Allods Online Scouts Complete Guide

Allods Online Scouts Complete Guide by lvlarrow

So you’ve decided to play (or at least look into) a Scout. This guide will provide you all you need to know about beginning and maintaining your Scout. I will present as much info as I can so this guide can help (mainly) those who are completely new to the game, as well those who are veterans. Though I think most information and opinions in this guide are best if you can provide me with valid points/evidence that something should be changed, I will change it and give you credit. The point of this guide is not simply to force MY opinion down other Scout’s throats, but to jointly find out what’s best. Use the Table of Contents to skip over any information you already know.

1 Scout Basics
Image 1.1 The Basics
Image 1.2 Races
Image 1.3 Stats

2 Talents & Skills

3 Strategy
Image 3.1 Builds and Leveling
Image 3.2 PvP
Image 3.3 Trinkets & Consumables

4 Common Questions

1.0 Scout Basics
Scouts are the assassins of Allods. If you’ve ever been walking through Sarnaut and suddenly found yourself knocked to the ground with half your HP and a devastating arrow buried in your chest, you’ve just been the victim of a trained Scout.
As a Scout you will be able to pick off targets quickly and efficiently because we tote the highest Direct Damaging skills in the game. All that high firepower comes with a price however, as we can also potentially be one of the squishier classes (glass cannons ftw!).
Armor Leather
Weapons One-Handed and Paired Daggers, One-Handed and Paired Swords, One-Handed and Paired Maces, One-Handed and Paired Axes, Sword and Dagger, One-Handed Spears, Paired Fist Weapons
Bows – Consume less energy, shoot faster
Crossbows – Consume more energy, does more damage. I personally say use a crossbow because there are skill and rubies that make the energy drain almost go away.

As a Scout you are able to fletch arrows that produce different effects as you get those skills
(different arrows explained in detail below). You can refill your quiver by using the specific skills or by leaving battle and it will refill automatically. There are 3 rubies called Swift Fletching (see below) that will increase the speed that you reload enchanted arrows and 3 rubies called Enchanted Arrows that allow you to fire said arrows at close range without receiving Depleted Resources.

Depleted Resources
The bane of all ranged Scouts! This nasty debuff procs when you fire a ranged attack at a target that is 5 yards away or closer.

Depleted Resources Chance to dodge and parry decreased by 25% of your current chance to dodge and parry for each stack of the Depleted Resources effect. Cooldown duration and cast time of your ranged spells increased by 1 second for each stack of the Depleted Resources effect.

Needless to say, you want to be sure you’re a good distance away from your target before you start sniping them.
1.1 Races
Scouts come in four different races. Two for each faction. Other than their differing racial abilities, they have slightly different starter stats as well.

Xadaganian – Stalker
Racial Skill
Image Sinister Throw – Throws daggers at the target to deal damage. Inflicts damage on everything in a 180 degree area in front of you with a 10 yard radius. (Can’t be used in Smoke Cloud)
Strength: 19
Finesse: 20
Expertise: 20
Luck: 20
Agility: 21
Stamina: 20
Endurance: 20
Rage: 20


Wiki Description Stalkers are the best spies and assassins in the Imperial army. They will use any means necessary to ensure the Empire is victorious, even if it means using methods others would consider unfair. While many Scouts avoid open battle while completing their missions, they can easily defend themselves even when outnumbered due to their sheer skills in combat. Because of their extraordinary instincts and ruthlessness, they are able to win in situations where other troops would surrender.

Orc – Marauder
Racial Skill
Image Mighty Leap – Allows you to jump forward 30 yards. [Cooldown = 3min]
Strength: 22
Finesse: 20
Expertise: 20
Luck: 20
Agility: 20
Stamina: 20
Endurance: 21
Rage: 20

Wiki Description A large number of Orcs do not acknowledge any figure of authority. These unsociable, independent individuals are typically known as marauders, and they are experts at stealthy intrusions and quick assassinations. True marauders have accepted the fact that killing an enemy in “unfair combat” is morally acceptable, and there is little they won’t do to achieve their goals. However, as the influence of the Empire increases among the Orcs, the number of marauders continues to dwindle as they are encouraged to give up their nomadic ways and fight for the collective good.


Kanian – Ranger
Racial Skill
Explosive Shot – Shoots an arrow that damages all enemies within a 10 yard radius.
Strength: 21
Finesse: 20
Expertise: 20
Luck: 20
Agility: 20
Stamina: 20
Endurance: 20
Rage: 20

Wiki Description Rangers were one of the earliest types of fighters that appeared in Kania. Traditionally Kanian armies consisted of countless warriors on the front lines and even more rangers in the back that rained arrows down upon their enemies. Their role remains very similar, but today they are also used as spies that make stealthy intrusions into enemy territory, gathering information that could win their country wars. They are very fast, agile, and capable of adapting to any situation. Because of this, they are often looked to by the troops when quick decisions must be made.

Gibberling – Trickster
Racial Skill
ImageCrafty Snare – Throws a net at the target, making them unable to move for 5 seconds. [Cooldown = 1min]
Strength: 20
Finesse: 20
Expertise: 20
Luck: 20
Agility: 22
Stamina: 20
Endurance: 19
Rage: 20

Wiki Description Tricksters are the most common types of fighters among the Gibberlings. Long ago they learned to use their small size and agility to become excellent hunters. They learned how to approach their prey unnoticed and lure them into devious traps. Their skills allowed their people to survive as nomads for hundreds of years, supplying food and fending off any threats. They have recently refined their techniques, sometimes finishing off a foe before they even have a chance to fight back. This has gained them much respect, and they are considered some of the fiercest fighters in the League.

1.2 Stats

The primary stats that are important for a Scout’s DPS are Strength, Finesse, Expertise and Luck. As you level it may be difficult to balance them out but it gets MUCH easier when you hit lvls 30+.

What you should aim for:
Image Finesse: 0%+ otherwise your damage will be decreased. (20% for PvP)
Image Luck: 40% (this is calculating the Piercing Blows rubies if you’re ranged and the Image Immortal Combatant rubies if you’re melee; with those your crit chance willImage technically be at 80%)
Image Expertise: 12% or lower
Image Strength: As much as you can without sacrificing the above three.

2.0 Talents & Rubies
Below is a list of all the talents and rubies available to Scouts with my own personal commentary.

All talents can be raised to rank three. If you see #/#/# it reflects the percentages, etc. per rank.
Image Lunge – Damage. Not affect by Smoke Cloud.
[If you are a melee Scout you want this at rank 3 ASAP, otherwise keep it at rank 1]
Image Steady Shot – Damage. Inflicts 5%/8%/10% more damage if the target is affected by the Scout’s Mark effect.
[As ranged Scout this is the best starter skill to get to the mandatory rank 2. It may be weaker than other shots but it does not share the global cooldown of your other skills so its easy to fit into your rotation {{Credit: Gotcheese}}.]
Image Incendiary Arrow – Damage every 2 seconds. Effect can stack up to 3 times. Up to 3/5/7 Incendiary Arrows can be stored at one time.
[For a leveling Scout, I would keep this at rank 1 because you will be using Tranq Arrow a lot to stay alive and each tick of Incend Arrow weakens your Tranq. For end-game raiding, however, rank 3 is best for more DPS.]
Image Smoke Cloud – Covers you with smoke that increases your chance to dodge by 30% your current chance to dodge for 30/45/60 seconds, but makes you unable to use ranged spells.
[Cooldown is 3/2.5/2 minute. An absolute must if you are rolling a melee Scout, though with it’s long cooldown its not as valuable and at higher levels you kill things too quickly to really benefit from it so I’d recommend keeping it at rank 2 unless you want to respec later.]
Image Branding Shot – Damage and inflicts the Scout’s Mark effect for 18/24/30 seconds. Scout’s Mark effect fades if you change targets.
[Having at least rank 1 of this skill is absolutely necessary as it boost the damage of your other ranged spells. I wouldn’t raise it above rank 1 though as most targets will be dead by the time it fades and if not you can just re-apply it. Althooough, rank to is good if you use a xbow since it lowers the energy drain.]
Image Tranquilizing Arrow – Applies 10/12/15 stacks of the Tranquilizing Arrow effect for 12 seconds. Each stack decreases the targets movement speed by 5%. Any damage to the target will cancel 1 stack of the effect. You can store up to 3/5/7 Tranq Arrows.
[As a ranged Scout getting this to rank 3 is a must for obvious reasons. Having your target move 75% slower is $MONEY$. This should actually be the first skill you get to rank 3.]
Image Merciless Shot – MASSIVE damage and knock the target down for 4 seconds. Casting time is increased by 100% if in combat.
[This is a preference skill. I suggest getting it to rank 3 because opening a fight with that much damage and a knockdown can only bring good things (especially in PVP!), however it’s by no means necessary when grinding.]
Image Double Shot – Damage from 2 arrows. Does 40%/50%/60% more damage if the targets is affected by the Scout’s Mark.
[Another imperative skill for a ranged Scout. This is the main button you’ll be mashing in your DPS rotation. Rank 3 ASAP]
Image Caltrops – Throws steel spikes on the ground in a 8/10/12 yard radius for 10 seconds. They have a chance to knockdown any enemy in that area for 1/2/3 seconds.
[As a ranged Scout getting this to rank 3 is still important simply for the extended duration of the stun (targets can dodge or parry when they’re stunned). If planted around yourself, it’ll make melee classes less tempted to charge your {{Credit: Admonitor/Kolasi}}. As a melee Scout max it to rank 3 for circling and slicing your target while they chase you and bust their [I Have a Potty Mouth].]
Image Maim – Damage and reduces the targets movement speed by 20% for 30 seconds. Effect can stack up to 2/3/4 times. Not affected by Smoke Cloud.
[Eh, this skill’s damage and cooldown leave something to be desired. You won’t need it at all as a ranged Scout and even as a melee Scout it’s only useful if you or your target is trying to escape so I’d rank 3 it for melee.]
Image Recoil – Makes you jump back 15/20/25 yards and stuns the target for 1/2/3 seconds.
[Another absolute must for ranged Scouts seeing as it get’s you out of up close, sticky situations. Rank 3 it. For melee, you won’t really need it since you NEED to be up close and personal.]
Image Throat Shot – Damage and silences the target for 6 seconds.
[The cooldown is freaktarded and makes it unspammable. A skill of preference but I wouldn’t waste points into it unless you’re PvP spec.]
Image Tesla Arrow – Damage to your target and all enemies in a 5 yard radius.
[The second most useful quiver shot. I’d get it to rank 3 for ranged build and even some melee builds if you get the Enchanted Arrows rubies. Don’t be stupid and shoot it and draw more mobs than you can handle.]
Image Vengeful Shot – Inflicts X damage for each stack of Hardened Resolve you have. You get 1 stack each time you Scout’s Mark target blocks, parries or dodges. Effect can stack up to 3/4/5 times.
[Another skill of preference. If you have relatively low Expertise I suggest getting this to rank 3 as its damage is killer.]
Image Flash Bomb – Blinds all targets in a 5 yard radius for 4/5/6 seconds or until they take damage.
[Skill of preference but I’d suggest getting it at least to rank 1 as it can save your [I Have a Potty Mouth] in a tight spot. Otherwise the fact that the blind goes away when you damage the target makes it suck.]
Image Powerful Shot – MASSIVE damage and sends target flying back 5/6/7 yards. Can only be used on Scout’s Mark target and cancels the Scout’s Mark effect.
[Mmmm, I love this skill! As Merciless Shot is the perfect opener, Powerful Shot is the perfect finisher. As a ranged Scout, I’d get it to rank 3.]
Image Aura of Restoration – Restores 12 energy and 1% mana to all party members every 30/15/8 seconds.
Dispels the Forces of Nature effect.
You cannot Aura of Restoration and Aura of Ferocity at the same time.
[This skill is perfect for ranged Scout’s that use crossbows! However, if you use a Strange Hat or Invisibility Potion while this is active, it’ll immediately cancel the invis effect.]

I am only going to go over the rubies that aren’t out of the way and that are actually useful for leveling and keeping you alive.


Image Sprint – Increases your movement speed by 50% for 5 seconds then decreases it by 25% for 3 seconds.
Image Quick Recovery – Decreases duration of stun, knockdown, and movement impairing effects by 17%/34%/50%.
[This is a must have if you PvP a lot as you’ll be getting wrecked by warriors, pallies and psis otherwise.]
Image Accumulated Heat – Gives your critical hits a 30%/60%/90% chance to inflict a debuff on the target that does damage every 2 seconds for 5 seconds. Can stack up to 5 times
[I wouldn’t recommend this for leveling as a ranged Scout since it gets rid of Tranq Shot. However, at higher levels you’ll be picking things off too quickly for Tranq to really matter and the fact that it stack 5 times makes it a welcome addition to ANY Scout’s DPS.]
Image Hardened Reaction – Increases your movement speed by 10% for 10 seconds when you get hit with a crit. Effect can stack up to 3 times.
[This is a very useful ruby for PvP and leveling as a ranged Scout. It comes in handy when you’re getting crit-owned by a Paladin that charged you in PvP.]
Image Athlete – Increases your Strength by 3%/6%/9%.
Image Eagle Vision – Increases the range of ranged attacks by 10%/20%/30% and increases the damage of ranged attacks by 1%/2%/3%.
[An imperative ruby for ranged Scout both in PvE and PvP. It puts you just out of the spell range of any other non-Scout skill.]
Image Nimble Movement – Increases your Agility by 5%/10%/15%.
Image Sharpened Spikes – Increases duration of Caltrops by 2/4/6 seconds and causes Caltrops to inflict damage.
[These rubies are awesome for any Scout as they increase the stun duration of Caltrops as well as how long the Caltrop stay. When you target is knockdown, they can’t block, parry or dodge.]
Image Uncanny Accuracy – Increases your Expertise by 3%/6%/9%.
Image Deft Deflection – Increases your chance to parry by 33%/66%/100% your current chance to parry.
[Absolutely imperative for a melee Scout as you’ll be getting hit A LOT more. Your parry chance is based off your Agility by the way. Helps ranged Scouts as well, of course, but only worth it if you can spare the rubies.]
Image Dual Blade Master – Increases the damage of your melee attacks by 3%/6%/9% if you’re using paired weapons.
Image Quickened Reflexes – ncreases your chance to dodge by 33%/66%/100% your current chance to dodge.
[Same as Deft Deflection though probably not even worth it as a ranged Scout since your chance to parry is naturally a lot higher than your chance to dodge, rubies could be spent elsewhere.]


Image Weighted Shaft – Increase the damage of Powerful Shot and Shattering Shot by 5%/10%/15%.
Image Swift Fletching – Decreases the time it takes to fletch enchanted arrows by 15%/30%/50%. [As a ranged Scout this is an important ruby as it will speed up your leveling and allow you to make a quick Tranq Arrow if need be. Melee Scout obviously gets no love from this ruby however.]
Image Cunning Blows – Increases your Finesse by 3%/6%/9%.
Image Rapid Fire – [/b]Fires six arrows that inflict damage and increases the duration of knockdowns on the target.
[Ruby of preference when it comes to leveling. However it’s too useful not to have when it comes to PvP so your friends can kick the target whiles their down. :twisted: ]
Image Experienced Marksman – Increases the damage of Double Shot by 5%/10%/15%.
[If you’re a ranged Scout and you don’t get this, re-roll.]
Image Piercing Blows – Increases the critical strike chance of ranged attacks by 33%/66%/100%.
[See above. ^]
Image Timely Strikes – Increases your Luck by 3%/6%/9%.
ImageCruelty – Increases your Rage by 5%/10%/15%.
Expert (Cross)Bowman – Your ranged attacks inflict 3%/6%/9% more damage if you are using a (cross)bow.
Image Crippling Shot – Shoots an arrow that gives a debuff for 1 min or until target uses a skill. Increases the cooldown of the next skill used by 50%.
[This is a good ruby for PvP, HOWEVER it does not work as it says it does. Currently it only stacks once however increasing cd’s by 50% is pretty invaluable when times correctly.]


Image Vanish – Makes you go invisible for 10 seconds but decreases your movement speed. The closer you are to someone, the more visible you are. [A ruby of preference at end-game since Strange Hats (see below) are better all around–but it is very, very handy when at lower levels and in PvP.]
ImageAura of Ferocity – Decreases your armor by 30% for 10 seconds. Your weapon attacks increase the physical damage done by all party members by 5%/10%/15% for 10 seconds.
Cast this spell again to remove this effect.
You cannot use this spell when your shield is equipped.
[I’d take it up as a bow user (it’s like a free lvl 5 rune), but the -30% Armor makes us even squishier than before. Not recommended if you PvP.]
Image“Unfair Advantage” (RU=Rapid Heartbeat) – This ruby doesn’t actually do what it says it does. It really Restores 5 energy every 20/10/6 seconds.
[If you prefer using a crossbow (which you should :P) then you’ll want at least two of these rubies.]
ImageEnchanted Arrows – Grants you a 33%/66%/100% chance to avoid the Depleted Resources effect when you are using enchanted arrows in close combat.
[I don’t find these rubies worth it for a ranged Scout because they are too out of the way. For a melee Scout they are excellent for adding Tesla into your rotation and their close to Ninjitsu.]
Image Ninjitsu – Allows you to use melee attacks at any angle.
[Imperative as a melee Scout since Sambo Roll will often leave you facing away from your target. Very useful when strafing enemies through Caltrops.]
Image Violent Lightning – Increase the damage of Tesla Arrow by 5%/10%/15%.
Image Silent Killer – Increases your damage by 10%/20%/30% when under the Smoke Cloud effect.
Image Thick Smoke – Increases your chance to dodge by an additional 10%/20%/30% when under the Smoke Cloud effect.
[I find this to be a rather option set of rubies since they are out of the way and you really won’t be using Smoke Cloud THAT often.]
Image Expert Mutilator – Increase the damage of Lunge and Maim by 5%/10%/15%.
Image Immoral Combatant – Increase the critical Strike chance of Lunge and Maim by 50%/100%.
[Imperative to get as a melee Scout. The tooltip is wrong as it doesn’t increase the crit chance of Reflex Action.]
Image Sambo Roll – Knocks the target down and can’t be used on large creatures.
[A must have for melee Scouts as it will catalyst with Acrobat to increase your DPS.]
ImageAcrobat – Reduces cooldown of Recoil, Somersault and Sambo Roll by 10%/20%/30%. Sambo Roll stuns the target down for 2/3/4 seconds and increase the damage dealt by your next Lunge or Reflex Action by 20%/40%/60%.
ImageQuietness – Decreases the cooldown of Smoke Cloud AND Vanish by 15%. Also increases the duration of Vanish by 60%.

[The tooltip only says decrease cd of Smoke Cloud but I tested it and it works for Vanish as well. For PvP these rubies are too beneficial to overlook. They make Vanish’s cd 1min and duration 16seconds, need I say more?]
Image Escape Artist – Cancel all movement impairing effects and makes you immune to them or 5 seconds.[/color] [You unlock this skill by completing the Imperial Ambitions World Mystery in Lab 13 around level 24/5. It’s perfect to use in conjunction with Sprint because it will make you immune to Sprint’s slowing after effects.]
Image Rain of Arrows – Reduces the cooldown of you next five Branding, Double, Steady and Intuitive Shots.
[You unlock this kill by completing the Power of the Light World Mystery in Tensess Temple II around level 35-9. It’s a useful skill to add to your rotation during boss fights. If the energy rubies are taken, it can turn a crossbow into an AK47. :twisted: ]
Image Gift of Tensess – 24 hour resurrection.
[All classes unlock this skill by completing the Battle for the Holy Land World Mystery around level 35-9.]

3.0 Strategy
This section will go over all the information you need to actually SURVIVE as a Scout. This is kind of where the real guide begins.

3.1 Builds and Leveling
I will cover three main Scout builds below. These are builds that I’ve tested and found the most efficient at doing what they’re supposed to do without unnecessary rubies and other nonsense. They will guide you through the best ruby and talent progression as you level. Refer to the above section for most of the reasoning behind the progressions. Everything below is a matter of opinion so if you disagree with something back it up with facts and preferably evidence. :)

Ranged PvE Progression & Build
Level 5
Level 10
Rotation: Branding Shot—>Tranq Arrow—>Basic Ranged Attack—>Steady Shot—>Basic Ranged Attack—>Steady Shot… Renew Tranq Arrow and Branding Shot as needed.
Level 15
Rotation: Branding Shot—>Tranq Arrow—>Double Shot—>Steady Shot—>Double Shot—>Steady Shot… Renew Tranq Arrow and Branding Shot as needed.
Level 20
Rotation: Same as above. You’ll have a point left over which you COULD put into Merciless Shot (for an edge in PvP) but I recommend saving it for later.
Level 25
Rotation: Merciless Shot/Branding Shot—>Tranq Arrow—>Double Shot—>Steady Shot—>Tesla Arrow—>Double Shot—>Steady Shot—>Tesla Arrow.
Level 30
Level 35
Rotation: Same as level 25 except now you can use Powerful Shot just as your Scout’s Mark effect is about to fade.
Level 40
Note that you can get the Expert Bowman rubies if that suits your need instead.
Level 47———————————————–

Melee PvE Progression & Build
I would not suggest leveling as a melee Scout because most of the important stat raising rubies are out of the way. Also, it’s simply faster to level as a ranged Scout do to the damage. If you choose to, your rotation will be something like Merciless—>Caltrops—>Lunge—>Basic Attack—>Tesla—>Sambo Roll—>Lunge—>(Reflex Action if you have it)Basic Attack—>Tesla…
Level 5
Level 10
Level 15
Level 20
Level 25
Level 30
Level 35
Level 40
Level 47

3.2 PvP
Below are PvP strategies against each class. The strategies will only use and reflect the builds that I post. Of course, PvP is unpredictable and you’ll have to make certain changes and adjust on the fly so nothing below is set in stone, merely practiced suggestions.

PvP Builds
I only suggest using the below builds once you are at least level 42, thus I will not be going over any kind of level progression for them. If you want to go PvP earlier than that then you can take what you want from these end-game builds. Also, I will only be going over ranged PvP tactics seeing as I don’t have enough experience in melee PvP to give anyone detailed advice. Furthermore all techniques below are intended for field PvP not dueling in the arena, thus as a Scout, you are always expected to get the jump on your opponent.
Ranged PvP Build
Melee PvP Build
Vs. Mage
If you catch a Mage without any barriers up, your first move should be Crippling Shot because they will immediately put up their barriers once a fight starts and this will increase the cooldown once you demolish them. If you have a Strength trinket pop that and then use Rain of Arrows. You should also be utilizing r3 Aura of Restoration.
If they have barriers up, your first attack should be Tesla to clear the mirrors then unleash a volley of Double Shots. With Rain of Arrows you’ll easily be able to clear all ten of a Mages Stone Barriers. Immediately afterward, hit them with Throat Shot to prevent them from recasting the barriers and then branding and then begin your normal rotation until they are dead. If you aren’t able to kill them before they recast their barriers then you’re most likely dead.
Vs. Summoner
If you are able to get the jump on the summoner, you want to switch to wearing the PvP trinket if you have it to avoid their Hellions disarming effects. Get as far as you can and open with Merciless Shot, and immediately throw some Caltrops to hinder their pet. Follow up with Branding Shot and a rotation of Double Shot and Tesla Arrow. Be ready to pop your trinket if the Hellion disarms you.
Just as the KD effect wears off the summy, hit them with Throat Shot followed up by another Double/Tesla rotation.
Hit the silenced summy with Powerful Shot and if they aren’t dead Brand them and continue with the Double/Tesla rotation. Keep their pet Tranq’d but don’t focus ANY DPS on the pet.
When their pet is close enough, Flash Bomb that hoe then Tranq it.
If the Hellion is beating the crap out of you, Tranq it and use Vanish/Strange Hat.
Throw in the occasional Crippling Shot (preferably after they cast Neurotoxin).
Vs. Warrior
Stay as far away as possible (Caltrops, Tranq, Recoil) and shoot them in the face til they stop moving. Easiest class to kill. (NOTE: You need high Finesse to even damage this class!)
Vs. Paladin
Fighting a Paladin is kind of similar to fighting a Warrior except the fact that Paladins last a lot longer and if they are Holy spec not only will they put DoTs on you from casting distance, they’ll also heal themselves as much as a healer does. However! If you can keep the Paladin at a distance the same way you do with a Warrior and can survive the DoTs then you should be fine. (NOTE: You need high Finesse to even damage this class!)
Vs. Warden
If you have insane DPS then kill the pet first. Overall, Wardens are pretty squishy but they pack a punch and they can dodge like crazy. If you can’t kill the pet quickly, Tranq/Caltrops/Flash Bomb it and return you attention back to the Warden.
Save Vanish/Strange Hate for when the Warden sends it’s pet clones after you because when you disappear, so will all the clones.
The only Wardens that’ll do considerable damage to you are melee Wardens, so obviously, you don’t let them get close to you at all.

3.3 Trinkets & Consumables
These are several very useful items for Scouts to have in their inventory.

Amulet of the Golden LionCan be found in Heroic Tensess Temple. If you are a melee Scout this is your trinket of choice. With this and the Deft Deflection rubies your parry chance will be +200%! It’s low cooldown makes it just as useful if not more so than Smoke Cloud.
Strange HatCan be found on the Auction House or by farming them at Spectral Gorge in Coba Plateau. A useful items for ANY class but more so for Scouts. In PvP I usually use an Invis pot—>pewpewpew—>Strange Hat—>pewpewpew—>Vanish—>pewpewpew.
Carved Demon Fang+107 Str?! Nuff said.
Jouster’s TalismanFound in Astral.
Nightstrike TalismanDrops from trash in Gorluxor’s Tower. This trinket has a range of 30 yards. It teleports you to the target and inflicts damage. Ultimate ninja Scout trinket.
Darkblot TalismanFound in Heroic XAES.
Mercenary’s Lucky TrinketFound in Tensess Temple I.

4.0 Common Questions

~What’s can we expect from the next patch?

~Skill A mean shot “now has an instantaneous recovery time.

~Milestone Development weighted shaft “now reduces the energy consumption according to its description.

~Countdown to recovery skills “a powerful shot,” “Crushing Shot,” “Shot in the throat” and “Aimed Shot” will begin at the creation of spells.

~The bug, according to which the Scout, while under the effect of “Hope” and died in the Astral, began to enchant arrows until the resurrection.

~The ability to “hail of arrows” now makes preparations for the following five spells instant.

~How can I increase my survivability?
Invest in the Deft Deflection Rubies on the Lunge Grid. They increase your Parry chance by 100% of your current chance. FYI: You Parry A LOT more than you dodge, and you can parry more than half the damage of an attack.

~Which is better: Endurance or Agility?
If you are a melee Scout then Agility is obviously going to be your choice so that you can dodge/parry more physical attacks. However you cannot dodge spells which will leave you boned in the end if your Endurance is low. As a ranged Scout, you want to stack Endurance as much as possible.

~Why don’t your builds use all talent points/rubies in the calculator?
By level 47 you will normally only have 55 talent points to play with and depending on your involvement you would have anywhere between 40-48 rubies (more if you got the higher pages of the Great Mages Diary).

~Is Throat Shot REALLY worth it?
I say if you do a lot of PvP (Astral Confrontation, Melting Isles, Arena of Death) then it is completely worth getting Throat Shot to rank 3! The cooldown is only 10seconds more than Caltrops so a 6 second silence every 40 seconds is worth it (think about how screwed you feel when that Hellion disarms you).

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