Battle of the Immortals Adventure Coins Guide

Battle of the Immortals Adventure Coins Guide by Luciferion

Hello all,

As i started playing i saw a shop in Atlantis square that sells stuff for Adventure coins (Adventure coins exchange Vaphre) and i also noticed that i need special coins and reputation in Aiming high to buy the items in that shop.

How 2 get the coins:

1- Collecting 5 World tree branches in your treasures, this will grant you Isis box which gives you 2 adv coins per day.
(You are able to get World tree branches by either hunting them every even hour on server time, example: 2 o’clock, 4 o’clock, … etc. and that is in nile river west, which you can reach by teleportar in atlantis or atlantis square. They appear near the Vinomizard lizards.

Another thing to identify a treasure go to Kardanny in Atlantis square and u’ll find treasure identifying scrolls, make sure they are treasure scrolls and not gear ones. And fyi the higher the scroll lvl the better chance the treasure wont be fake)

2- Karona, Next to the adv coins shop to the top u will find Karona. Karona gives u 3 quests that you can do either in cave of haze or in King’s gorge (karona can teleport you to the entrance of cave of haze which is located in King’s gorge) each of the quests grants u adv coins and exp.

3- Vaphre, Vaphre also has different quests that she asks you to do (all of them asks you to collect some special item either from cave of haze or from the 2 temples insode cave of haze).

How 2 get the reputation:

1- You can get reputation by doing the quests Karona gives you.

2- By identifying treasures and donating them to the Treasure reputation exchanger Solkrarllis just above karona.

3- Shadow Manor, as the mobs drops reputation books that grants you 5 reputation each (they drop ALOT of them) and this is for lvl 90+.

If ur new, need information about the game, have no idea what to do and how to lvl all u have 2 do is to use My induction key listed below if ur playing on Gemini server:

Luciferion: 6650153G050800031006855S3fafb2

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