool but easy to kill, though he has 1 problem, he uses trap skill that deals huge damage specially in elite mode so be war from that skill as u will c a moving circle on the ground and that is the trap (my advice if in elite mode run from it, and if in normal make sure u have enough hp to survive it or run also) after you kill him he will drop a separate box than his normal drops take it and then head to the west for the fire alter there u can summon the Efret Sultan. this one is not hard but he uses buffs for a while that give him 100% magic and physical defense, though there is a way top over come that which is a spirit that spawns next to him (elf spirit) kill it and you will gain 100% holy strike which can over come his defense for around 30 sec ( every time the spirit dies another 1 spawns).

Now back to the extra boss Lilith in the elite mode. you can summon her only buy using her feather which u can get from the adventure shop. DON’T go in elite if u don’t have the feather as she drops really good stuff including SG and lvl 3 gems. You can find her to the east north side of the map in her person after u cross teh 2nd portal. And go kill her before you go for Razel.

5- Pit of reckoning (Pit) – Lvl requirement is 95 (Can be done once in a day every Saturday/Wednesday/Friday)

Personally i feel like this instance is boring. Though this instance is a must do in order to gain salvation and deity debris (gona explain later on what are they exactly).

1st boss (Trapped Erudece)

Not sure if i spelled his name right but MEH!! who cares XD. This boss is the most annoying amongst the 5 bosses of this instance. after you enter you battle your way west till you reach Erudece. Here the pain starts as you need to free him and while you are trying 2 kinds of orbs spawns. The small orbs explodes and deals 5k damage each and you can’t destroy them all u can do is run. The big orbs also explode dealing 20-25k damage though those are destroy-able and a champ can taunt them, each big orb gives 30 salvation so i rather u destroy them.

After you finish freeing him you need to escort him back to the middle of the map.

2nd boss (Harpy queen)

This boss is simple after you escort Erudece back to his place you can c 2 roads to the north take the one to the right and fight ur way till u reach the queen. all you have to do is kill her BUT when she summons her puppet kill the puppet and leave the queen as when she summons it she starts to reflect ur damage back on you.

Oh and she teleports 1 of ur party randomly to a closed chamber with moving orbs like the ones Erudece has. All you have to do is walk west and teleport back, this is random as i said and she might not do it at all.

3rd boss (Nether World Dragon)

This boss can be summoned Only on Sundays. and he drops Shoulders SG, and you can summon him right after u kill the queen as his summoning crystal is just next where 2 the queen is (you will c it while you are killing the queen).

No special thing about him oother than he has huge amount of HP.

4th boss (Latamantis)

This boss is not hard though to summon him and the way to kill him is kinda annoying. After you kill harp queen or the dragon if on sunday you head back to the 2nd road i mentioned before to the west, it will lead you to his chamber talk to the npc there and then the annoyment starts.

His chamber is looking like a square, after you talk 2 the npc doors will start to open on each of the 4 sides (North,East,West,South) each door will let in mobs that does not fight u back but you must kill them before they reach the middle (same as energy well if you are familiar with it) and you will c a box near your avatar stating how many mobs is still to enter the middle before u lose the instance (as far as i remember its 50-60) if the 50 or 60 mobs reach the middle u will lose.

After killing a big bunch of them u pre-boss will appear he is easy. Then Light Latamantis will spawn, go to him start killing till dark latamantis appears, here u MUST separate the two of them as if they stick together they doe high dmg AOEs, after u do kill the dark 1 first ( the dark 1 summons an eye orb monster the explodes or smthing when he does kill it as its 1 hit or 2 K.O). Keep on doing this until you have killed the light Latamantis.

5th boss (Origin Of Pain)

Now each time you kill one of the 3 main bosses (Erudece/Queen/Latamantis) u get something called Smelt essence, save this essence until u have 20 of it on each of the members of your party, for this boss needs 120 essences to be summoned and he drops weapons SG (that is y lvl 100 weapon SG is expansive). this boss is pain if u don’t have a good hrtc as he deals huge dmg and does high dmg AOEs.


Now to what is Salvation and Deity debris:

1- Salvation:
As you get to lvl 90 u will head to the land of the dead for your scenario quest. When u do that u will find a NPC called Latamantis, talk to him and you will know why u need Salvation .
Na i’ll tell u y, u need it to buy Helmet, Mail, and shoe SG for lvl 100 and to buy Awakening materials for your gears.

2- Deity Debris:

The items you buy from Latamantis shop are not the only thing you need to awaken ur lvl 100 SG, u also need those debris in order to do it (and believe me u need LOADs of it)

P.S: Awakening ur lvl 100 SG effects the gear’s orange stats.

In addition to soul gears those instances drop (exp books, gems, items for gear upgrading, and they give exp for killing the monsters and bosses)

6- Titan throne – Lvl requirement is 115 (Can be done once in a day)
I still do not have much info regarding this instance as i have not do it yet, but as soon as i do you’ll get the scope


If you have reached lvl 60 already you should have noticed how zen is needed in the game since u will start needing some items you can’t buy from normal NPCs, and you have 2 different ways 2 acquire zen.

First way is to buy from other players, if you do that you will not get any extras unless you spend that zen u buy. If you spend the zen you will get (plz correct me if i’m wrong) 67 credit points for each 100 zen you spend (you can find your credit shop by opening your bag and then clicking on Bonus shop).

Second way is to charge zen for USD. This way comes back at you with a very nice benefits and extras, as when u charge you get 500 salary + 1 deluxe purse (which can grant you bronze, silver, platinum, and diamond coins and you can spend those coins at Gaya’s shop in atlantis square) and that is for each 500 zen, so if you charge 1k zen u get 10 salary+ 2 purses. Another good thing you can get is Nobel rank (you can chk that by opening ur characters screen by clicking “C” then u’ll find a crown icon to the top left corner click it and you will c the extra’s the nobel rank gives u.)

Also in the second way you can still gain credits if you spend the zen u bought but if u sold it you can’t.

If ur new, need information about the game, have no idea what to do and how to lvl all u have 2 do is to use My induction key listed below if ur playing on Gemini server:

Luciferion: 6650153G050800031006855S3fafb2

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